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Chris Brown: Watch Out for the Big Girls!

9/1/2007 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R&B hottie Chris Brown got up close and personal with a hefty female fan at a NYC concert last night. Ooph, that's gotta hurt!

Brown performed with reggae-er Elephant Man at "On Da Reggae Tip," sponsored by NYC radio station Hot 97.


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Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

fat females are disgusting.the end.

2604 days ago


Im sooo positive he had help..there obviously must have been some sort of strings/wires helping him hold da fattie up....hehehe.. if not poor boy. :~

2604 days ago


I remember there was an obese woman in grad school in Miami. Obviously it's very hot much of the year, and she would always have big sweat patches under her arms where the rolls on her stomach were, and especially nasty--- on her butt/crotch area. I never wanted to sit in any seat where she had because I was paranoid about all the ass/crotch sweat that was on her seat...

2604 days ago


---- Gee !! Don't they make a Lovely Couple ??

2604 days ago

queen kiki the great    

There seems to be sugar in all processed foods. One would literally have to cook from scratch every night to ensure there was no sugar in their meal. We'd have to make time to cook healthy meals.

Oh, and there is added sugar in all beverages. What is left is water (not flavored) as the healthy alternative....but so many people despise water, they'd actually rather have something that is so artificial, that one of it's main ingredients is dye. (kool aid & soft drinks)

Powdered drink mixes like kool aid when spilled will stain your carpet and counter tops!! Think what these beverages are doing to your bodies.

Why folks want to consume this rather than water is astounding!!! Some people literally never drink water!

As for the person that is so obsessed with the 2 Jessica's'.....fat people are disgusting, not just women. I am tired of men being excluded from this equation.

I doubt the Jessica's' would want u!!!! ROFL MAO

2604 days ago

Ne' Ne'    

Georgia, that's nasty, she must have a lot of rolls. I ain't that fat, I know i'm big, but wow. She probably needs to carry some water with her to cool her down or something. If you are that big, no offense, you need to try to lose weight. I know it's hard for some people. My friend Danny, skinny as a toothpick and eat candybars, hotchips, just junkfood, eat the whole buffet out and stay skinny. If I eat one candybar, the next day, i look like who did it and what fo. lol But people have different metabolism. And More Girls Should Look Like Jessica Alba, punk what you look like, men always talkin', "gurl u need to lose some weight" when they look a hot mess too. When we get our bodies right, you up there still lookin' a hot mess. And I don't want to be like her, I wanna be my ownself. Yeah, throwin' up yo food after you eat it is in??? And damn fat females are disgusting, skinny girls are disgusting, damn everybody ain't perfect.

2604 days ago


People are so ignorant. it doesn't matter if she is "fat" or "Skinny", it was part of a show. Why do people always have something negative to say about everyone else ? Me, myself, and I, i'm a proud big girl. I am not as big as the girl in the photo, but i understand the hurt she must be going thru to be talked about because of their size. Just because she is a size two or a 6, doesn't mean she is not beautiful... besides... Skinny is not cute to most guys..... it's a proven fact that guys tend to go for girls who have curves ( booty, hips, thighs), not the sticks...... On another note, Chris Brown is a great performer and he has gotten REALLY strong !! Go Chris !!

2604 days ago


in the words od Rick James...That is absurd

2604 days ago


"damn hes strong" that was the first thing i said damn!

2604 days ago



Does anyone know if Chris Brown survived the attack by this vicious whale? For all we know, he might be in the hospital in critical condition. After all, this was probably taken seconds before she flattened him to the ground...

Oh gawd, I feel terrible for CB, and btw, TMZ congrats on pissing off 1000s of fat girls... lol.

2604 days ago


this is too funny. lmao

2604 days ago


ROFLMAO!! @ the comments!

chris brown has obviously gotten to dancing with big women by Elephant man who loves (along with Jamaican males) big women!

black men are not intimidated by bigger women like others. and they are just dancing.

2604 days ago


to all da full figured women who commented this. first of all ii woudlnt stick up for dis woman that chris is holding. she is not representing yall right at all. her pants is too tight, her rolls are showin all down her back && her weave is purple! is dis who you really wanna defend?! she looks a mess and therefore deserves the scrutiny comin her direction.

2604 days ago


man, she's a biggun.

ah, who said that?

ok, yeah. she is big. people need to stop with this, "big and beautiful" campaign. No, you are just big and unhealthy.

And if your waist is bigger than 35 inches, you are at risk for heart disease. Source: Oprah Winfrey show. LOL.

2604 days ago

Taiken Kage    

*shakes head* shame on all of you who were calling her fat. and shame on TMZ for calling her "hefty". that is jacked up, seriously. So what she has more weight than paris hilton, but that's no reason to hate on her. I give mad props to Chris for choosing her. not only does it show that he is strong, but also that he isn't shallow. This is a prime example (the mean comments) of why women go to great lenghts to lose weight and get sick. She is fine the way she is.

2603 days ago
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