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Owen a Laughing Matter?

9/4/2007 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comABC "World News Now" anchors Ryan Owens and Taina Hernandez had a hard time keeping straight faces while reporting the alleged suicide attempt of comic actor Owen Wilson. The on air duo couldn't stop laughing while announcing Wilson's dramatic ordeal.

What had the two chuckleheads so giggly? It turns out that Owens and Hernandez have the maturity of 9-year-olds, and thought that the last name of Wilson's uncle -- Hoe -- was hilarious.

The pair offered an on air apology ... two days later.


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if you go to, there's a "contact us" place to make complaints which I just did. I have a blog read by thousands a day so I think I'm going to make this a topic.

2605 days ago


How horrible of them to laugh in the first place, and even more horrible to say what exactly they were laughing about! Yes, it was very unprofessional, and I hope they received some sort of write up or penalty for it. To laugh at someone trying to kill themselves and then say they're laughing at the name of his "Uncle Hoe...." Some people have no tact or class....

2605 days ago


Unbelievably unprofessional. No excuses. And the male reporter said "a" uncle instead of "an" uncle. There are plenty of other people who would like that job and would take it more seriously. Media people need to upgrade and stop being so casual and silly.

2605 days ago

Irate Grandmother    

These anchors have improved a little as of late, but they are so silly and voice their opinions to the extreme on the news...I don't care what they think and personally feel they should report news and not treat it like it is their talk show.....Hernadez thinks she is better than anyone else it seems and really stupid......

2604 days ago


Although I don't condone laughing at someone while reporting on TV...I can't quite blame them for not taking a story like this AS seriously as some disaster, murder, or other horrendous news story. Come on, this dude is a multi-millionaire, skirt-chasing, drug-abusing famous actor. He has ALL the resources in the world to get medical attention, therapy, "life coaches," etc for his depression...yet he chooses to go out partying and abusing drugs. And we're all supposed to feel SORRY for this guy??? I'M sorry, but when there are millions upon millions of people around the world starving, dying of diseases, and truly suffering, I'm not going to waste my pity on some self-absorbed actor who decides to destroy his own life!

2604 days ago


I agree with all of the people here who think TMZ is full of it. This site exists to make fun of other people's problems. So what did these people do? They weren't even making fun of Owen, or being deliberately mean. They got an attack of the laughing fits, that's all.

I love Owen Wilson for many reasons. One is that he has the kind of crazy and absurdist sense of humor that might just find the inanity of all of this funny himself.

2604 days ago

hey girl    

they should be fired

2604 days ago


How about that female reporter laugh at her small chest?...That's F-U-N-N-Y

2604 days ago


My heart and prayers go out to Owen, I think he's great. It just goes to show you that everyone has their share of problems no matter who you are. I wish nothing but the best for him. Anyone that laughs or has derogatory remarks should be ashamed of themselves. It could be them. Unfortunately Owen is in the public eye so it makes it that much harder for him. He should be left alone so he can deal with what he's going through. Get well Owen, I'm pulling for you as well as many others. Navymomswk

2604 days ago


They should be fired.....what if it were their family, I doubt they would be laughing. They probably would be enraged at anyone who would. They're awful and should be ashamed. They're some of the people who are contributing to the lack of morales in our country........Navymomswk

2604 days ago


What type of people cant control themselves on t.v. when reporting on something as sad as this? This is absolutely disgusting behavior and they (especially miss Taina Hernandez) should be reprimanded. Hit them where it hurts by a suspension. No wonder people dont want to get help for mental illness when they are laughed at. What the hell is so funny about the uncles name. Get some self control!, or get off the air. I wonder if they would laugh if it was there family member? They should feel very ashamed of themselves. Just a thought.

2604 days ago

Kathryn Joy    

I find these reporters to be in poor taste and don't find the real reason for giggling at such a tragic story,not funny in the least.How are they sitting at the anchors desk.I bet they were really laughing at Katrina.Tacky!tacky!...Where do they find these people that sit at those desk?I'm upset by it and my name isn't Owen Wilson.A class in dignity and respect MIGHT help them.

2604 days ago


how tasteless and unprofessional - just like so many things on TV these days.

2604 days ago


How rude even thinking the name "Hoe" could be considered something to laugh about while on television anyway. They are there to read the facts, IT'S THEIR JOB!! While they dont look incredibly good at their jobs they should show some professionalism at least.
I've never seen such a ridiculous segment in my life, no wonder you Americans are so backwards your immaturity and insensitivity is astounding. Those two should be fired immediately. What a disgrace. Do your job properly or suffer the consequences.

2604 days ago


Danielle - Thank-you for displaying such gross ignorance through lumping all Americans in with these reporters. don't know if you read ANY of the comments or not, but I'm willing to bet that MOST of the comments on this story were made by AMERICANS and MOST did NOT condone this type of behavior.

* Just in case you can't tell, my first sentence was truly are an ignorant person to make an all-inclusive statement about Americans like that .

2604 days ago
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