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Britney Baby Raisin' -- It's Art!

9/4/2007 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' parenting troubles have inspired an artist to create a new "installation" -- complete with baby, Cheetos and a Pepsi sippy cup. It's just like lookin' in a mirror, y'all!

Ryan Crotty, who irked Lindsay Lohan earlier this summer with his faux "Wanted" posters, created "Oops, I Left My Kids Again," because he thinks Brit Brit is inspirational. If anything, she's inspired thousands of teenage girls not to marry backup dancers.

Crotty's baby doll even sports a bib that says, "If found please return to Popeye's Chicken." The scary thing is ... it might come to that.

Ding dang!


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Britney Spears    

If y'all want the truth go here>>>BritneySpearsmystory com

2571 days ago


This is funny ya'll! Makes me hungry for Popeye's! Ding dang!~

2571 days ago

Big Bear    

Do not make fun of Britney!! She cannot help gaining a lot of weight and losing her hair. I kinda like her bald on both ends!!! You go for it Britney the fat looks good on you!!! I think a 200 pound Britney would be a knockout!!!

2571 days ago


first of all, she has made her own bed. she can go ahead and sleep in it.

second of all, this kid hasn't made a dime off this. just because it's publicized doesn't mean it is making any money. and he is not "dragging the kids" in to the situation, as many of you want to b**th about, he is simply commenting on the state of things today. it isn't a joke, it's satire. calm down and get your panties out of a twist.

it's just art.

2571 days ago


TMZ, this is not news worthy. Whoever made this is a loser......tell them to get a life, and use their CRAP, errrr art to better use.

Im so sick of britney bashing, I hope everyone who has something negative to say about her, her parenting, her clothes, whatever has NEVER had a bad day, made a bad decision, or done something they regret.

Shes just a normal person like all of us, with good days and bad, don't judge her on what you think is appropriate, because frankly, I doubt she gives a damn


2571 days ago

Blah blah blah    

This "artist" and I use the term loosely is plain and simple, a moron. Just leave her alone. I hope if you life should ever unfold and fall apart in front of the worlds eyes, someone will show you some compassion.

2571 days ago

Hard Body Mom    

For all of those people who think that Britney's such a great Mom, please ask yourself one question. Who takes care of these children when she is at the clubs, or in Vegas or having sleepovers or in the pool with a college student at the Standard or shopping? The list is endless. She is a train wreck who feeds her kids soda pop, fried chicken, puts them in the car seat backwards, if at all and spends more time getting extensions, wigs and tattoos then she spends being a parent. Try being a single parent with no nannies or body guards or the ability to pawn off your children like she does. You people should look at who Britney has become. Even Social Services was reviewing her for neglect and abuse. Her parenting skills leave something to be desired and finally an artist has come up with a social commentary that makes sense, instead of sweeping this under the rug or kowtowing to her because she was a big celebrity. By the way, don’t you think that those two kids have already amassed a huge arsenal of things that their Mom should not be proud of before the artist decided to do this installation?

2570 days ago


Ryan you are so great!

2570 days ago


Idiot "artists" who try to make a name for themselves by latching on to a celeb in a bad way.

Just like Banksy when he messed up some of Paris Hilton's records in a store.

Now this jerk, putting up posters of Lindsay by Paris's old house and making fun of Britney.

Can't these jerks get famous on their own steam??? Guess not - they need the people they claim to despise.

2570 days ago


this is funny, brit fans if your tired of britney bashing then why do you keep clicking on links like this. you know that people are gonna be bashing her parenting skills. this guy is an artist, art is subjective, but i think this is hella funny.

2570 days ago

give it a rest...    

quote: "Idiot "artists" who try to make a name for themselves by latching on to a celeb in a bad way. "

exactly... thats why tmz loves to keep commenting on crap, I mean honestly what does that freakish idiot have to do with the actual singer? is this news worthy or a cry for help from tmz?

2570 days ago


I think it's freakin' hilarious. Britney doesn't seem to mind that she exploits herself and her kids so why can't this guy? As we all know many times change won't happen unless something extreme happens. We see Britney everywhere but question remains, where are her kids? With a nanny? With her bodyguard? Come on y'all, she sucks as a mom and she needs to see that. Being a mother is about being selfless and she is anything but.

2570 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

Elle #34--Of all the comments on this thread, yours is the most intelligent and reasonable. Ms. Spears, for whatever other faults and shortcomings she may have, is NOT a good mother and has no business raising children. As for their future humiliation, you can bet that all those disgusting photos will be archived for future use, and those kids will be exposed to them. Someday, those kids may grow to hate her for what she did and what she subjected them to. It's time to remove those children from her home and give them a stable, loving environment. For the record, I don't think K-Fed is capable of that, either. I'm sure there are plenty of stable, caring, nurturing parents who would love to be able to adopt those boys and get them away from that monster who does not deserve to be called their mother.

2570 days ago


This is not funny at all and Britney should sue you! You guys are going too far with this Britney thing. Britney is not a bad mother, GET OVER IT!

2569 days ago

Hard Body Mom    

Those individuals, who feel that this artist made money from satire, are foolish. They just don't get the idea of social commentary. I guess its ok for Jay Leno, Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel to make fun of Britney's parenting or lack thereof parenting skills. But an artist who creates an installation must be seeking fame or monetary gain. What gives America? Don't we understand the difference between a loving parent and a parent who spends more time on themselves, tanning, not wearing underwear, exposing their body with no regard to how that will effect their children in the future? Hanging around clubs and letting nannies and bodyguards raising their kids? If Ms. Spears is the penultimate mother, why was she being investigated by Social Services? Are we so blinded by celebrity that we don't see that these children are nothing short of abused and neglected. If a mainstream person with no notoriety decided to pull the same stunts as Ms. Spears, I would guarantee those children would be taken away in a flash. We worship celebrities as if they were gods and cannot see their faults. The try assh**e is not the artist; it is this so called mother who is “raising” these poor children. Let’s hope her nannies and bodyguards have a better morale system in place so when they grow up, they don’t turn out to be Ms. Spears. Remember as Mr. JT said in his song, what goes around comes around…

2569 days ago
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