Britney Baby Raisin' -- It's Art!

9/4/2007 2:24 PM PDT

Britney Baby Raisin' -- It's Art!

Britney Spears' parenting troubles have inspired an artist to create a new "installation" -- complete with baby, Cheetos and a Pepsi sippy cup. It's just like lookin' in a mirror, y'all!

Ryan Crotty, who irked Lindsay Lohan earlier this summer with his faux "Wanted" posters, created "Oops, I Left My Kids Again," because he thinks Brit Brit is inspirational. If anything, she's inspired thousands of teenage girls not to marry backup dancers.

Crotty's baby doll even sports a bib that says, "If found please return to Popeye's Chicken." The scary thing is ... it might come to that.

Ding dang!