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Hogan Crash Victim's Family Brawl

In Police Report

9/5/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

St. Petersburg Police have released a report with details on the brawl among Lance Corporal John Graziano's family members on Thursday. The report says Christin Graziano -- John's sister -- said that "her family received bad news concerning her brother's condition and her other brother, Michael, took it really hard." After Michael was crying for hours and finally fell asleep on the floor, their father, Edward Graziano, entered and started screaming for Michael to fix his computer.

When he was asked to lower his voice, Edward left the room but returned 45 minutes later and allegedly grabbed Christin by both wrists, shaking her and yelling, "You are dead to me, you are dead to me!" Christin told cops that her father then threw a cold cup of coffee in brother Michael's face. Family members were then able to get Edward out of the room and lock the door. Police showed up at Bayfront Hospital moments after the incident, but could not find Edward. He was arrested at the hospital the next day for violating a domestic violence injunction that his wife, Debra, has against him.

John Graziano, an Iraq war vet, was the passenger in Nick Hogan's car crash on Aug. 26. Unconfirmed reports say that his condition has deteriorated. TMZ spoke to Michael Graziano, who offered no comment on his brother's status.


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I am reading all the emails blaming Nick Hogan but wasn't it John's choice to get in the car? Why does anyone have to be blamed anyway??

2552 days ago


I saw a news bit on television where the mother of John blamed the media for " false" reports she was mad at the Hogan's.
I have to say I never saw any news item ever mention that and really could care less if she is mad at the Hogan's or not.
It does not change my personal thoughts on the matter on bit.
Her press release ( e mail) sent to the media sounded more like a PR piece written by the Hogan's lawyers.
The PR/Email also threw in the fact that there was another person involved who was John's best friend
( so no one should just blame the driver? )
No one made Young Hogan press the gas peddle down!
My prayer are with this young man and his fight to survive.
His mother it seems has already been bought before he even opens his eyes.

2552 days ago


i really pray for this guys health to recover, it s so sad that you are taking this oppurtunity to give personal blows to an already shaken family.

2552 days ago

Ms Kris    

A slow news day TMZ?

Who cares that a family members of a friend of a celebrity who is only a celebrity because of their father had a fight?

I have to wake myself up, this story put me to sleep because WHO CARES?

2552 days ago

Inner Dialogue    

I sincerely hope that John pulls though this. The outcome seems grim. The family of the Graziano's should sue Hulk Hogan for vehicular manslaughter if he happens to pass. Nick Hogan has a poor driving history. His father did not provide adequate supervision and allowed his son to be reckless. It's almost like he asked for it to happen. I actually used to like the Hulk as well. What a dumbass. I hope the Graziano family wins millions of dollars. Hogan's insurance company should also get sued for continuing to provide coverage to a bad driver with a history of recklessness. My prayers are with John and his family.

2552 days ago


Wow, crisa, remind me never to get in a car with is it possible that Nick ISN'T at fault in this? He was the one DRIVING...this wasn't an accident. Jerk-off was racing, driving ILLEGALLY (hell, he bragged to the press about he got out of excessive speeding tickets on more than one occasion). Yes, this young man who is now in a hospital bed was in the car voluntarily, but HE wasn't speeding in Daddy's car! Nick WAS. Sheesh....quit making excuses for "celebrities" who can't control themselves.

2552 days ago


13. Anyone else notice that the ENTIRE family is unemployed? Even the daughter's husband!

Posted at 2:38PM on Sep 5th 2007 by UpWithPippin


I personally don't understand, and don't think, this families (who are private citizens, not public figures) need to have their personal business splashed all over the web.

But since TMZ lacks such class and has put it here, you have a great point Pippin. Methinks that John may have been the most motivated (joining the army) and 'normal' person of this crowd.

But moreover, since they are all unemployed and likely broke I'm sure some are looking at dollar signs and is getting all sloppy, greedy with the concept of suing. It could be that strong disagreeing philosophies on that very premise could be what the arguing about. In situations like this people need to put their greed aside and ask what would the person who is directly involved want to do .... and in this case, I sincerely doubt that John would want his friend and the friends family being sued over an ACCIDENT.

2552 days ago


Yeah, what a nice person this Hogan kid is, - just look at what he's done to this family. Too bad it's not him in the hospital bed instead of the other guy. The way it seems to be going, it looks like the charges are going to be manslaughter. Hulk gave a punk a weapon and the kid used it as a toy, great parenting skills.

2552 days ago


Why are you focusing on this poor family? They are not the celebrities in this and their private lives should not be made public! Aside from the fact that we don't care, it is no ones business. Shameful!

2552 days ago

just wondering    

HEY SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s NOT an accident when a 17 yr old with poor driving habits is driving racing cars with passengers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...its called STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....and yes to an earlier comment...why is this guy even insured to drive??????and what the hell r u driving fast cars for when this was bound to happen sooner or latter??????????????????....BAD NICK, HULK and INSURERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....calling it just an accident is a slap against MADD and other family victims of stupid inexperienced people driving irresponisibly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...nobody PLANS accidents.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..this is just another example of a stupid , selfish kid showing off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it is never them that get the brain injuries or worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2552 days ago


THIER son is in COMA and NICK STILL WALKING AROUND FREE AS A BIRD. Hey why arent you screaming about this INJUSTICE. I dont hear no one.!!! WHERE are the signs. Posters calling for NICKS head. I dont hear no one standing at his drive way YELLING RACING IS ILLEGAL... I dont see no one calling for HULK HOGAN who was probably the DRIVER of the Viper to get his SHOW canceled. Infact I dont hear NOTHING..
but for DOG fighting. Lets hang the guy. My Goodness have we lost our MINDS

2552 days ago


Was the driver (Hogans son) under the influence of anything? .Then by being a family member of someone famous, will he get special treatment ?. there alot of questions.

2552 days ago


That was great and insightful! You noticed the similar qualities this family has with the hoganroids. No one works!

Everyone talks about oh well, he's just a kid, lets pray, and it's a WAKEUP CALL!

Pluuuuse Let everyone who says this crap vote one of your family tribesmen off/DEAD this island!

What about those people you keep letting go? The ones who keep hitting the snooze

I can ONLY give my ex-husband to the cause!

Man if Nick would have only nixed by ex-husband.............I could be up at the hotel Bayfront eating tea and croupits and HAVE MY MORTGAGE PAID. SNAP.

2552 days ago


20. 13. Anyone else notice that the ENTIRE family is unemployed? Even the daughter's husband!

Posted at 2:38PM on Sep 5th 2007 by UpWithPippin
Where in this articule does it say they are all unempolyed.?? I dont see it

2552 days ago

Proud Marine Mom    

I know my dad would freak out if he was going to lose his son!

2552 days ago
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