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Plummer on Vick: "That's Some Bulls**t!"

9/5/2007 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Celebs for Michael Vick Club -- a short list -- has a new member: "Showgirls" star Glenn Plummer.

Plummer launched into a passionate defense of the disgraced footballer outside of Les Deux last night. "S**t, ni***s been fighting dogs since we were born!" Way to represent?

He then went on to explain that there's "a million people" fighting dogs, and that, "They catch Michael Vick and they want to put him on the spotlight, you know what I'm sayin'? Go find out who REALLY doing it!"

Actually, Vick REALLY was doing it.

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Ignorance... PURE ignorance. So I guess we should accept it because people have been doing it for years. I'm sure he agreed that white people should have quit lynchings in the south and slavery too. Just because people have been doing it for so long doesn't make it right. We are evolved human beings killing animals for money and entertainment is a sick pastime. Raise yourself up to a higher standard of living people. Stop acting live cavemen.

2602 days ago

Crazy C    

A lot of people missed the point in my comment. I said that what he did was wrong and I ain't condoning what he did! But, if we cared half as much about humans as we do about animals then we would be in a better position as PEOPLE! Are you inside an animal's head? Do you know what they know and what they don't know? Science doesn't even know! Even with all of our advanced technology, they cannot read the thoughts of animals. You mean to tell me that a human can do something to an animal and he is wrong but a dog can do something to a human child and he didn't know what he was doing? A dog can't control himself? If that were the case then you wouldn't be able to train a dog if a dog can't control himself then how do you think that you can? Since when did fighting become okay professional or on the street? Fighting is fighting no matter where it's done or who it's with! It's ok for us to teach our children to destroy humans but we tell them that it's never ok to harm a dog? I am in no way degrading the importance of animals. We depend on them, true enough and I never said that they weren't important but if I had to choose between a human and a dog, you can bet that I would choose the human. The human worth and value is more important to me. And as for the guy that says "we've been breaking laws since before we were born," it's dumb, irresponsible people like you that give racist a good reason to be racists. Even though I am black, I will be dead and gone before I am characterized by idiots like you. Most people don't just break laws. It is inhuman folks like you that give black people a bad name. If you are breaking laws, I don't care if you are pink, you are responsible for being in jail. Just because you've been doing it for a long time doesn't make it right. As a matter of fact ,the length of time that it has been going just might be the problem. And as for the guy that thinks I'm ignorant because I value human life over an animal's, you would change your mind if it came between the value of your child and the value of your dog. If they are the same, you have a serious problem.

2591 days ago
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