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Beaten Televangelist: I Love Him, But I'm Dumpin' Him!

9/6/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He allegedly kicked, choked and stomped her, but televangelist/beating victim Juanita Bynum says she still loves her husband. Oh, God.

In an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta, Bynum talked about the almighty beatdown Bishop Thomas W. Weeks gave her in an Atlanta airport hotel parking lot last month -- and the divorce is now in progress. Can I get an amen?!

Bynum admits, "My love for him, separating what I experienced in that parking lot ... it's so much until I think I can marry him twice, but this one is over." Hallelujah!

Bynum also said it wasn't the first time her preacher hubby, who has since been charged with felony aggravated assault and making terrorist threats, had gotten physical with her -- though this last altercation was by far the worst. And apparently, his last.


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thank God!!! I'm so glad to hear that, you deserve better Juanita.

2602 days ago

Dawn Day    

Hallelujah is right! She had some sense beaten into her unfortunately!!

2602 days ago

Bash a Pap    

This woman has made millions of dollars telling other women to stand up to their man and not take crap from the male species. Seems a tad ironic, no?

2602 days ago


Poor Juanita! People who love you don't beat you up physically the way that man did to you..

2602 days ago


Screw organized religion. Only a bunch of morons fall for that crap.

2602 days ago


Oh and any of this behavior is God like? How? Nevermind.

2602 days ago


I agree with #5 Organized religion is organized hypocrisy!

2602 days ago


Just caue your husband is a man of god doesn't mean he's perfect. It DOES mean he's supposed to set an example and love his woman! What did she do to deserve a beat down like that? I think some "televangelist" are in it for the fame and easy money. Some of the mighty fall hard. Look at the Bakers. Now she needs to get tested for AIDS and see what other women her husband might have been beating.

Poor thing. I wish her the best. Unfortunately he's gonna ask Jesus for forgiveness and all will be forgiven in the Chrisitan community. It would be nice if he lost his church and all his fame but not likely. He'll write a book about how he did wrong and make more money. Maybe she'll get a tv show out of it or go on Oprah.

2602 days ago


Go ahead and get the divorce. I'm sure you both have scammed enough money out of innocent naive saps to afford this divorce and still have money left over for 2 houses, 2 Bentley's, 2 Rolex watches and on and on and on.

I should care...why?

2602 days ago


who gives a rats ass

2602 days ago


I request that you respect my privacy at this time. Or not.

2602 days ago


She's a frickin' hypocrite and I hope she doesn't work as an evangelist again ever. If you're going to preach and teach the Bible, then you gotta live by it too. The hubby was definitely wrong to give her the beat down, but divorce is wrong also and just because he did wrong doesn't justify her doing wrong as well.

I hope no poor, naive, misguided souls listen to her teaching from here on out. She obviously has no idea what the Bible is all about.


2602 days ago


weeping may endure for a night keep the faith it will be alright!!!

2602 days ago


I feel sorry for her, but there are a lot of preachers wives who get beat but you'd never know it. They enjoy the money, the big houses, cars, clothes and Jet setting around in their aircraft. It's more rampant than you think. I am the last person to judge, but many of these pop star/rock star/rap star preachers put themselves on top of the mountain and get caught up in the world and in the moment. Look at Reverend Jesse and his escapades with the outside child. Those people are put on pedestals and the only way left to go on earth is down. Can't stay on top unblemished forever while here on this earth. Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready.

2602 days ago


No woman should have to put up with crap like that.
Good for her....

2602 days ago
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