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Allred's "Secret Witness" Can't Stay Secret

9/7/2007 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria AllredJudge Scott Gordon will let the "secret witness" try and weigh in on matters Britney, but ain't gonna be no secret.

The judge said the witness would only be considered if he files a written declaration and only if he reveals his identity, and maybe not even then.

The guy is someone who worked with Britney after she left rehab.

Allred told TMZ "It appears we hit a raw nerve with Miss Wasser, Britney Spears' attorney. We think she would like to prevent our client from testifying. Perhaps she has a sense of what he might say."


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#30 yeah i saw that on perez hilton's website... Shar Jackson shouldn't try to sling mud at Britney.. If it wasn't for K-Fed having kids with Britney no one would even know Shar Jackson's name... they might have seen her on Moesha... but no one knew her name nor did they care to know

2572 days ago


#32 It's not just slinging mud, she sat there and declared that Kevin was one of her "best friends" but then outs him on drugs while he is in the middle of a child custody case!! And then tried to make it look like, Oh and Brit too. I think she was enjoying the attention from Perez because she knows he is "famous". She's riding the Britney train just like Kevin. But of course, Britney is the bad guy in everything.

2572 days ago

Dennis vs Rosie?    

Or maybe Britney's attorney is annoyed at Gloria Allred's stupidity in thinking she can stick her nose into a case which doesn't concern her in the least. That would be my guess.

2572 days ago


The thing is... Number one this is not a murder trial.
There is no reason to allow a secret witness. They have to follow procedure and have the statements typed up and given to the court ahead of time so that they can tell if the witness changes thier story. You also have to give the defense time to dipute the witness, come up with the defense agaisnt the witness and allow the court to determine just how long it will take. You cannot just say oh hey its a secret witness and think that the jugde will allow it! Let alone call the infer that the defense team is cowardly because it wont allow the other side to break all the rules! The judge needs to see through this bs and tell Kevin and his lawyer where they can shove thier crap!

2572 days ago


Ya apart from being at parties everyday did Britney actually break the law? Does anyone know that she does drugs? Did she do something that would endanger her children in reality? I mean let's face it, What exactly has she done to endanger them? I am a parent and while I do not party all night and that I do go to work and when I am at work I am forced to leave with my kids at school and daycare (with starngers) so really arent all working parents guilty?
I think Kevin just wants to hang on to his name being out there.. When did he suddenly become the wonderful father? WHen they were together, Britney was the one with the kids... Britney must have started acting crazy when she thought her kids would be taken from her. Please any mother would be devastated by that, all those who want her kids to be taken from her, think about that, how can a mother bear it. Meanwhile Kevin just wants this as an opportunity to make more money and keep some fame. GOSH!!!! Britney t pay his lawyer for taking her to court.. WHAT THE HELL?

As for Shar Jackson, she is back in the limelight because of Britney and Kevin. Also she must still be bitter and who wouldnt be. Her baby papa leaves her while pregnant and goes with another lady who at the time was going everywhere with Shar's own daughter and posing for the cameras as the wonderful fam.... She must be so happy this happened to them.. oh another thing? What if they set Britney up? She and Kevin.

I think Britney is an immature girl who wasnt ready to get married and did. she was looking for that innocent love and hooked up with a loser. She was too young and remmeber she almost married Kevin WITHOUT a prenup.... can u imagien what wld have happened if the family didnt stop her??????

Kevin should go get a job and quit Britney!

2572 days ago


Someone on Perez made a good point. People keep saying that Kevin didn't go for the kids with Shar because she's a good Mom. I don't doubt she is a good one, but she JUST admitted that she knew/knows Kevin did weed etc and SOLD IT back in Fresno, but she STAYED WITH HIM!!!! SO, what kind of person does that make her? Isn't THAT child endangerment??? And these things came out of her own mouth. Don't believe me, go to

2572 days ago

mickey lou    

Gloria, I thought you were a big protector of womwn? Guess not!

2572 days ago


There's no such thing as a secret witness in a court. Knucklhead knows this and it just proves she's showboating. I wish she's do something important for once in her life.

2572 days ago


Just one last comment before we judge Brit too harshly. Both Angelina Jolie and Madonna were considered train wrecks in their younger days. Angelina was in several disastrous relationships and marriages. She wore a bottle of blood around her neck and has publicly stated that she use to be in to S&M and BI relationships. Madonna was constantly ticking off the Catholic church, wore bizarre outfits and had a book published with nude photographs of herself. Madonna paid off the father of her first child so he's not part of their life and Angelina never married the father of any of her kids. These two ladies are considered good mothers now and a good example for the rest of Hollywood. Brit's behavior may be strange at times, but it nothing compared to how Angelina and Madonna started out.

2572 days ago


Oh god...Here we go!!!! Gloria Allred is nothing but a has been for a lawyer....I have never seen someone so desperate to stay in the media sopt light...she isnt involved in the case...has no legal standing....and I doubt her witness has anything of substance to add to the proceeding's....This is just typical Gloria trying to get her face on T.V.....and get some attention...please someone buy this woman a cat so she will have someone that might want to see her...cause lord know's we are all tired of her act...we have seen it a million times already....time for someone to retire...she is starting to rank up their with Debra Opri in the Legal Hall Of Shame...

2572 days ago


Other people nailed it... It seems like whats at stake here isn't the welfare of the children, but something shadier.. If Kevin wants more allowance money, just say it... Stop acting like Britney's on trial for murder or something... Freakin lawyers. Sheesh.

2572 days ago

Steven Millan    

Gloria Allred is such an absolute yenta:Period !!

2572 days ago

The low-yer    

#42 Steven Millan. I agree with you.

Gloria puts her face in every case...
The wigs the face lifts and a mouth that roarrrrrrrs , does not make one a good Lawyer...
Go away Gloria !!!

2572 days ago


In order for K-Fed to impress the court and judge with his parenting skill's, K-Fed should get a job and get off of Britney's payroll. He is a terrible example for his son's. They should not be subjected to living in an environment where the "responsible" parent is nothing more than a lazy leach. How horrible would it be for Britney's boy's to be raised by a man who married for money, won't work, can't live on $20.000 a month, fight's for custody because there are dollar sign's attached, depend's on his ex-wife financially and sue's her for more? K-Fed would be poison to those boy's. They would learn that greed and the gravy train is the way to go. At least Britney earned and earns her own living - she depend's on nobody but herself.

Now THAT is a good example for a child.

Good luck Britney. Get yourself on track and get Kevin off your back.

2572 days ago


It was Christopher Bridges, her old security guard. He was spotted leaving the private entrance 2 hours ago. What a sick douchebag. I hope he gets sued cause he signed a non disclosure as I'm sure they all have.

2572 days ago
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