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Gordon Ramsay:

Great Balls of Fire!

9/7/2007 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gordon Ramsay"Hell's Kitchen" host Gordon Ramsay apparently got his twig and berries a little too close to an open flame and burned his nether region, several British tabs are reporting.

Gordon was quoted by The Sun as explaining, "The other day I was standing too close to the stove when I was cooking. I was wearing these cotton trousers and underneath I was going commando, suddenly, I felt this searing heat. I went, 'F**k me, bollocks to that.'" Bollocks, indeed. Ramsay painted an even clearer horrible mental picture by saying, "I burnt my right bollock and I'm in absolute agony ... You wouldn't believe how much this hurts." Not hard to imagine it, really.

Ramsay's rep confirmed that the chef did in fact burn himself, but wouldn't confirm where on his body the burn occurred.


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Did he want fries with that?

2600 days ago


Gordon Ramsey is so brusque because his reputation is riding on what goes out of his kitchen. If your name was going on something, I think everyone would take a little more pride in their work. Yes, he is rough, but I have more respect for people who are straight forward rather than some of the snakes who would be nicey-nicey to your face and talk about you as soon as you left the room.

2600 days ago

Lisa McQuinn    

Sounds like Chef Hot Nuts might need an Ove-Glove!

2600 days ago


oowee!! I would love to help him heal!!

2600 days ago


My fiance is a cook, and says that Ramsey acts just like every other chef. They yell, and carry on like that all the time. I've seen him be so nice to people, and encourage them. If you get the BBCA, watch his programs. Awesome.

2600 days ago


I adore Chef Ramsey on Hell's kitchen and BBC's program as well. One of his favorite words is Bullocks (balls), now that he has seared his I wonder if he will cringe every time he utters the word? Here's hoping he heals without any damage. Rock on Gordon!

2600 days ago


Well I was going to make a typical comment......okay I can't resist....Gordon, Gordon,Gordon..that is not meant to be flambe'd.....but since you insisted,ummm what do you serve it with ???

2600 days ago

Whippet Good    

Weenie roast, anyone?

2600 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Can't stand him after seeing him give his kids turkeys and pigs to raise then butching them and eating them and telling the kids eating their pets was a life lesson. Horrible dad imo.

2600 days ago


that is not him. thatis like poto shped or something. i think he has a realy gret shw. i nevermised a time he was on hell's kitchen

2600 days ago


Ok, I have to sympathize with him. I know that that has to be quite painful. I can tell that the picture is not an actual picture of him and that his face has been cropped and pasted on the body. Yes he can be quite brash. Guess what. When you've got your name, integrity, and life's savings riding on the quality of every last thing that leaves your kitchen, you have every right to have an attitude. If you want to be the best, you must push yourself and those helping or working for you. Cooking is a very competitive field. Still, you can tell from clips from his numerous shows, he can be quite nice.

2600 days ago


Gordon, I think you are THE MAN. I wish half the people that I work with had the integrity you do. I hope you heal soon, take care of them "bollocks" my friend.

2600 days ago



2600 days ago


Great Bollocks Of Fire!!!

Wonder whats on the menu tonight..never before served.. GR-crispy bollocks.
Would you like a lil pepper with those meat`a balls?
hehe..Im sorry he is in pain.. I really like this man..but, what is he doing not wearing undies while cooking in the kitchen. Yikes!
I just wonder what he would say to one of his inept. chefs...if it had happened to them...
Maybe...if you cant stand the f`in heat...get your bollocks out of the kitchen!!!

Heal Well...
huggies, janis

2600 days ago


Who says you don't see good news once in a while. I've been waiting for some Hells Kitchen contestant who knows he is about to get canned and has nothing to lose, to take a big 10 inch iron skillet and swing it like a baseball bat into the side of Ramsay's head. If ever anyone deserved to be knocked cold right in the middle of a rant, it's this guy. Completely unprofessional, abusive, egomaniacal, deranged, self-indugent ass. But if I'm not gonna see the fool;s clock get cleaned on TV, I guess this news is the next best thing. Too bad the stove wasn't a little hotter.

2600 days ago
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