"The Bachelor" Moves on -- Next!

9/10/2007 5:36 PM PDT
Last season's "The Bachelor" hunk, Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin, called off his engagement to Tessa Horst last month, and yesterday he was seen in an L.A. park, snuggling with Miss Iran, Sepideh Haftgoli -- who misses Iran?! Small world -- she's dated David Schwimmer. Just friends?! This video is top secret -- no sound!

Mistah Baldwin has previously dated model and triathlete Lokelani McMichael, actress Karla Jensen and Kerry Phyillaier, who appeared as a contestant on a different season of "The Bachelor." Does he only date women with hard to pronounce names? He's also escorted swimsuit model Jessiqa Pace. Whew! This man has been busy -- he has made his dating life a contact sport! Playa please!