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Soap Star Busted for DUI

9/11/2007 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

StormsSoap star Kirsten Storms, 23, was busted for drunk driving over the weekend. Here we go again!

TMZ has learned that Storms, who is also on Disney's "Kim Possible," was traveling on a Los Angeles freeway when a CHP officer noticed a lit cigarette being thrown from her blue Mercedes. According to the police report, officers "noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle." After several sobriety tests, she was arrested for DUI.

Viewers know her best as Maxie Jones on "General Hospital" and Belle Black on "Days of Our Lives." The alleged litterbug/DUIer was taken to Van Nuys Jail and later released on $5,000 bail.


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Hey Hey! I agree with Josh!!!!

2578 days ago


I am not sure what everyone is reading, but what I am reading is it doesn't say she is on "DOOL" it just says thats where we know her best as. They could of stated it a little differently, but they are not saying she is on "DOOL" . I know she isn't Belle on Days anymore, but that is where I know her best as. Very beautiful and wonderful actress. I don't think the actresses/actors are anymore stupid than the rest of us. They just get their bad actions publicized. We all do stupid things we KNOW we shouldn't be doing but we do them anyway, and we all get caught one day as none of us are saints. Tho with that said, the Actors/Actress need to set better examples for the rest of us since they are in the public eye. What makes me the maddest is because they are beautiful & or have lots of $ they get away with it. There should be a minimum for criminal acts. LIke a minimum 30 days in jail for DUI and no matter who you are you get and do the 30 days. They aren't no more stupid than the rest of us and also aren't no more better than the rest of us. Every thing should be 100% equal no matter what on anything.

2578 days ago


Okay...for all those who keep complaining because people keep correcting the soap Kristen Storms is now on, the reason for this is because most people aren't reading every comment before adding their own. Many people are just reading the article and seeing the first page of 5 comments before they submit theirs. I do that all the time. After all there can be pages and pages.

Secondly, I don't know if Kristen Storms is a drunk. All this article states is that she got caught driving drunk. Sure she should have known better and she could have killed someone. She should have to pay for the crime. HOwever this article doesn't say she is a drunk. For all we know this was her first time ever drinking or ever getting wasted. Plus I don't know too much as TMZ as a sorce. For all I know they could be a bunch of poparatzzi (sp/????) looking for the slightest bit of a story (especially since there was already one Disney star in the news this week not counting Lindsey Lohan, people would pay big money for another one to mess up slightly).

Don't get me wrong...I have been a fan of her's since Days however she should not have DUI however she needs to pay for it like all Americans.

2578 days ago


A star of Days of Our Lives on NBC? Gee-General Hospital and ABC might be interested in the fact that she would be violating her contract with them!!!!! Perhaps should check their FACTS before making such idiots of themselves.

2578 days ago


If any of you bothered to read the headline correctly, they did not infer that she still starred on DOOL, but that, it was in fact where we would know her from. Wow, you people are really into your soaps arent you?!!

2578 days ago


Actually, texasmom44-the whole story and headline seem to have been rewritten since people started posting about the error.
Glad you are so easily amazed over the fact that people notice when a supposed news report gives incorrect information!!!

2578 days ago

legalize now    

DUI should be legal. Might as well be with everyone getting arrested for it.

No one got hurt...

2578 days ago


Geeezzz....all the screaming about her NOT being on Days...People wake up..perhaps it was MERELY a reference as to who she is for those who DO NOT watch GH but did/do watch Days????? Not that is really the issue anyway....

2578 days ago


to the comment "why dont these rich actors hire limo or taxi to take them home", Answer its the same as when a Rich actor "steals clothes from a store" cause they CAN and they Want to be daring.............thats why

2578 days ago


what are you people reading??? They never said she's on day's of our lives. They said she's best known as Maxie Jones of general hospital, and from DOOl...I watch General hospital and she's been on for some time now. A big troublemaker. Go back and read the artical, it may sink in

2578 days ago


I figured this would happen to her. I live in the Central Florida where he Dad, Mike Storms was a sports broadcaster on a local channel.

He quit his "job" as a the provider to his wife and children so his children could "have their dream in Hollywood".

So much pressure he "chose" to put on Kristen to be the "sole" provider for this family.

I'm not condoning her actions, but if you lived here to to watch her "Dad" on his last day, we all knew she was going to be headed for trouble. It was digusting.

This is one time I will say "it's the Dad's fault". !!!!

Kristen, come back to Florida !!! Don't live your Dad dreams for you and your siblings. We love you and will take care of you. Unlike your greedy "Dad".

2578 days ago


She hasn't been on Day's for like three years. Time sure does fly.
It is really ashame that people can't get a friend or someone to be a designated driver.

2578 days ago


I'm getting tired of these young adults and the older ones as well being treated like they are some special species to be honored and revered. They are actresses and actors, its their job folks, its not like they discovered the cure for cancer, world hunger a way to end all wars and how to rid the world of prejudice and hate. If it were anyone else they would have been arrested, given time, first offense probably probated, lost their license for a while and pay a hefty fine. There always has been two sets of rules, one for the haves and one for the have nots, I wonder which one these "celebrities" fall under? That really wasn't a question, I was being sarcastic, I remember when Paris Hilton went to jail, I was embarrassed for we humans, this poor little rich girl broke the law and had to suffer the consequences or at least a part of them and you'd have though they'd discovered a new life form on some obscure planet. But can we really blame them? Its their fans, the consumers who abide and accept all this ridiculous behavior. Stars use to have to sign some kind of deceny clause back in the day and if they did anything to bring shame to their studio out the door they wee suppose to go. I thought that was archaic, now maybe I'm thinking they had something there. Life is actually rather short, lets contribute to the good of the world not to the gossip columns, hmmm what do ya say!

2578 days ago


she's 23 people..... oh i forget we were all perfect at that age & never did stupid things..
please practice what you preach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2578 days ago

Nice guy    

So pretty and so stupid ... So sad. Praise to the Lord that she didn't kill anybody driving drunk. Maybe somebody could show her what that pretty face would look like after it went through a windshield all scared up with a broken nose.

2578 days ago
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