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Hogan -- Pray for My Bro, and -- Oh My God, Shoes!

9/13/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bringing balance to solemnity and ridiculousness yesterday was Brooke Hogan, who was asking for God's help for her brother and John Graziano during one moment, and in the next, asked where Paris Hilton gets her shoes.

TMZ caught Nick's older sister in Soho last night, where the cleavage-baring Brooke told cameras to "keep praying" for her brother and his friend, who is still in critical condition in a Florida hospital. Moments later, Brookie then had something more exciting to talk about -- shoes! It's hard for a big footed girl to find a decent pair of heels in NYC, so Brooke thought TMZ might know where Paris gets hers.

The cameraman had no clue ... but keep prayin' for Brooke, and maybe she'll find some!


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LOL- Hulky hired the lawyer because HE is responsible for Nicky's actions.... What's the price of one Marine veteren with half a brain left these days?

Let's see if TMZ is still censoring my comments, after I came out with the skivvey on John being a vegetable on a respirator................

2563 days ago


I'm simply praying that the young Marine recovers fully and painlessly from this awful situation. If he does not, then the Bollea Family (or Hogan or whatever else they want to be called) selflessly provides the necessary monies to him for a luxurious housing, excellent medical care, 24-hour professional attendant care, a professional rehabilitation caregiver, full in-house home caretaking and everything else that his doctors recommend for him.

I hope for, but hold little expectation, Terry and Linda Bollea will teaching their offspring the value of life, appreciation of humility and observance of laws. They should take away all car keys from Nick and forbid him from driving while he lives under their roof. Trust me, folks, they're gonna NEED that expensive attorney they recently hired.

As for Brooke and her humungous feet, I don't gave a flying rip. Maybe the family can earn some extra money by caging her, charging admission and letting the public see her walk around her cage and try to sing!

2563 days ago


Once again more major intelligent words come from the off spring of Terry and Linda Bollea. Pray for John and Nick...and gee I wonder where Paris gets her shoes? I am not a regular watcher of "Hogan Knows Best" and from what little I have seen, the Bolleas don't know their asses from a hole in the ground. I mean it...there are so many people who just think that the Bolleas are the best of parents and that they have the ideal family. Sorry but what I am seeing are 2 completely miguided people who had no business having kids. Brooke and Nick have no educations to speak of...they were home schooled, whatever the hell that means. Brooke is wanting to be a pop singer so Daddy buys her studio time etc. Her singing is nothing. Nick wants to be a driftcar Daddy ante's up for that. Brooke is treated like a 10 year old when she dates and brother Nick is Dad's allie in ruining whatever dates she does have. And all Linda says is "what can we do"? Quite frankly after the wreck and with John in critical condition I fully expected them to pull their reality show off of the least until there is some answer to this whole mess. But no, there they to Wyoming on vacation. Just one big happy family. I am sure this was taped before the wreck that has destroyed a 22 year old man's life but that VH-1 and the Bolleas would have the gall to say the show must go on. All american folks. Bollea senior of course has hired a top notch lawyer to defend junior....and instead of waking up and realizing the mess he and his wife have made of their kids they will just make sure they never have to pay the consequences for their actions. Yes Brooke, I have prayed for John..and I said a prayed for your half wit brother...I pray he has to pay for his stupidity whild driving. I also pray that your parents get the crap sued out of them for continuing to allow that moron to drive after all the speeding tickets. And I also pray that the Florida Highway Patrol realize that celebrity brats are like anyone else. Brooke none of us care about your voice and your feet...get some serious counceling and for gods sake grow up. Go to a real school...become a real human being, not a "Hogan Clone".

2562 days ago



2562 days ago


I hope Brooke does find a pair of huge stiletto-heeled pumps that fit her gargantuan feet. Then I hope that after she's wearing them, she hears Daddy Terry yelling for her, goes running down the stairs, trips and falls to the floor below, impacting her skull into her frontal brain lobes. Then, MAYBE, this bumpkin-like family can understand how much it hurts to have a family member permanently disabled by an accident that should never have occurred.

Well, what do you expect from a family headed by a cartoonish, steroid-munching wrestler and a white-trash ex-waitress?

2562 days ago

David Rivera    

I think itis down right a shame that u people on this tv show talk about her breast i quote u as saying flaunting her rack and spending daddy's money.That is a down-right disrespect to my wife and every other women out there. The Person who said it should think about his mother and sister the next time he thinks of saying that. DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME?
Oh and brooke hogan has a job just to let u know.So she ain't SPENDING DADDY'S MONEY.
So have a nice day sir.

2562 days ago

King Richard aka "Dick"    

never thought this chick was hot -- too manly & big and beefy trailer trash truck driver build looking for me. But all she did was ask a question about somewhere she is not familiar with.

2562 days ago

Tuti Gz    

I'm gonna do the same as # 6 is. Pray that her brother Nick gets a few years in prison.

2554 days ago

lynn Spears    

dumb selfish bitch. that family is total gluttony. Only worried about themselves. PIGS, PIGS, PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS

2530 days ago


i cannot believe the total lack of good sense these people have;the self indulgence,the self entitlement,the greed,the gluttony,the insensitivity,as usual,they say pray for john,and in the same breath its back to mememememememe! oh,WAIT!!!! i do believe it! thats the sad part.

2510 days ago
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