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Garrison Co-Star Miller Calls Wreck "Horrific Mistake"

9/14/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Prison Break" cast has remained fairly silent about the deadly DUI car crash caused by co-star Lane Garrison ... until now.

On Monday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Wentworth Miller talks about the tragic accident, calling it "a horrific mistake" made by "a very sweet kid." He doesn't fully defend Garrison though, saying, "There are no excuses. Nothing is going to bring that boy back ... I was really proud of him that he stepped forward and took full responsibility."

On Monday, Garrison was moved from the California Institute for Men to Twin Towers jail, where he will remain until official sentencing on October 31.


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mmmmmmm he is so yummy!

2594 days ago


Wentworth Miller, come out of that closet.

2594 days ago


Hubba Hubba!

2594 days ago


Did I already say Hubba Hubba

2594 days ago


i will second that comment hubba hubba --is he hot or what !!!

2594 days ago

Fake People Suck    

Oh dear lord this man is so so okay one more so FINE!!!!!

2594 days ago

Jury Foreman    

Hey, TMZ -- How' bout "Except for Muse Watson ... The "Prison Break" cast has remained fairly silent about the deadly DUI car crash caused by co-star Lane Garrison ... until now."

At least give props to Muse Watson, aka Charles Westmoreland from "Prison Break, Season 1" for standing up for Garrison during his hearing. After all, you guys were the ones who reported it "as it happened."

2594 days ago


Ellen make it seem LaMe Garrison is innocent, she make sounds like it was those kids fault, he deserves everything he gets!!!

2594 days ago


ya he is yummy but on the depressing side... this could sooo easily have been paris, or nicole, or lindsay... and people just keep saying Paris was a NON VIOLENT offender. drunk driving is NOT a non violent offense

2594 days ago


I think that Wentworth said the right thing. There are no excuses.

2594 days ago

Mikey H    

I couldnt of put it better myself what Miller said.

He simply made a horrible mistake that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. But I dont care what anyone says but everyone deserves a second chance in life, I mean I know the kid that died wont get another chance but come on put it this way I know Lane shouldnt of drove that night but I am so sorry but the teens shouldnt of got into the car in the first place.

2592 days ago


I met Lane when he 1st moved to L.A. he was just a sweet innocent 18 year old kid from Texas who came from a broken home and troubled background, yet despite that he didn't drink, do drugs or even have sex! He was committed to the Lord and his faith. I realize he must be held accountable and "pay" for his poor decisions that night but I believe he already is "paying" for them. He's a good guy with a good heart and no amount of prison time will ever punish him more then he is punishing himself right now. He will live to regret that night for the rest of his life (in or out of prison) and not because he got caught or because he might go to prison but because he took a life, he understands the finality of that and would give anything to change that night. My heart goes out to the family of the victim and would hope that they somehow work through the hate and realize that Lane also has a family that is suffering just as they are suffering for many reasons. I can't pretend that I know what the answer is or what the proper punishment might be but I do know if he is sentenced to Prison, they might as well sentence him to death because a part of him will die there. Not to mention the fact that we all know a cute, young, 5'7" white male will not fair well in prison. The entire ordeal is a tragedy and a real shame.

2558 days ago


This was an accident! Many of us have gotten behind the wheel of a car intoxicated at some point in our lives... let's be honest here.

Jail is definitely not the right place for a man with no prior history and a good heart. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

2548 days ago

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