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Barry to Elisabeth:

Your 'View' is Dangerous

9/17/2007 2:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: A source tells TMZ that it's not Barry who's writing this song -- in fact, "View" producers pulled the plug on Manilow's performance when his people demanded that he appear on the show without Elisabeth. Manilow has in fact performed on the show twice before -- both last year -- when Hasselbeck's been co-hosting.

TMZ has learned that legendary singer Barry Manilow has pulled out of his scheduled appearance on "The View" tomorrow -- because he strongly disagrees with host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's conservative view! Paging Rosie O'Donnell!

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Barry says, "I strongly disagree with her views. I think she's dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her." Barry, taking a stand!

Manilow is currently on a press tour promoting the release of his new album, "Greatest Songs of the Seventies."

A network spokesman had no comment.


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This is great for Barry. WHy go to a place where you can meet somone you dislike? The isnt a debate show. If Barry goes to meet with her obviously there is going to be some ugliness. From what I've seen from Hasslebeck so far is pretty outragous. No I am not from America so I really don't give a crap about right and left wing. Seeing your goverment and how it's going is quiet amusing. But Barry has done nothing wrong what so ever. He simply doesn't want to see someone he doesn't like. I dont want to ever meet someone I like. So why bother go? Maybe if she wasn't so rude on the show interupting people and looking for a way to get them angry on personal issues I would be fine with her. But she seems to take a liking to get some of that spot light on her.

2527 days ago


I am surprised, a grown up man like Barry chose not to be on the show just because he doesn't like Elizabeth's views. I think that is such a childish attitude. It's almost discriminatory. It's like saying not to speak to the person because of their religious beliefs or their race. GROW UP, BARRY!!!!!

2513 days ago


I realize this happened agea ago but I am still upset that Barry Manilow would do such a thing as pull out because he doesn't agree with someone's point of view. I was a huge fan and now I am just disgusted and can't seem to understand why someone of his talent and maturity would act this way

2504 days ago

Adam Weishaupt    

Barry go back on and promote Ron Paul!

Barry, since you support Paul, please go on TV somewhere and talk about him!

2593 days ago


Way to go Manilow!

2593 days ago


who cares about this has-been?

2593 days ago



2593 days ago


oh wow...tmz is talking about something else besides OJ...leave him alone he's innocent! if the glove doesnt fit you must acquit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2593 days ago


I think she should "out" him for this.

2593 days ago


When you grow up you become a conservative.......

2593 days ago


that is so sad. i'm disappointed that he couldn't be a bigger person. I mean - who goes crying when they met someone who doesn't agree with everythign they say? Must be nice to live in a world like that.

2593 days ago

Andy C    

Stupid Liberal Salami Smuggler. Since when is standing up for the USA dangerous and offensive?

2593 days ago


Grow up Barry and act like an adult! Can't you go on a program and have an adult conversation without whining?? Good lord!!! What.......ever!

2593 days ago


Elisabeth is so ignorant and stupid it's ridiculous. She is an embarrassment to the View and to Barbara Walters. And her stupid husband, who plays football like crap, got fired.
Biggest airhead ever on the View is Elisabeth Hasselback.

Fire her. I don't blame Barry at all. More stars should boycott that show because of Elisabeth. Phoney uptight psycho b!tch. I can't wait till her husband cheats on her which he will. No doubt about it.

2593 days ago


Good for him!! I agree with what he said! That Hasselbeck is a closed minded stubborned idiot!!!

2593 days ago
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