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Nick Hogan Posts Graziano's Condition -- on Supra Site

9/17/2007 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan has been providing updates on the condition of his passenger in his August 26 Supra crash -- on the website.
Nick Hogan Supra forum
Known on the site as Supraman111, Nick reported on Sept. 16: "john is expected to make a full recovery its just a slow process for him to wake up because he was in a medically induced coma by a drug called pentabarb which takes weeks to wear off which is why the wake up process is is so slow. his entire body is perfect , he just hit his head."

On Sept. 7, Nick wrote: "everyone please drive safe and wear your seatbelts, i had mine on and only broke my wrist, john did not and he is in a far worse stae than i am.

thank u for the support

-nick hogan/bollea"



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What Nick Hogan did was awful, and yet I doubt the family will control the situation. However, I heard that John's father had a restraining order against him from his family...

Who knows who to trust?

2531 days ago

Boo Hoo    

How tacky posting his friend's condition on a Supra car site.

......."he just hit his head".

2531 days ago


You are a punk Nick. Period.

2531 days ago


I think that's great news if the news is true. I highly doubt he'd post something like that, that was a lie.

Who the hell doesnt wear their seatbelt btw? Im not condoning the speeding that got them both into this mess, I think it wasnt Nick Hogans fault his friend didnt wear a seat belt..

My prayers still go out to all the families.

2531 days ago


he should get sentenced for reckless endangerment for what he did...

to endanger yourself on a race track is one thing. to race on city streets is messed up...

2531 days ago


yeah, CupcakeMagee, that Nick sure has that empathy gene. So glad to know his friend just hit his head

2531 days ago


Wow, over 700 posts on a forum... That dude really has nothing to do.

2531 days ago


What a stupid comment. That's kind of like saying Nicole Browns body was just fine but she just had a cut on her neck. Hang the boy!!!

2531 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Gee, how lucky, he only damaged his head. I guess to a moron like Nick Hogan, damaging your brain is way less problematic than breaking a wrist or something.

2531 days ago

Wow my goodnesss    

That's not correct. He never regained conciouness. I heard he's still in critical with brain damage! Also, Nick was cited what, 3 times for excessive speed in 2 weeks and just warned for doing 82 in a 45(see cop's dash cam video).I think his atty told him to write that. So sad. He should be more remorsefull.

2531 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Be real glad your dad came to the rescue and pulled your ass out of the fire Nick. Your dad did the right thing bringing in the best neurologist he could get. You are one lucky young man and so is your friend. If this did not teach you a valuable lesson nothing will. Keep your chin up. Hopefully you will make something positive come out of this.

2531 days ago


Gimme More
Performance- - Never Seen
PS> I love Nick Hogan!!

2531 days ago


Wow-lots o' hate being served up fresh today folks! Saw 3 things I want to address and figured, wtf? Why not. Here goes: First & Foremost, HULK is and will always be the one and only wrestling Superstar! If he steps into the ring anywhere on earth he will make more money is 5 minutes than most of us earn in a year (because he is that damned good) and on top of that-he has more adoring fans that any 3 celebrities combined. Second, Nick and Hulk were not racing one another. Third, Nick sleeping with his sister is absurd. Absolutely absurd. Perhaps you would be tempted by a close relative but that is your problem.

2531 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

I can't believe how dumb this guy is. Street racing is A-OK but remember to wear a seatbelt kids!!

2531 days ago


and i hope graziano fully recovers... it's not over after he gets out of the hospital... recovery after a trauma like that takes a long time...

that nick kid should get his license revoked indefinite... no chance that guy should be driving again, ever, in any country on this planet...

i seen footage of that idiot driving a viper on the street and on a race track... no talent and no feeling... dangerous mix and what came out of it? he almost killed someone...

2531 days ago
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