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Vanessa Hudgens

Stars in High School Lawsuit-ical

9/18/2007 7:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens is being sued by her attorney for unpaid fees -- totaling $150,000 -- and says he helped her earn more than $5 million clams! That's a lot of scratch for an 18-year-old!

Vanessa Hudgens
Brian L. Schall's suit alleges that Miss Hudgens (who recently became known worldwide via her nudie pix) owes for legal services based on contracts she signed with Schall dating to October, 2005, and he wants his 5% of her earnings.

The suit says that Vanessa "has paid some, but not all, of the money owed ..." Too bad he didn't have a piece of those infamous pix.

Calls to Vanessa's reps were not immediately returned.


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Time to send off more nude photos of yourself (as you've apparently been so industriously doing) and raise some ca$h ---

Try Hustler Magazine --

You'd fit right in.

2556 days ago


My God, I wish I knew what this girl did that is so unforgivable. She took one picture of herself nude that got leaked to the Internet (there's no evidence beyond spectualation that I've seen that she had anything to do with the leak). Was taking the picture a stupid, immature, inappropriate, immature and not to mention potentially dangerous thing for her to do? You bet. Does this mistake make her a bad person? Not in my opinon. Does it make her deserving of the bile I've seen heaped on her on this and other sites? Absolutely not. I just don't get it.
Anyway as far as the lawsuit is concnerned since she was a minor at the time of the contract was signed so I have to wonder who was in charge of her money. Nevetheless, the smart thing to do is settle this out of court since what the guy is asking is not an unreasonable sum and make this go away. She doesn't need anymore of this kind drama and her reputation definitely doesn't need anymore battering.

2556 days ago


i totally agree with you Troy, i feel the way everyone is handling this situations is disgusting to say the least. One pic, thats all it was, one pic. she wasnt doing anything sexual in it, she was just standing there. thats nothing, you see more then that on public tv in most other countries by some of the biggest and most respected models and actresses known worldwide, yet this poor girl get bashed so severely for it. i know ill probably get some criticism for this but, i compare this to Princess Diane, though the press isnt trying to kill Venessa, just her wholesome career. if they keep pushing at her with all the rumors or sex tapes, and lesbianism, and whatever else they can come up with, then Disney will have no choice but to drop her, and she will end up on the train wreck list, then all these sites will have plenty to talk about, and the photogs will be thankful they accomplished the task of creating another mess of a celebrity to talk about. Venessa seems to me like she is a good person, and definately not a comparison to Britney, even when Brit was that young, you could see she was heading for disaster.
But for the topic, yeah, she was too young to be obligated, and blah blah blah. Lawyer cashing in on the exploitation and blah blah blah. yeah, just pay the man so he will leave her alone and she can put everything behind her and get back to her HSM3.
oh, and please stop being so harsh on a young girl for making a stupid mistake, everyone makes mistakes, even big ones. shes human

2556 days ago


she only has herself to blame im sooo over this girl seriously just another fame whore wanting more

most likely the matter will be settled out of court, not an unreasonable price since she has made bank from the contract obviously, this guy helped her to secure her pay for the hsm franchise and he's only askin 5% not that bad

pay him and leave us all alone

2556 days ago


I agree - Leave the poor girl alone!!! It is really sad that the press is making such a big deal over Vanessa's photo's. There is definately someone out there trying to ruin Vanessa's image. This Schall guy - in 2005 she would have been 16. It seems someone, whoever is taking care of Vanessa's money, is not paying the bills like they should be. It seems like this guy is just jumping on the band wagon!

2556 days ago


This little slut needs to pay her bills and what is taking Zac so long to dump this tramp? You know he wants to, he just doesn't want to look bad.

2556 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

She is such a worthless tramp. When will her 15 minutes be up???

2556 days ago

death on a cracker    

slut bitch whore... im gonna eat the whore outta ya!

2555 days ago


She's 18 now and contracts were signed in 2005? Hmmm, if she signed when she was 16, then the contract is null and void because you can't make a contract with a minor! Doesn't anyone watch Judge Judy?

2555 days ago


Why are so many people assuming that she owes this lawyer anything? He's a LAWYER! She has money and he wants some of it. She has to either spend money to defend herself or settle with him. Looks like he's just another low-life looking to get something for nothing.

2555 days ago


They would have renew her contract at age 18 duh!!! Would all the people quit trying to protect her she is a dumb w*ore . She wanted to be a celeb and she got it with all the ups and rotten downs that come with the job. Hey where is the picture before her plastic surgery I gotta see it!! Why isn't that floating all over the net instead of her posing as a piece of meat!

2555 days ago


Vanessa was 16 at the time she signed her agreement. It's attached as an exhibit to the complaint (but not to the TMZ copy obtained from the inline court file -- as if only TMZ can get it). The contract was not co-signed by a parent or guardian (who would have been bound), nor does it recite she had been emanicapted. So, she has the right to disaffirm it since turning 18, and probably has. Indeed, she may be entitled to disaffirm and get back the money she has paid the attorney now suing her.

That being the case, it's hard to understand why the lawyers representing her former entertainment counsel lecture her -- and us -- in the first paragraph of their complaint with a totally unnecessary comment about what she did or didn't learn in high school musical. What did all these lawyers learn in law school? The first paragraph of the complaint may have caught the eye of TMZ and gossip sites, but it's my hope it also catches the eye of the assigned trial judge. The lawyers who have sued Vanessa will get their comeuppance. Smarmyness does not pay. The state bar may eventually wake up and show an interest, too. I hope so.

As for the comments here calling her names, I didn't realize so many frustrated 14 year old boys read and participate on TMZ. Too bad TMZ is unmoderated, because these nasty, pronographic comments should be extirpated and the posters banned.

2555 days ago



2551 days ago

Got laid lately??    

For one ppl this is about a contract.. not the nude pics...most lawyers needs to get their ass kicked one way or another.. Most of them are bottom feeders.. It seems this one is no different!!! And another thing the nude pictures are NONE of our business! So what if she took them??? So what if she sent them to someone?? She made a mistake.. Maybe she will learn something from this. Who are u to judge her??? Can u sit there and say u havent done anything in ur life that u can be judged on?? Dont think so!

2542 days ago



2512 days ago
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