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O.J. Victim on Tape -- I Set Up Offshore Accounts

9/19/2007 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded one hour after O.J.Simpson and his crew allegedly robbed two men in a Las Vegas hotel room.

An hour after the incident, Bruce Fromong, a sports memorabilia dealer and an alleged victim, can be heard ranting, "Nobody puts a gun in my f****n' face. I stood up for that motherf***er in -- in while he was in jail. I stood up for him in the press. I stood up for him on the, on the stand. I helped him set up his f***in' offshore accounts. Don't f**k with me."

If true, this could be a road map for Fred Goldman to go after Simpson's assets.

Fromong had a serious heart attack days after the incident, but is improving. His condition was upgraded to fair this morning.

Is O.J. hiding money?



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Phony Tony    

I sure hope someone in the IRS is following this saga. Using offshore accounts to avoid declaring income or assets is a crime.

2599 days ago


New Flash!

There are millions of uncollected judgments in the files of courts across the US. Judgment Debtors usually have no intention of satisfying court ordered judgments, thus why they are debtors and this article should be of no surprise to anyone... he's only doing what typical debtors do - they hide their money. In his case, he even moved across the country to FL (debtor's haven) to avoid garnishment of his assets.

He's already clearly stated that he has no intention of satisfying the judgment... and I believe him... NEXT!

2599 days ago


#62 MH
Get off of your soapbox. Are you saying his children should be punished. You don't see the Brown family being so greedy. The Golddiggers must be so miserable to spend so much negative energy. To be filled with such hate and bitterness. They are Golddiggers!!!!! Maybe the girl Golddigger can get a makeover or plastic surgery. Ron was very attractive. She hit every branch falling out of the ugly tree.

2599 days ago


OJ is innocent. He's being framed again.

If the gloves don't fit; you must acquit.

2599 days ago


framed? the tape says it all. Thank God the majority of these people have common sense. Finally the murderer will not get away with any other crimes. If anyone can tell me how I can send an -mail to either Mr. Goldman or Kim please let me know.

Just in case any morons want to respond to my comment please explain why there was any of Ron and Nicol's blood in the Bronco. The so called dream team made a big deal that there was only a small amount of blood. Do any of you have a combination of Ron or Nicole's blood in your cars? By the way, I am married to an African American so don't even try to play the race card with me.

2599 days ago

Lone Ranger    

50. Offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands could mean at least a half a dozen more felony charges against O.J. including tax evasion and a whole list of federal offenses, Go O.J. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted at 12:43PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Suds McKenzi

52. Go Goldmans!! Track down those off shore accounts.
Can you imagine how painful it has been over the years to see pictures of OJ jetting all over the country playing golf, attending parties, dressed in fancy clothes? Yet your child is dead. Can you imagine the pain and rage that must be burning in the parents hearts? They were denied justice by a jury who was mistrustful of the then new forensic sciences. Taking him for every penny he is worth is the only form of justice that is available to them. I sure as HECK would do something to curb his lavish lifestyle. They couldn't convict him and send him to prison but they sure could put a dent in his lifestyle.
It is unbelievable to me that there are so many people in this country who are so star struck they will even defend this monster.
Posted at 12:47PM on Sep 19th 2007 by BlownAway

** It is Unbelievable that so many of you defend Goldman, a man who was estranged from his son for years, who is now making money off this same estranged sons death. Did any of you ever think that if OJ had offshore accounts, Goldmans lawyers would have thought about that along time ago?? I personally think any monies awarded should have been given to the Violent Victims Fund, not some sad excuse for a father.

2599 days ago


87. He's already clearly stated that he has no intention of satisfying the judgment... and I believe him... NEXT!

Posted at 1:26PM on Sep 19th 2007 by mm



Then they are just going to slap his happy in ass jail while they seize all his off-shore accounts! ... NEXT!

2599 days ago


Hey steve #80 why don't you gather information about us posting before you post your stupid comments. I bet someone on this posting site has experienced such. So SHUT YOUR TRAP YOU FOOL!!!!

2599 days ago


I don't think Goldman is using his son's murder as a meal ticket whatsoever. And if he is, who cares?? He wants OJ to pay, and if that's not with his life or his ass in jail, it's thru the almighty pocketbook. OJ has yet to hurt and if it's thru finances, then by God, get 'em. I sure as hell would.

2599 days ago

Lone Ranger    

67. O.J is going to run to Brazil with his offshore accounts I can't believe how low the bail is. This guy is a flight risk, does anyone want to see another low speed pursuit. He is going to skip with all his money unless the feds book him quick. Actually it is a good thing there will be a hundred pappazzi following him. It will be dificult, but he will try to run!
Posted at 1:06PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Suds McKenzi

**Run to Brazil?? Hell no, he should go to the Bahamas and live a peaceful life like the person Howard K. Stern who was responsible for two people deaths!! They have no extradition treaty with the US.

2599 days ago


(Did you notice his Rolex got seized in about a half a minute?)

2599 days ago


Sorry Poor #90 -

Hate to break it to you but not paying a judgment is NOT a criminal matter, nor is it a crime to invest in off-shore banks - US has no jurisdiction!! Try again

2599 days ago


WHO HAS OJ'S KIDS? We're so worried about Britney's kids, what about OJ's? Their mom was brutally murdered by their father, and now their father is finally in jail.

2599 days ago

just me    

It's obvious his children don't care much about him, the two youngest anyway. They are both in college and looks like they are trying to make something of themselves without OJ's help. If they were concerned about him looks like they would have been in Vegas! They know he killed their Mom!

2599 days ago

Phony Tony    

The Las Vegas judge really blew it big time when he didn't order O.J., who has a history of fleeing justice, to wear a satellite tracking device 24 X 7.

There is concrete evidence (the tapes) that O.J. has offshore accounts and he's facing a possible life sentence if convicted, but the judge didn't order satellite tracking of the defendant????

If O.J. does flee the country, this judge will be ostracized big time and deservedly so.

2599 days ago
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