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Spears and Sean in Snapstorm

9/21/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a bewildering move, mama Britney spent custody time with son Sean Preston yesterday ... in shopping and paparazzi mecca Robertson Blvd.

While it's lovely to see her with one of her kids, bringing him to one of the most photographed places in L.A. probably wasn't the best idea. She might as well take him to Winston's!

Sean hid his face as Britney tried to shush the paparazzi swarm outside the AG store. Sorry, sonny, mama's gotta shop! Once inside, Spears changed clothes and was spotted sucking on her son's pacifier. Yep, Britney sucks.


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What is wrong with this woman? That poor child was probably scared out of his mind. If Kevin has any scrupples he will be at his attorney's office this morning demanding 100% custody. If not him then someone else in either family. If Britney wants to have her nervous breakdown, then don't involve the kids. She is seriously sick.

2588 days ago


This skank has no sence of reality and what she puts her kids through...
I feel bad for those kids.

2588 days ago


Britney is such an unintelligent fool

2588 days ago

britts only supporter    

as a single dad who has been run through the social services and foster care system i really feel for you britney. it is a harsh and very cruel system but i think you'll be okay once you figure out that they do mean business. also i dont think k-fed is much of a parent. dude ! get a freakin job already! how u gonna feed this kids if u get them? britts palimony payments? be a man and make your own way!

2588 days ago


Her cousin Alli is looking sexy in that shirt

2588 days ago


Liar. . .the baby is clearly terrified! Get some glasses like Britney. . .might make you at least look intelligent

2588 days ago

death on a cracker    

at least whako Jacko puts funny wigs on his babies and covers their face.

2588 days ago


Thats her oldest son Sean. I would have been pissed off. You respect her when she has her son with her. Poor little guy he was scared.

2588 days ago


Interesting commentary on society. Brittney, criticized for shopping without kids, goes shopingwith kids and is crticized.

Oddly enough, the shocking behavior of the paps, who are jostling one another and showing no respect for the presence of her child whatsoever and acting like animals, goes unnoted by TMZ posters.

No wonder the country has gone to hell.

2588 days ago


Just another case of where our justice system is not protecting children. Is everyone waiting for these children to get seriously injured or killed because of this woman's ( yes she is a woman, not a child) selfish and irresponsible actions. Oh poor rich celebrities. Their lives are so hard. I bet that there isn't a one of these whiney little celebutants that could handle living a life in the real world, where you have to worry about putting food on your table instead of what $1000 dress to buy. Her children didn't ask to be here, she brought them here. Grow up, be a mom and a mature human being.

2588 days ago


Robertson Blvd. is a pap nightmare. ONLY those wishing to be photographed or those wanting to see clebs BEING photographed shop there. So Britney, KNOWING THIS, takes her kid to Robertson Blvd for what, PRIVACY? ALL of you who are still so brain-dead you don't know Britney is an attention-whore that craves the flashing cameras, listen up: Britney knows where the paps are, and she is always WHERE they are, and this trip of hers to Robertson Blvd. proves it. If it is privacy she wants, there are numerous non-pap hangouts and restaurants all over L.A. she could shop and eat at, but no, Britney CHOOSES all the hottest pap-"friendly" places to go, and brings her kid with her into the pap-storm she was looking for. Stop feeling sorry for this attention-whore, She is addicted to pap-attention from and she knows where to go to avoid them, and Robertson Blvd. is NOT one of those places.

2588 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

Brit is awsome - she commands more attention than the president.

2588 days ago


sean preston actually handled it pretty well, i'm surprised he didn't completely freak out...

2588 days ago


Is she really SO DUMB that she doesn't see what an obvious attention getting ploy this is? And that anyone is going to think this was a GOOD THING to do? Move to Louisiana, Britney. Stay out of the limelight for ONE FULL YEAR. THEN I might think you are a decent mother. Right now I hope the judge takes them away from you and your loser ex.

2588 days ago

death on a cracker    

shes just trying to show everyone that she cares about her babies.... ok., ok.. sorry , i almost started laughing as i typed that.. im not ver y good at lying.

2588 days ago
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