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Spears and Sean in Snapstorm

9/21/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a bewildering move, mama Britney spent custody time with son Sean Preston yesterday ... in shopping and paparazzi mecca Robertson Blvd.

While it's lovely to see her with one of her kids, bringing him to one of the most photographed places in L.A. probably wasn't the best idea. She might as well take him to Winston's!

Sean hid his face as Britney tried to shush the paparazzi swarm outside the AG store. Sorry, sonny, mama's gotta shop! Once inside, Spears changed clothes and was spotted sucking on her son's pacifier. Yep, Britney sucks.


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Lucas Moretti    


2587 days ago

J Doe    

'Team Britney' follows Spears 24/7


They're called "Team Britney." These are the wildest and most feared paparazzi of them all.

The X17 agency -- a Britney "specialist" -- calls on a team made up of a dozen paparazzi assigned exclusively to the singer. Another team is also assigned to her ex, Kevin Ferderline.

The price for the pictures rose ever since she shaved her head, and since the custody of her children is disputed in court. For instance, pictures of her with the razor earned $250,000 to X17.

No wonder they treat her royally on their website (

The captions under the pictures are always very flattering. That's how they ensure her collaboration. There are also videos of her saying, "I love X17."

In this profession, Team Britney is distrusted, confided a number of paparazzi.

Some even stop hounding the star because the vibe is too tense. It takes nerves of steel to follow such an unpredictable star.

These guys are tough, big chunks of men that never smile, for the most part Latinos who drive Mercedes and large black SUVs.

"It's horrible to see the whole convoy that follows Britney; they run red lights. Disgusting," said professional paparazzo Michel Boutefou. He calls this type of paparazzi "rats."

They act as if Britney was their protected domain. Does not come close to the star anyone who wishes to. This is how they make their living, and they protect her while they track her, too.

When the singer's car runs dry on a large boulevard, they hurry to her rescue and give her a gas can. They often open her door for her and wait for her at the door of public restrooms.

We tried a number of times to enter their inner circle. "Get the f*** out of here," they said.

2587 days ago


Her son looks very scared, way to go mom!!

2587 days ago


Phoney Britney comes here and bitches that Britney is never seen with kids.
Phoney Britney comes here and bitches when Britney is seen with kids.


2587 days ago


People need to give Britney a break! She is trying to spend time with her child as she does normal activities as she's entitled to. The paparazzi needs to stop. There should be laws about them hounding her! Especially when she has her child. First she probably left her kids to be supervised cause she knows she's gonna be stocked by the papparazzi, at which media and comment boards like this one say "she's such a bad mom, she's never with her kids" now that she's with her child as she's shopping you all are saying "she's such a horrible mother to put her kids through this!" Ya know I am so sick of TMZ bashing Britney, "britney sucks" I know that it's their paparazzis that are hounding her! And then bashing her for her every move! I am now ignoring tmz. If everyone did, their wouldn't be the paparazzi problem swarming Britney at her every move. Peace out! You need to leave her alone! And stop hating and stop stalking! Get real respectable jobs! And people who visit this site, get a more interesting life! Stop looking to Britney's shortcomings for entertainment!

2587 days ago


After reading all the other comments, I am shocked at you all. Forget that their mom is Spears and mothering isn't her strong suit.. Ok people. These are CHILDREN ! Do you people from TMZ and all the other a-holes snapping pics of them, have no RESPECT... THEY ARE CHILDREN......NO YOU HAVE NO LIMITS? One would think to have some class and NOT snap a pic or stick cameras into a childs face. She does have some rights to privacy when she is with her kids. My god ! You camera idiots have no shame or class. LEAVE THESE SO CALLED STARS ALONE WHEN THEY ARE WITH THEIR KIDS. ESPECIALLY that young. You are all a-holes......

2587 days ago


somebody should take her boys away, i feel sorry for the little one

2587 days ago


A desperate attempt to be photographed as a loving mother out with her child. That poor baby! All those photographers and craziness of Robertson is the last place she should take her sons. The kid is stressed and terrified.

Britney really needs to lose custody. ASAP.

2587 days ago


This is very sad. The blood sucking paps should have to stay 100 feet away from a celeb when they are with their children. When they are solo they are fair game, they choose the life but their kids did not. I have a 16 month old and he would be terrified just like Jadyen seems to be.

2587 days ago

ms wonderland    

hmm, so Britney is the bad mom for bringing her kids where papparazzi....i.e. YOU guys are hanging around waiting to stalk celebrities right.....but, when every other celebrity does it it's awww theyre spending time with their children how cute, when Angelina does it she deserves the damn Noble Prize right? these blog sites are entertaining but lately theyve started to lose whatever integrity they did's becomming obvious when you guys want to twist a nothing story into something of controversy and negativity. Harvey Levin, a little integrity please.

2587 days ago


i dont understand this person. she doesnt have her kids all week, instead or using her free days to go shopping and work she goes partying every single day. the day she has to take care of her kids she decides "oh no i need clothes, go shopping? why dont u use that time to take them to a museum, a park, go to see a cartoon movie, the beach, the zoo, some that requires children activity, not mommy activities

2587 days ago


Samuel, YOU need to get a grip, "Phoney Britney" is so right! If Britney the attention whore wants to go about her "normal activities," why did she pick a place that is WELL KNOWN for having so many paps hang out? Britney picked this place to do her "normal activities" because she knew she would be photographed, so blaming the paps because Britney drove right to them to do her "normal activities" is one more example of Britney being let off the hook for HER bad decisions. "Normal activities" could have been done in a dozen other places that Would not have had paps, but Britney got what Britney was looking for, PAPS!

2587 days ago


NO shes NOT a skank its the papazzi, she cant even go out in public with her child without people ANNOYING the f..K out of her, COME on people get a clue and shut up, I am so sick of people ragging on her. Let her be a mom, she cant stay secluded in her house all the time, having to not be able to DO normal things because of the paparazzi.

I watched an OLD tape of Kevein and her and the baby and her parents coming out of eating in a restaurant and it was AMAZING all the paps literally yelling at her for attention. Come on let her TRY and be normal give her a break with the kids. You will get sued mark my words one day from somone (paps) that went far. I am sick to death of it, quit bugging her cause we just want to see her succeed.

Peace out

2587 days ago



No where in the video is that baby crying. To state that he is, is slander. I WOULD SUE THE PANTS OFF THIS SITE.

2587 days ago


Oh Yeah,

Little Red Riding Hood is going to take her fat little pig out to the wolves!

She's a FREAKIN IDIOT - case closed - NEXT

2587 days ago
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