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Adrianne Curry:

Another Fine Mess

9/24/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usually, when Adrianne Curry blogs, it just makes her look like a crazy woman. Maybe it's just showing her in true form, but her latest dispatch makes her look a little like Strom Thurmond with fake boobs. America's Next Top Race-Baiter!

The first "America's Next Top Model" initially wrote on her MySpace blog that she's boycotting Black History Month and the BET network, and that while the history of slavery of African-Americans "does suck some major balls," she's imploring them to "move the f**k on."

Now, after some serious backlash, the empty-headed model takes another stab at blogging in order to clarify her ridiculous rant, explaining that she feels "horrible that people misunderstood" her message. Perhaps this girl should think before she blogs!

The annoying Adrianne writes, "I am appalled that anyone would claim I am just some stupid white b**ch that doesn't know s**t about anything." How could anyone think such a thing?! Unfortunately, there's more! She says that she comes from an "incredibly political family." Sure. All this worldly philosophy coming from someone who dropped out of high school in her junior year. Stay in school kids!

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World History Buff    

In the ancient -to-modern history of the world all the human race has been enslaved at some point in time. History proves that each individual has decended from a "slave" at some era. The Old World often saw one tribe enslave another. this includes ancient Roman Empire slaves in their African rule. All races and cultures have been slaves at a point in time because of desire for absolute power over those who are weaker. Tribal enslavery of others finds all races and cultures guilty of this at some juncture. and so goes the New World, the Third World, etc., etc. Thus ends our class!

2525 days ago

World History Buff    

One question about the history of slavery from the "Buff"... Which tribe of slaves is Adrianne descended from anyhow? A Culture? A Sub-Culture? A Primate? A Pre-Mordial Slime (ooze)? --The Buff

2525 days ago


She's boycotting???? Oh man!!! What ever will we do without her????

Gimme a freakin' break! I wish media outlets would stop giving people like this their attention. Eventually, they'd just go away.

2525 days ago


okay ?? you just showed how little you know about America History, Pick up a history book sometime and read the REST of it.....The states went to war when the South wanted to break away.....they (the North) was not talking war until then. Yes, they wanted slavery to end, but that was NOT the REASON they went to war! There, I've said all I care to on this subject and will be moving on, I suggest you do the same and know what it is you're talking about before you open your mouth!

2525 days ago

Kirshan Murphy    

One of the things that irks me in life is someone forming an opinion based on the lack of information and lack of education.

Adrianne Curry, is one of those people. That is why I wrote a response to her blog in hopes to educate her and anyone else who agrees with her:

2523 days ago


How come we never see the pciture of the victim of the Jena 6???

2523 days ago


I don't like her, but I agree. I think she's right. We're all human. No race is better than another. We do need to heal and move on...can't live in the future, if you're stuck in the past.

2523 days ago

Dawn Day    

I say we boycott America's Next Top Model instead.

2523 days ago


Poor Girl!

2523 days ago

baby girl    

I have to pee

2523 days ago

Spell Check.    

...and while we're at it, let's replace MLK Day with MLF Day.

2523 days ago


#11. You are right. Slavery was not limited to the Africans. My Irish ancestors were virtual slaves to the British but the difference is the other societies have been able to progress and move on whereas in America, blacks have not been able to. I hear other white people saying blacks should "move on" but the whites forget they have 500 years of advancement over the blacks in America. It is only in the last 60 years that blacks started to have any kind of equality in America. Adrian Curry is an uneducated stripper for petes sake. Are we really going to take what she says at face value? and educated family? Was I the only one who saw them on that reality show about her wedding? they were white trash personified.

2523 days ago


What a dingle berry. Poor Peter Brady!!

2523 days ago

baby girl    


2523 days ago


What is this girl on. Stupid thing should not have been left out on a daypass!

2523 days ago
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