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Taye Diggs Spotted with His Wife!

9/25/2007 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Private Practice" man-about-town Taye Diggs showed up to a charity event on Monday with a mysterious brunette on his arm -- his wife! McChocolatey plus one!
Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel
Although the 36-year-old playa playa is known for hitting the club scene alone -- and not always leaving alone -- this time he allowed his better half, beautiful Broadway star Idina Menzel, to cramp his style. Will you light my candle?!

Taye and Idina met while starring in "Rent" and have been married for over four years. Who knew?!


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I'm sure she brings her parents great naches...

2588 days ago


is she trying to look black with the gloves on????

2588 days ago


I love Idina and Taye. Taye is hot and talented Idina is amazing, talented,and so incredibly beautiful so all of you can shut up about her being ugly because you're stupid. Kthanxbye.

2587 days ago


Say what you must ....but this may be the ONLY unflattering picture EVER taken of these two attractive and talented performers.

2587 days ago

LaRues Lady    

Idina really is very beautiful; this is just an awful picture of her! If you would like to see pictures of her, there are some VERY good ones at She does not have a lazy eye, she's not cross-eyed, she is just standing at an awkward angle from where this picture was taken.

I've heard them both say that they met at rehersals for Rent, not before Rent. I've never heard anything about Taye being disloyal, but I've never heard anything about him being the perfect husband either... Anything to get all kinds of readers, I guess.

2587 days ago


I absolutely love Idina Menzel! Sure, this picture may not be her most flattering, but she's usually stunning and gorgeous in most of them. If I was Taye, I'd be towing her around everywhere I could. :P

2587 days ago


OMG!! She looks as Nelly Furtado!!!!!

2587 days ago


She's OK....There are some amazingly beautiful African American women who are well educated and have things going for them - they are in abundance. He made a choice to be with this Idina - might have been shared interests, "his need for a White Woman" or whatever....WHO CARES. As an African American woman, I could care less - EXCEPT for the fact that I don't see droves of White Men w/Black women......Coupled with the fact that many Black men tend to drop their quality controls when hooking up with White women.....Black Women on the other hand - when they get a White guy, they are equally Attractive, Educated, etc. We don't go and get the Trailer Pet - as sooooo man balck men do!

2587 days ago


GROSS!! She looks like she is ready to swallow his head.

2587 days ago


i love idina menzel!

2586 days ago


So the picture was taken at an awkward angle because they are both very hot individuals who both don't look so hot in this photo. I have actually seen her in boot camp class recently and she happens to have a 6 pack stomach! I am jealous. She is a true natural beauty and this pic is just BAD and weird. They are actually quite a beautiful couple.

2586 days ago


People, if you find yourself reading and believing this twisted nonsense that is based on random photos that are manipulated by the media to spin your little Hollywood brains into believing that there is really something "more exciting going on" than the actual truth, than I am deeply disgusted by you. Since when is it a crime for a couple to be seen apart, especially a couple such as Taye & Idina who happen to both be working their asses off! (Fyi, he happens to be filming a new hit TV show & she just finished cutting a new album and wrapped up a run of Wicked in London, what have you and your significant other been up to lately?) Maybe you see them apart because they are both working so hard at making successful careers for themselves while they are both hot so that they can be that couple that has everything; the career, the happy relationship, the good life . . . Why doesn't anybody give relationships these days a chance? He adores her and that's her man so for the love of God, give these two a break, they're just workin'! ! !

2586 days ago


Please stop making such a big deal over this guy doing nothing wrong. It's stuff like this that gets guys that really are faithful a bad wrap cause it 's twisted and fabricated. Cheating? there is no proof, just a couple of photos of him at or leaving a club, what the hell is that? There is no proof cause there is no cheating. Don't hate cause he's got a secure woman and he is big boy and allowed to go out to a club with his friends. I've seen much better photos of his wife and he would be CRAZY not to go home to that sexy lady. Seriously, if you are going to report on a couple, why not share some positive news.

2586 days ago


just say Ty Diggs at cvs here in alpharetta ga. ,driving a nice white porsche

1557 days ago
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