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Why U2

Hasn't Made a New Album In Years

10/1/2007 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught up with half of U2 over the weekend, and we may have gotten the scoop as to why the band hasn't produced a new album since 2004's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb." Bono's terse but perfectly rational answer: "Edge has got to restring his guitars."

Judging from the rather giddy laughter that followed his answer, it's also possible that Bono was just joking, or speaking some wink-winky language only understood by Irish musicians.

As ever, The Edge -- David Howell Evans himself -- who joined Bono at the Clinton Global Initiative event, had very little to say about the matter.


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Because they are old and no one wants to buy their music anymore, except other old people, and they are too cheap to fork over for hard CD's.

2581 days ago


Wow! U2 on TMZ...never thought I'd see that. But, anyways, they've been recording in Fez and soon will be recording in their new studio in Dublin, once it's finished.

2581 days ago


THEY SUCK...That's why!

2581 days ago


Don't forget your getting older everyday not younger.

2581 days ago


Who cares if U2 ever makes another album. But, why does Bono look like Robin Williams in this TMZ pic?

2581 days ago


How dumb is TMZ? Of course Bono was joking, it doesn't take years to restring a guitar. Language to Irish musicians? If TMZ doesn't understand what restringing a guitar means, they need to hit the books, hard. And I'm not even a musician, or a U2 fan.

2581 days ago


It's because Edge's daughter has leukemia. TMZ why don't you let me come work for you? Gosh. U2 is the greatest band of all time.

2581 days ago


Because Bozo err I mean Bono, has been too busy looking for more lame sunglasses. The glasses are non-prescription. He does it just because he thinks it looks cool.

Come on bro, you're two birthdays away from Keith Richards... Even he don't wear plastic post-cataract surgery AARP issue shades.

2581 days ago


U2 is yummy. Bono is yummy.

2581 days ago

U2 fan    

Are you insane Jem? U2 is still one of the biggest bands ever and people of all ages go to see them and listen to their music. Wake up! My guess is you are some wanna be band who will at best be a one hit wonder. Get over it - U2 is the BEST!

2581 days ago


Lots of people care if U2 makes another album. They have a fanatical following-- young, old, and somewhere in between. I just love them so. Very talented guys.

2581 days ago


I've heard them for what, 25 years? Nothing changed, nothing new. Old.

2581 days ago


Ok, old people are not the only ones who want to hear U2.

Despite the fact that they are kind of old, I'm 14, and all the things they do, like fund raisers for the environment, are better than wanna-be celebs like Britney Spears....


2581 days ago

Christine 4 U2    

By the way jem and the holograms, I'm 17 and I love this band, and I'll wait for as long as they take to make a new album. Better that than rushing it and it ending up like the garbage that the majority of bands put out these days.

It's kinda funny how there's an article analyzing what Bono could possibly mean by the Edge "restringing his guitars". LOL

2581 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Bono responsible for organizing not one but two BandAid concerts to help feed starving children? That alone should earn him some major respect.

2581 days ago
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