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Solange Knowles Talks About Divorcing at 21

10/2/2007 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's little sister, Solange Knowles, has already been married, had a child and divorced -- all before she was 21 years old! So that's what she was doing when Beyonce was on tour!

The baby B beauty tells Essence magazine, "I am no longer married ... but I think it's very important not to dish details ... we were basically high school sweethearts." Well, school's out -- forever!

Knowles married college football player, Daniel Smith, in Feburary 2004 and had son Daniel Julez the following October. Timing is everything!

Not taking a backseat to her famous sister, the singer is currently working on a new album -- because who wants to be labeled "Beyonce's younger, less hot sister" for the rest of their life?! Solange also talks about not wanting to be as mainstream as her sister, because she wouldn't be able to go to the mall anymore. She must love her "Hot Dog on a Stick," -- to pick shopping over stardom!

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Think about that before you marry!!!!!!

2493 days ago

Mrs. Know It All    

I agree with NYC... ppl please do the math because it is quite obivious why she got married.... to cover her out of wedlock baby!

2487 days ago

keena from phily    

I think she is to be commended for her strength and ability to handle her situations....she wants to do a record and not be as mainstream as b lol why are you doing a record then if not in hopes of success. her attempts at stardom failed because yes she is less pretty and talented than her sister she is weird lookin bubble eyes huge forehead and her voice is not as strong she doesn't have as much vocal range, she is skinny and she cannot act that well. She should either try to be succeful behind the scene, in a different medium, live off her child support, or keep bangng ric dudes who will have her.

2475 days ago

big joe    

@ 21 LOLOLOLOLOL welfare soon

2543 days ago

Sarah Lee    

who that?

2543 days ago


Sorry to hear that she is no longer married. But they have a child together so hopefully they will keep things civil for the childs sake and don't do what a lot of celebrity types do and put all there dirty laundry in the street. Life goes on!!

2543 days ago

Sac's Most Glamours    

Sometimes we rush into things thinking its right at that time. Solange is a very pretty girl, she will do whats right. Congrats! Keep God First

2543 days ago


What do you expect. Mr Knowles made her do it...Solange was pregnant at 17..So why are we so surprise...Now the next questions is when is Beyonce getting married...Never...Jay-Z has been with Superhead and Foxy "Crazy" Brown ..Who can compare...LOL LOL LOL

2543 days ago


Proof once again, don't get married when you are still in your teens....there is nothing wrong with a long engagement.

2543 days ago


Wow! An article gets done about Solange just because she's a relative? Now, that's a slow news day for TMZ and "Essence." While Beyonce has the, "career," Solange has the, "looks." She's very pretty.

2543 days ago


Well, most Shotgun Wedding's don't last long anyway.

2543 days ago


she is not gonna be on welfare for the idiot who posted that. her ex is in the NFL stupid... very well paid... ppl just gotta be negative. And I dont think she wants to be in the limelight like her sister, she is more of a B-list actor.

2543 days ago

Baby Countdown    

Her and Ashley Simpson should team up and create a group called:

"My older sister sings and has talent: I on the other hand am a coat tail riding, talentless, less pretty version of her"

Is it a long name for a group? Yes, but it's accurate don't you think? LOL

2543 days ago


Become relevant or go away: VERY accurate!!

2543 days ago


You people are so friggin mean

2543 days ago
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