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Scores with PETA

10/2/2007 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_michael_vick_getty-1PETA announced today that Michael Vick, the embattled Atlanta Falcons quarterback who plead guilty to dog fighting charges, completed an eight-hour class in empathy and animal protection. A little late, no?

Vick took the course at PETA's Norfolk, Virginia headquarters on September 18, was given home study materials, and came back a third time to take a test. PETA is asking the NFL to make empathy training mandatory for all players.

If you would like to repair your public image following an embarrassing federal trial, you can find all the materials at


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....................Michelle...............My thought,........................Vick still has his 44 million pre money......................and yes there are plenty wrongs all over the world.........but at this time it is Vick..................he got caught, about to have a judge issue punishment, and do time...........Question: How do you issue punishment? menu, by guess, by position, as a judge, by emotions, by hate, by love, by profiling, by color of skin, by time of day? is probably not so easy, but whatever happens...........Vick brought it on society has to do its part........some want more, some want less...........but he did it, (for six years) and got time it might be the DMX fellow to have to face the judge......................ok, enough rambling....................Vick brought this on himself.........bad choices and probably too much money for his particular character abiliites............You are probably a nice person and can't imagine ALL this happening to yourself.........therefore, empathy, compassion............Whatever the punishment, he is not broke..........he should be, by my standards...........but he will go home with a lot of money no matter what.............

2545 days ago


Of course, Sick Vick is going to pretend to look contrite now, sucking up to PETA honchos. He'll do ANYTHING to make sure that he looks repentant enough so that two judges, Fed and State, will give him minimum sentences for crimes he is guilty of.

His sorry shame-face is as phony as O.J. Simpson's Rolex watch.

Prosecutors now need to smoke out the rest of the dogmen in the league and preferably, some caucasian ones, so that this doesn't end up being a race issue. This is an animal cruelty issue and people of all races are engaged in this horrific torture of dogs.

Sure, it's a positive thing that Vick put himself through some eight hours of discussion and videos of animals being tortured but honestly, does he actually expect the public to believe that all of a sudden, he FEELS something? His motivation is evident. He wants his life back.

So do those beaten, electrocuted, shot and hanged dogs.

I don't believe he can grow a heart at this point. Empathy is not taught. You either have empathy or you don't,. It's just like talent on the field. You either have it or you don't. You can possibly develop empathy but not in one marathon meeting with Ingrid Newkirk of PETA.

Mike Vick is not fooling anyone, certainly not the fans--and least of all the state and federal judges, who have seen this sort of fake penitence at every single trial.

Mike Vick isn't fooling those dogs either.

Carole Raphaelle Davis

2545 days ago


Lave him alone

2545 days ago


# 152 No we will not "lave"him alone, nor leave him alone Tippy.if he was "man" enough to drown electrocute bodyslam shoot dogs to death.he will be 'man" enough to take his punishment, whether he likes it or not.I do appreciate his difficulty in standing up like a man.he has no testicles...........he has done nothing but hide cower & protect himself & his own interests.since he was caught in his crimes.note, I said "crimes". not "crime"

2544 days ago


# 152 no we will not "lave" him alone nor leave him alone If he was "man" enough to drown electrocute body slam & shoot dogs to death, then he will be "man"enough to take his punishment, whether or not he likes it I appreciate his difficulty in standing up like a "man" he appears to have no testicles He has none nothing but hide cower & protect his own self & interests since his crimes were discovered...note that I said "crimes".not crime

2544 days ago


Omy God this is Hilarious. PETA gave him homework to study then he went back to take a test.. Did he Pass? I know he Failed the Marijuana Test, so he must have passed Doggie 101.

2544 days ago


He and so many slimey pieces of garbage have been lave alone to long now.Its time to put him with some prisoners that think he is just adorable and then leave him alone a long time.I am sure prison employees would be glad to .

2544 days ago


Peta is WONDERFUL!! and honestly he deserves more punishment. He knew it was wrong....

2541 days ago


f peta queer freaks heres a clue any football player or sports announcer who wears earrings look like a idiot

2539 days ago


kill all animals

2539 days ago


send peta your bones. save the bones from your chix or rib dinner put them in a box and send them to their norfolk va headquarters send a message more to come their all a bunch of ferries

2539 days ago


HAHA, thats just great. Now that he loves animals everything is better? Please. And requiring all players to go through traning...not everyone in the NFL is that SICK. Maybe vick should give PETA his home where the dog fighting was...or maybe to the falcons for all the money the owes. Check this place out it looks nice not some run down dump. (here's the dog fighting place

2537 days ago


For the person who made the comment "kill all the animals" some one should kill you! Not only does your comment show how heartless you are but how stupid you are as well.

Animals have rights and feelings too! too bad some of you dont.

2534 days ago


Man, I can't believe PETA actually thinks a person can be taught empathy. Vick has to be inherently cruel to have done such a horrible thing in the first place and a few "at home" training tools are not going to "fix" him. I have tried to imagine why someone with such a successful sports career would be involved in such a barbaric activity.
Here are a few scenarios I have come up with...
1. Hes stupid...
2. He enjoys hurting animals (that includes humans) and got as much enjoyment out of this as the people he was financing.
3. He has some buddies who approached him for financing and he decided it was a good way to "share the wealth."
4. Oh did I mention he's stupid?

Get real PETA, empathy training? Rediculous!
And I find it curious that your many famous members have remained deafeningly silent on this issue.

Its a known fact that people who abuse animals are predisposed to harm humans. Vick whined that people living on his property are responsible, but can he possibly imagine anyone is going to believe that he didn't know what was going on? There were several pitch black buildings on the property used for the dog fighting operation, what did he think was going on in there, ballroom dancing?

Theres another famous football player who thought he was above the law and I can't help but wonder if he might have been involved in dog fighting at one point. Rae Carruth shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend Cherica Adams and is now doing time for the offence, because he didn't want her to have the baby. If Vick had not been caught fighting dogs, who knows what other cruelties he was capable of?

The law enforcement people who go undercover deserve a LOT of credit for doing the job they do because it must be painfully disturbing to witness what goes on during these fights in order to get enough evidence to convict these criminals. Kathy Strouse and Jim Ward are two law enforcement people trying to clean this horrible passtime up, please continue in the fight, the dogs need you, and what you are doing is good work.

2526 days ago
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