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Scores with PETA

10/2/2007 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_michael_vick_getty-1PETA announced today that Michael Vick, the embattled Atlanta Falcons quarterback who plead guilty to dog fighting charges, completed an eight-hour class in empathy and animal protection. A little late, no?

Vick took the course at PETA's Norfolk, Virginia headquarters on September 18, was given home study materials, and came back a third time to take a test. PETA is asking the NFL to make empathy training mandatory for all players.

If you would like to repair your public image following an embarrassing federal trial, you can find all the materials at


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Hey, it's a start! Hopefully ,he will learn!

2577 days ago

jeff jenkins    

The same peta that tells us eating meat is wrong,gives this pig an empathy test,he passes,now its o.k.Just more proof that peta is a radical left wing org.Deer season starts monday,my german shepherds look forward to the protein laden leftovers.They no not torture,fighting and mistreatment,but only love and affection.P.E.T.A is no good for traditional americans,they are a fine example of radicalism at its worst.

2577 days ago


Anyone who doesn't get that Peta has been in the forefront of all animal cruelty issues is a dumbass. Peta is always on the cutting edge of forcing us all to look at how our own behavior impacts animals....and that is exactly why some jackoffs get so worked up and scream about Peta: people who are engaging in abusive behavior toward animals, whether dog fighting, "hunting", breeding, or meat eating, don't want to have to alter their own behavior so they point fingers at the group who is making them feel guilty. (for any dolt who doesn't want to admit that meat eaters are worse than Michael Vick, look at

2577 days ago


peta you are a joke...oh wow a test...maybe a spanking next

2577 days ago


Vick is tryin' ANYTHING to get back in pro ball and try to lessen his time in's all a sham !

2577 days ago


It's too bad he didn't kill a human, the response would have been far less vicious.

2577 days ago


This makes about as much sense as throwing a glass of water on a burning building.

2577 days ago


All of you quoting the bible missed the judge not part

2577 days ago


Too bad Vick didn't get info. and take a test from ASPCA or a truly good animal organization. PETA is unbelievably screwed up and hateful.

2577 days ago

kattia disbrow    

Vick is an idiot. He is doing all he can now to be able to play in the NFL. He is a disgrace to society. I hope he will never be able to play football again. He hurt so many innocent dogs, and for WHAT? Because he found it amuzing, that's the entire reason. He is heartless. He needs to stay away from the media. Our children do not need to learn his disgusting morals and values.

2577 days ago


I think you are missing the judge not point ,it also says send them to me . We all know of course he has found God.It is totally amazing to me that he and so many others find God the problem is they don't look for him till they do something wrong. He is allways there ,they just don't give a crap till they need the awww poor me and look at me i have changed story.I bet the only thing he is finding is every one is not as forgiving as God,not that he gives a crap what we think because we are unimportant to people like him,and O.J and all the other awwww poor me people.

2577 days ago


Is this serious? I thought it was a joke. Empathy training? Well, hopefully he learns something and sets a new positive example those who idolize him. I will never be a fan, but do hope he can shape the rest of his like in a positive manner.

2577 days ago


The last little shred of credibility that PETA may have had is now gone . . .

by their Vick-logic, they imply

someone who has repeatedly battered their spouse just needs to head off to a women's shelter headquarters and watch a couple videos . . .

someone who is a white supremecist just needs to head off to the NAACP headquarters and watch a couple videos . . .

someone who abuses children just needs to head to Disneyland and ride the 'Its A Small World' ride a couple times . . .

'poof!' everyone is now empathetic and cured! PETA just proved itself to be a J-O-K-E!!!

2577 days ago


...............I punched up (Dog population of USA)................I found the Humane Society of the United States..............How many dogs are there in the US?.................By the way there are 302 million people as to the Census..............................................................................................................

There are approximately 73 million owned dogs in the United States
Thirty-nine percent of U.S. households own at least one dog
Most owners (60 percent) own one dog
Twenty-five percent of owners own two dogs
Fourteen percent of owners own three or more dogs
On average, owners have almost two dogs (1.7)
The proportion of male to female dogs is about even
Sixteen percent of owned dogs were adopted from an animal shelter
On average, dog owners spent $211 on veterinary visits (vaccine, well visits) annually
More than seventy percent of owned dogs are spayed or neutered, The average number of litters for dogs is 2,..........the average number per liter is 6/10.......................................................This is not the stray dog, if you do not spay and neuter companion animals, what do you think will happen?..................This is the reason for euthanizing..........a fact of it when necessary or else create more problems than you can imagine............the people who talk badly about PETA and Humane Society need to do some is easy.............just punch up a topic and, your computer does all the work for you...........yes, I am being sarcastic toward you............but you should read more often...........any of us can type up a string of expletives................serves nothing............

2577 days ago

e dawg    

The fact that we place football players, or any sports people for that matter as role models is the problem. This man is the lowest of the low. To take the life of a defenseless animal is sub-human and I truly believe the best thing has happened. He will never be the sports hero he was on the path to be. It doesn't matter what class he takes. He will never be on top again, b/c in football there is always someone just waiting to take your place and I am satisfied with that. He killed dogs...but he also killed his career. There is nothing I could wish him that he will not get thanks to a girl named Kharma.

2577 days ago
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