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Taylor Hicks' New Gig -- at a Housing Development!

10/4/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor HicksIt's been 16 months since Taylor Hicks won "American Idol" -- and he's really going places -- like the opening of an Alabama housing development!

On the weekend of Oct. 26, people who have purchased land in the The Oaks development in Lake Guntersville will enjoy "an intimate dinner with Taylor Hicks and several other celebrities TBA." Plots of lakefront property start at the whopping price of $49,900! On top of seeing the graying, soon-to-be 31-year-old (who himself owns land in the area), guests will enjoy, "complementary [sic] food, boat rides, bass fishing and more." Soul Patrol!

Poor Season 5 runner-up Kat McPhee will just have to be content making movies!


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Taylor Hicks would go to the opening of an envelope to get exposure!

2544 days ago



he's an amazing performer and a class act. who cares why he did this...he wanted to.

but to say that chris daughtry is the #1 selling ex-idol? Maybe of season FIVE, but ever hear of CARRIE UNDERWOOD?

2544 days ago


My point exactly whamo!!! That happened in South Carolina. NOT ALABAMA!!! Yet you are stereotyping the whole south. Like I said before, you sir are part of the reason why racism will not die!!! Please answer this whamo: If we are so racist then why are a lot of our local schools mostly hispanic and/or black now? The whites are becoming a minority around here. In fact I know a white man who was able to get a grant at one of our local colleges based on the fact that he is now a minority!!!! So stop with your BS until you get the facts. If we were so redneck racist hillbilly, don't you think we would have pushed them out of our area by now???? Maybe you need to check where in Washington DC several students marked a black student with KKK symbols. That is not the south, need I remind you!!! Just to recap. Racism is everywhere not just the south. So stop the stereotyping, you idiot!!

2544 days ago


MR HATER..................
IM TYPING IN ALL CAPS......................................I BET THAT JUST DRIVES YOU CRAZY................WELL GOOD!!! I BET YOU LIVE A MISERABLE LIFE. YES........YOU
FRANKLY.............YOU NEED IT!


2544 days ago

Mr. Hater    

>>>Mr. Hater, obviously, you are the problem. You and everyone else like you. You walk around with your high priced clothing and gas chugging cars while other people go hungry, homeless and penniless. And don't say it is because they want to. It is because of people like you who think they are so much better than everyone.

What high priced housing? I live in a quiet little apartment. I drive a little cheap fuel efficient car. I don't have paintings hanging on my wall. I refuse to drink wine or any other booze. I hate poetry. I was broke and penniless in my life too, in fact I grew up on a farm. I'm also not American, but I have lived and worked in the deep south for years trying to undo all the wrongs that your predecessors have driven into your minds as truth and gospel. You have no flipping idea how frustrating it is to live somewhere where everyone is unenlightened and thinks that singing hymns and having 20 babies is a good thing for the world.

It sickens me to hear people whine about people who think they are better than someone else. Do you honestly believe that all people are equal? Do you honestly think that an alcoholic crack whore is equal to Gandhi? Some people are better than others. Many people are 'better' than me and I accept it.

Maybe a crack whore has potential, but rarely is it realized. Taylor Hicks could have been a success and entertained the world, but now he's flogging real estate because he wants to 'keep it real' or whatever his excuse is for not achieving what he set out to achieve.

>>>Why don't you try giving back to the society that you live in, instead of causing more dispair with that black heart of yours.

It's spelled 'despair'. My heart isn't black, it's solid gold. I've spent my life giving back to the world in real and tangible ways. I don't go out and kiss babies and raise money for charities, but I do far more for people in need than generating $5000 for the Little Rock Evangelical Orphan fund.

Grow up and realize that criticism is the only thing that has moved this world forward. Otherwise we'd ALL still be living in caves because no one would have been discontent enough to figure out something better.

Love ya. Your heart is in the right place, but you're an idiot if you think people shouldn't be criticised. That attitude doesn't do anyone any good.

2544 days ago


Bama jewel , And Alabama is the epitome of racial harmony? Give me a break!
Who do you guy's think you're fooling.

2544 days ago

Mr. Hater    

>>>If you want to 'poke fun' at people in the south for things you think others do not do, I guess you need to find something else because marrying one's cousin is not always a southern thing.

You're absolutely right. It happens everywhere. In fact, the Rothschild family, one of the most financially succesful families in the history of the world was founded and sustained on inbreeding and they definitely weren't from 'Bama.

Branding southerners as incestuous is only a figure of speech, even though it actually does happen. What it DOES mean is that Southerners typically stay where they are and live an insolated, detached existance from the rest of the world. As a result they have no other option but to marry their cousins since their cousins are all that are available.

Everyone else in the world gets this, but people in the deep south seem to take the notion figuratively. That says a lot.

2544 days ago

Rocco and David    

Why does TMZ hate Taylor?

Probably because

-he's not blonde
-he doens't have breast implants
-he hasn't spent a fortune on plastic surgery
-he doen't flash his good for the world to see
-he probably has a valid driver's license
-he doens't do drugs
-he doesn't hang out at the Hollywood Clubs
-he's not gay (at least not that we know of)
-he zip code isn't 90210
-he has adopted kids with a bisexual actress (nor fathered one with the same)
-he doesn't go around beating up people
-he hasn't married or even dated someone rich and famous

Need I say more

2544 days ago


Not claiming to be the epitome of racial harmony. All I am saying is that at least we are trying to grow from our past mistakes and not make them again. You are pretending that the south is still in the early 1900's when hate was rampant. It's people like you who are halting our growth by assuming that we still live our lives that way!! I'm done with you and your stupidity. Please do not even bother to comment back as whatever you say will be racist!!

I will hope that one day you will become educated!!

2544 days ago


Mr. Hater,

If you don't like living in America, go back to you damn country!

2544 days ago


What is up with all the hostility?!

I think Taylor Hicks is a cutie with a good voice, but whatever, he's certainly not worth all the anger some people seem to feel. Its beyond absurd.

I wish him luck in his new home and career - and hope he makes a video soon!

2544 days ago


Your comment concerning the lake front lots selling for a whopping $49,000 could be correct, haven't checked it out yet. I sold my 400' x 88' lakefront lot for $80,000, made a clear profit of $70,000 because I only paid $10,000 for it when it first became available years ago. Also, I have a 38 acre farm that includes a 18,000 square ft. house, pastures for my horses, riding trails for my ATV, along with a huge swimming pool in my backyard. My yearly property taxes are approximately a WHOPPING $300 annually. Oh, and my farm is only about three miles from the lake, where I can launch my boat anytime I want to. Don't pity Taylor Hicks or any of the rest of the folks that live in Alabama. Unlike California, we have it made here. That's the reason we southerners don't mind being steretyped by TMZ and the media YA'LL, it makes us seem less appealing and keeps the undesirables from moving here.

2544 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

He dances like a hunched over confused monkey looking for the dingle berry he just picked out of his ass.

2544 days ago


your editors are wrong: the spelling of complementary ["sic" ] is actually correct in the context of 'free'. complimentary would be the correct spelling for 'giving a compliment'.
you're welcome!

2544 days ago


How many people reading this know what "[sic]" indicates? How many of those don't know why it's there?

FYI - "complementary" should be "complimentary" Still don't get it?

Thanks TMZ. I suspected a lot of your subtle humor was intentional, but it's nice to know it for sure.

2544 days ago
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