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Taylor Hicks' New Gig -- at a Housing Development!

10/4/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor HicksIt's been 16 months since Taylor Hicks won "American Idol" -- and he's really going places -- like the opening of an Alabama housing development!

On the weekend of Oct. 26, people who have purchased land in the The Oaks development in Lake Guntersville will enjoy "an intimate dinner with Taylor Hicks and several other celebrities TBA." Plots of lakefront property start at the whopping price of $49,900! On top of seeing the graying, soon-to-be 31-year-old (who himself owns land in the area), guests will enjoy, "complementary [sic] food, boat rides, bass fishing and more." Soul Patrol!

Poor Season 5 runner-up Kat McPhee will just have to be content making movies!


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the truth    

It just goes to show that American Idol has loongg since jumped the shark! It hasn't mattered who win the "American Idol" award at the end because NONE OF THEM ever record a second album or make any real money. This all started in the second season of this NO TALENT garbage show. Does anyone remember Ruben Studdard. Didn't think so!! Unless you're using his "cds" as table balancers maybe. Everyone remembers Clay Aiken, Jennifer hudson and recently, Chris Daughtry. Only Kelly Clarkson was the only TRUE AMERICAN IDOL who is still making money and records. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that a tremendously talentless lamo like Taylor Hicks is doing nothing more with his so called "singing career". Soon we'll see him doing a night manager job at the local Walmart! He should rename his nickname to the SOUL LESS PATROL" because his music really really sucks! Besides his white hair and lousy style of clothes.

2542 days ago


Soul Patrol right here you grey loser.

2542 days ago


If Taylor is not famous, why is TMZ covering what he does? If most of the posters do not care for him, why do you bother to comment. Taylor has more money than anyone posting bad things about. If you had more, you would be out doing other things besides posting on TMZ.

Like I said in an earlier-in-the-year post, "From the things that are said on here, the South is not the most prejudice place to live." And I'm a Black Woman born, raised and educated in the Heart of Dixie.

A friend of my cousin's, when she was attending her wedding in Arizona asked my sister (She hailed from Washington State), "Can Black people by houses in Birmingham?"

Now if that is not an ignorant question, I don't know what is. Truly enlightening about what other people think about Southerners.

2542 days ago


Is it true some guy named Doug pretended to be a friend of Hicks, then tried to extort money from him? I read that this guy even ran a Hicks fansite at one time. With friends like that, who needs enemies, huh.

2542 days ago


TMZ staff can you find out the scoop on whether or not Taylor is faking a girlfriend? I have seen 2 pictures of girls he is with an he says they are the same but one is much shorter than the other. This is really dividing the Soul Patrol. I would really like to know if Taylor is lying to us. I still love his music but I don't cotton to no lying.

2542 days ago


This is what you get when you put your ego in the hands of the Americsn public. I never met a person who watched American idol who was not a major loser.

2542 days ago


I was given a few free tickets to a Taylor Hicks concert a few months ago, and all I can say is that if someone tries to give you tickets to one, just turn and run the other way as fast as you can. When I first walked in, the first thing I noticed was hat the venue smelled like a barn, but then after I had been there for a few minutes, I realized it was just his fans I was sitting by that smelled like one. So I tried not to breathe the stench in, but decided to just concentrate on the music, which proved to be a big mistake. That Hicks dude can not sing at all. It reminded me of a karake competition I'd been to the week before only Taylor Hicks would have lost, if he'd been competing in it. I did make it through about 2 songs before I got up and headed for the door. The smell of fresh air never smelled so sweet, when I finally got out of that place, and then I jumped in my car, and put on some real music.

2542 days ago


A real class act...........keep up the good work!

2542 days ago


hopefully this means that Taylor and the Soul Patrol all move there and are never to be heard from again!

2542 days ago


I think that it is really great that Taylor is supporting his community...this is Alabama, you know??? He also raised funds for a bad storm that ravished Alabama at his concert there...even went early to a fund raiser that day and had a concert in Atlanta the night before...He is a prince of a fellow. Now that his successful tour of two years is winding down so that he can write another CD and regroup...he has time to help people and communities...I find this unusually down to earth and obviously he has not let his fame affect him. Cheers to Taylor HIcks...good guys do finish first...he proves it!!! All negative comments are either from gilted lovers or wannabe gilted lovers...what a shame...tisk tisk...tisk!!!!!

2542 days ago


Give me a break --- Taylor Hicks IS a success --- but he's also a nice guy that is willing to do a favor for the developer of the Oaks where he has purchased property. He's not too fat-headed to give his time to this and also various golf tournaments around the country benefitting charity. Taylor Hicks' CD went PLATNIUM - he continues to sell out or close to it in many parts of the country. Granted, his music is NOT the crap pop that gets played on Top 40 stations...he's not going to be a superstar like "Britney" or "Justin." But he's doing just fine, and crying all the way to the bank.

2542 days ago


"He's on the road to nowhere."

lol absolutely, but we already knew that..........i cant imagine why anyone would buy this guys cd or vote for him

2542 days ago


How could he sell out concerts when his tour is over, and the last half of the tour was a dismal failure? His CD has sold fewer than 700,000 copies (including the 150 sold last week). Taylor is not doing this property gig for nothing. He is hurting for money. HEY -- I just read that the entertainment developers are looking for somebody else for that Birmingham development... a really big-name entertainer. Could it be that they are already planning to dump Hicks?

2542 days ago


Taylor is the next Elvis, so you haters need to just be quiet. Just cause he can't sell records don't mean that he ain't a success. He's gonna show all of you when he starts his next lounge tour that he is the one that's going to bring real music back into the world. If it weren't for Taylor, we'd be stuck listening to music that everybody wanted to hear, but now that Taylor's in our lives, all we do is listen to him all day long. The only place I shop now is Lowe's and piggly wiggly cause they respect Taylor enough to give him the air play that these darn radio stations won't give him. But don't you worry, Taylor will be back even stronger than ever in a few months, when he releases his next CD. Wal-Mart might not sell it, and probably no other place will either, but remember that the world hated Elvis at first too, and just look how that turned out.

2542 days ago


Taylor only supports Taylor. How many charity events did he attend before he won AI? None. He is supremely selfish. He has to look like he cares about all that stuff, for PR purposes. Privately, he considers them a drag.

2542 days ago
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