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Bonaduce Free!!!

D.A. Rejects Case

10/5/2007 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document from the L.A. County District Attorney's office, rejecting the case against Danny Bonaduce.

Danny boy got into it on stage at Tuesday's FOX Reality Channel's Really Awards. "Survivor" reject Jonny Fairplay jumped on him, and Danny tossed Jonny over his shoulder. Jonny fell face first and lost a couple o' teeth.

Police were investigating a felony battery, with Danny as the chief suspect. The D.A. wrote on the rejection form, "Insufficient evidence to prove beyond a doubt."

UPDATE: Now everyone is weighing in! "Survivor: Cook Islands" winner Yul Kwon tells us "Fairplay is a disgraceful excuse for a human being. Not only did he act inappropriately towards my girlfriend and disrespect me at the REALLY Awards, he's made a career out of ridiculous stunts and disgusting behavior, and it's finally caught up to him. The D.A. made the right call in rejecting the criminal battery case. Under California law, Fairplay would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Danny acted with the intent to cause violent physical injury. But there's nothing in the video that comes close to supporting the charge. We need to stop giving Fairplay the attention he's desperately seeking, and put an end to this media whore's career."


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That's how it should be...

2542 days ago


Go up against a 'roided out head case, Jonny, and you get what you get!

2542 days ago

Spell Check.    

Next Match:

Jonny vs. Laurie Partridge

2542 days ago

Britney is a skank    

I love the fact that Jonny Fairplay will be forever known as the douche who got his ass kicked by Danny Bonaduce.

There is a god.

Karma's a bitch.

2542 days ago


Becuae i hate that show so much , I am soooo glad Danny busted his A###!!!!

2542 days ago


At least the DA got something right.

2542 days ago


I still think Danny should have stomped his head in.

2542 days ago


As I said before, Fairplay finally got what he deserved. All hail to my boy Danny.

2542 days ago


I hope Jonny reads this. I'm from Danville, Va., Jonny's REAL hometown. He went to high school with my sister and now constantly proves that he matures at a rate of 0.

Back then, he was nothing more than a Dungeons & Dragons playing loser who hit on girls by creepily telling them they had "great gams" or other such nonsense. Seriously. Who says that? Every girl I know has at some point fallen victim to his sad come-ons and creepy sneers while at bars around the holidays, when he ventures back from LA. In fact, last Xmas, he called my girls "bitches" in his own grandmother's house while my friends bested him at poker for about $400 and then pissed in his shampoo. Jonny, you're a disgrace to our city, we don't want you anymore, you got what you deserved, now please disappear from any type of media. You are the worst of what Danville has to offer. (The rest of us aren't like this, we swear.)

2542 days ago


To bad he did not do that to OJ. He had it coming he only has himself to blame. If you would of been there ......

2542 days ago


For #48, the person who doesn't understand the abbreviations.....go to and it has all the text and blogging abbreviatiions so you can understand what someone is saying.

2541 days ago


I don't know how anyone can defend Bonadouchebag.

He is a bully, plain and simple. Jonny Dalton didn't ask him to come up on stage. Dalton was rather gracious about it, all things considered.

Bonadouche has a mean streak the size of his big head. I can see why his wife had enough of him.

Furthermore, Jonny "Fairplay" is usually, if not always, in a compromised state. I don't think it's any secret that the guy drinks - and drinks - and drinks. Why would Danny B. take advantage of someone who is clearly at a disadvantage physically?

Maybe Danny should take some of that scary aggression and discharge it in the appropriate venue - like a boxing ring, not on an Awards Show. What a creep.

2541 days ago

The Professor    

This guy "Fairplay" should be sent to Iraq to "Monkey Hump", as he calls it, over there. I do not think he would last long.

2541 days ago


final score: Bonaduce 1, Fairplay 0.
rematch possible.
after-game analysis: Fairplay - poor overall tactical and strategic planning, desperate final play turns into tragedy, sidelined by injury, mouth keeps running in after-game interview. Bonaduce: bold tactical move in pressing opposition, good defensive play (a little slow though, no carry-through), overall a good showing and a strong finish, suffers from poor PR

2541 days ago

too sad    

right on danny,

put that loser in his place.

i would of done the same thing only danny should sue fairplay for assault
for running and jumping and humping him.

go for it.
shut the twirp up once and for good!

2541 days ago
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