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Fred Durst Victim

Speaks Out

10/6/2007 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

fdurst-1In August 2006, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was slapped with assault charges after allegedly hitting two people with his car -- and now one of his alleged victims is talking. 

Robert Chadwick told that he and a friend were leaving his mother's Hollywood Hills home when he felt their car get a bump from behind. "I turn around and there's a man getting out of a new BMW convertible. ... He was combative and nasty and insulting from the get-go. He was looking for a fight. He's a scary guy," said Chadwick of Durst.

Chadwick, who is suffering from colon cancer, said he had just returned from a doctor's appointment when the incident with Durst occurred. Fred was charged with seven misdemeanor counts, including assault with a deadly weapon (his car) -- and battery. This past August, Durst plead no contest to all seven charges, and avoided jail time. Instead, he received 20 hours of community services.

Said Chadwick,"Mr. Durst ends up with a small fine and picking weeds by the road or something. You don't even have to be much of a celebrity to get special justice in L.A."

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Only Durst would pick a fight with a guy who has cancer-that's probably all he can take!

2540 days ago


What, this a-hole thinks that he's a somebody because he had a band. They weren't even that good. Wake up dumb-ass. You ain't nothin' but a bully trying to use your 15 seconds of fame to push people around. Well, you know what they say, what goes around, comes around, and there is always someone bigger than you out there. LOSER.

2540 days ago


Isn't he a dwarf or something?

2540 days ago

Tim Taylor    

"He was looking for a fight. He's a scary guy"...

are you serious??? i met this guy at a meet and greet at a family values concert in '98... he's literally 5'4" tall... i don't find that very scary, especially with his grey beard

2540 days ago


Who cares if you spell it "pled"? People know what you mean. Besides, they stopped teaching spelling in schools 15 years ago. Thanks for the grammar/etymology lesson, but I think the kids who come in here could care less, unless Etymology is a new X-box game or an ipod thing. Oh, and you SUCK Durst!

2540 days ago

Brittlicker, NOT!    

Sounds to me like Limp Freddie needs a good Tommie Lee ass whoopin'

2540 days ago


You're already bald and becoming more ugly than before. But, why did you need to stoop

this low? Boy, you need to get your act right. Just because your fan base has shrunk to

near zero, does n't give you the right to beat on people, who are near death, like your


2540 days ago


freddie's been in a very angry mood these days.

his career is completely over. people laugh at him because he's such a douche, and he's bald with a gray beard. GOODBYE GLORY DAYS.

suck it up loser.

2540 days ago


ok i will have to be stupid here , but WHO is this Durst guy???? No really I have no clue , what does he do aside from run into pll???????

2540 days ago


Fred Durst touched my special area, i'm aklso suing.

2539 days ago


pled (pld)
A past tense and a past participle of plead.

Who is a dumbass?

2539 days ago


I knew a girl named Nikki (Model) that dated him ..he asked her to marry him...she said NO because he always wanted a bodygaurd in his Laurel Canyon home. hummmm She went to hang out with her friends at a bar and when she came out ..........a parking stump was thrown in the back window of her car. hummmmmmmmmmmmmm
Went to see Metallica concert a few years back he went on before them and the drinks were flying at him on stage..THAT'S WHY HE'S SPORTING THE BEARD... HE WAS HIDDING BUT YOU (TMZ) FOUND HIM AND NOW YOUR HELPING HIM COMEBACK(Leave him on the Z zzzzzzzzzz list ) (Keep that one sleepy) ..... PLEASE TMZ ...YOUR GONNA MAKE ME THROW UP IF I SEE ANYMORE PICTURES OF HIM
END NOW WHILE YOUR 2 POINTS DOWN ........So stop kissin that chocolate star fish of his and get some hot drunk men to show thier family jewels.. just the jewels..thats ok to show.... You know they will if you ask ...

2539 days ago


Fred rocks there had to have been more to the story

2539 days ago


Fred banged hot girls back in the day. even recently, anyone seen that krista girl??

i know its irrelivant, but, true story none the less.

tutp2, beleive bitches.

2539 days ago

мι​zz JaydeMarii LBF    

i say it's not fred's fault f*ckin hell Robert Chadwick should get a life ........ to be continue

832 days ago
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