John Travolta My Fave Director Experience Ever ... (Sorry, Quentin & Oliver)


John Travolta just had his best experience ever on a movie set -- after 40-plus years in the biz -- and he says it's all thanks to his amazing director, whose name will probably shock you.

We got John and his wife, Kelly Preston, at producer Oscar Generale's Bev Hills estate recently -- and he went off about one of the many films he's just completed, and the guy who was at the helm.

Remember, Travolta's been directed by Quentin Tarantino, Nora Ephron, Oliver Stone and John Woo. Still, he singled out rocker Fred Durst's directing skills!

Yep, that's Limp Bizkit Durst ... who's impressing the hell out of Travolta as a director. The duo worked together on the upcoming thriller "Moose."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

JT plays an obsessed fan who destroys his favorite action star's life, and you gotta see him gush about Fred. It's impressive, considering the resumes of Travolta's previous directors.

Also impressive? He didn't make a single "Nookie" joke. He's better than us.

Fred Durst I Still Have My Stinky Red Baseball Cap


Fred Durst -- the once angry guy who created "Limp Bizkit" -- is actually a sucker for sentimentality 'cause he just can't part with his famous red baseball cap ... even though it reeks like a blood fart.*

Durst got all nostalgic on us as he was leaving Craig's in West Hollywood ... when we asked whatever happened to the iconic red Yankees cap he used to wear backward on his melon.

Fred told us he's still got the hat -- even though it stinks really bad.

But that's not the reason he'll NEVER wear it again.

*Fun fact -- Blood Fart was a band name Durst considered before settling on Limp Bizkit

DJ Lethal Sued By Larry H. Parker (The $2.1 Million Guy!)


The odds are stacked against Limp Bizkit member DJ Lethal in a brand new fender bender lawsuit -- because the woman he allegedly rear ended is represented by iconic personal injury superstar Larry H. Parker (he got one guy $2.1 million!).

The woman -- Suraj Kayastha -- filed docs in L.A. County Superior court Nov. 5th, claiming she was driving on the 101 last December when Lethal (real name Leor Dimant) smashed into her car.

According to docs, filed by LARRY H. PARKER (he'll fight for you!), the alleged victim suffered physical injuries, loss of wages, and damages to her car ... and she's suing for an undisclosed amount.

Which is bad news for Lethal ... because according to Larry H. Parker's legendary commercials that have been running in L.A. for more than 20 years, Parker wins 91% of his cases ... and has recovered more than $1 BILLION in collective settlements for his clients.

But Lethal's not scared, telling TMZ, "It was a fender bender. No one got hurt. Cops were on the scene and no one complained of injuries. I had no idea there was even a lawsuit."

Lethal also skewers Larry Parker, telling us, "That Dude must be hurting for cash taking on a fender bender. I haven't seen a commercial from him in years. That commission on the 2.1 million guy must be long gone on hair plugs and Viagra."

Fred Durst New Limp Bizkit Music Coming 'Really Soon'


Limp Bizkit is not dead ... in fact, it's very much alive ... this according to lead singer Fred Durst, who tells us his band will be dropping a brand new single "really soon actually."

Durst was leaving Mr. Chow in Bev Hills last night and told us the band is currently recording an album with Cash Money Records ... adding, "It's off the hook man."

The statement completely contradicts some recent reports, in which Durst was quoted as saying the band was "over."

As for the new single, Fred wasn't specific about a release date ... but promises, "It's gonna knock you out man."

Man Allegedly Kills Roommate Over Limp Bizkit CD

A 24-year-old man is currently on trial in Australia for allegedly beating his roommate to death ... all because the victim didn't wanna listen to Limp Bizkit.

James Madden has been charged with the murder of 48-year-old Emmanuel McPherson -- for allegedly smashing an alcohol bottle over his head and stomping him to death back in 2009.

According to the Brisbane Times, the fight allegedly broke out when McPherson tried to stop Madden from playing an L.B. album on their stereo. No word on which album incited the furor.

After Emmanuel was killed ... James allegedly wrapped his body in a sheet and dumped it in a nearby creek.

The trial is still underway.

Limp Bizkit's Drummer Snared by Pneumonia

Fred Durst can't buy a break -- Limp Bizkit's reunion tour just got put on ice in Norway after pneumonia took down the band's drummer ... TMZ has learned.

The band's manager tells TMZ they were forced to pull the plug on tonight's show after drummer John Otto was hospitalized in Oslo. According to the manger he was diagnosed with pneumonia and is undergoing tests to determine how serious it is.

Reps for Sentrum Scene, where Bizkit was supposed to play tonight, say tickets for the show will be refunded.

The LB tour was canceled earlier this year over booking issues, according to Durst.

Fred Durst Victim Speaks Out

In August 2006, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was slapped with assault charges after allegedly hitting two people with his car -- and now one of his alleged victims is talking.

Robert Chadwick told that he and a friend were leaving his mother's Hollywood Hills home when he felt their car get a bump from behind. "I turn around and there's a man getting out of a new BMW convertible. ... He was combative and nasty and insulting from the get-go. He was looking for a fight. He's a scary guy," said Chadwick of Durst.

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