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Judge Mathis -- I Didn't Say Hillbilly

10/6/2007 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As TMZ first reported, San Diego resident Melody Burnham sued TV's Judge Greg Mathis and his show's production companies, claiming she didn't know Mathis was not a real judge in a real court. She also says Mathis called her a "hillbilly" on the show.

A spokesperson for Telepictures Productions, the company that produces "Judge Mathis," tells TMZ: "We believe this case has absolutely no merit. Greg Mathis is a respected lawyer and former judge. The show, currently in its ninth season, follows strict procedures for case selection, releases and binding awards. All participants sign releases before appearing on the program and any allegations that this was not a real case are unfounded and fabricated. Judge Mathis' track record for advocacy and fairness to all speaks for itself."

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Its amazing that if a white Judge would have said to a black person, "your a ghetto hoodrat" we would have the n.a.a.c.p. marching down in front of the building, he would have probably lost his show and would have made a fool out of himself beggin jessie jackson to forgive him. But its ok for a black judge to call a white person hillbilly becuase everyone knows black people cant be racist. Hillbilly is a racial term that refers to white southern's or white moutain folks, do your research, hillbilly was originated to discribe WHITE mountian people who seperated them selve's in their own mining towns up in the mountian in the SOUTH, so please dont tell me its not a raciast term thats like saying HONKY , CRACKER, or REDNECK which i may add do not offend me, bu if a white person says N*gg3r, N^gga, or C00n then we need to be lined up and shot becuase we will have the n.a.a.c.p. a so called "non racist" organization marhing in front of our door.

2490 days ago


This man is racist as the KKK,every chance he has to trash white people or make them look bad he does, no question he is smart and uses this to down anyone that doesn't agree with him.Go to the circus you laughing clown

2490 days ago

Always a skeptic    

I think some of you have it all wrong. This is not a racist thing, it is an arrogant, ignorant situation. In my opinion, Judge Marilyn Milian from the People's Court is the best TV judge of them all. She is very intellectual and she knows the law inside and out. She is the fairest and most respectful judge on TV. She does not decide her cases based on her feelings; she respectfully upholds the law. Her mission is for all of her litigants to get a fair and just decision and she does not have to embarrass them to get her point across. Some of these TV judges have let fame get to their heads and they feel it's ok to treat people as if they're beneath them. They fail to realize that it is because of their litigants that they even have a job! There is no reason to make it that personal that these judges have to demean people on national television. Because last I checked, we all put our pants on the same way and we all bleed the same. The name calling is just self gratification for someone with low self esteem. When you have to put someone else down to make yourself feel better then there is something wrong with you. I think some of these judges, whether on TV or not, have forgotten what the true purpose of what their mission is supposed to be: upholding and respecting the law. I don't think this situation with Judge Mathis has anything to do with racism but has all to do with true arrogance. I used to be a big fan of his but I think along the way he forgot where he came from. The funny thing about karma is that in a blink of an eye you can easily lose all that you have gained. Don't ever take a blessing for granted because one small thing can ruin a persons reputation. If this woman wanted to be embarrassed on national television, I'm sure she would have signed up to be on Jerry Springer.

2472 days ago

All mankind are equal    

It's too bad the Judge Mathis dosen't take the time to read these comments. Judge Mathis is the most disrespectful,bais, arrogant, tv personality ever. I quess, as a previous comment stated, it must be Judge Mathis's way of hiding his low self-esteem.
Racist..that he is. My 11yr old daughter, told me her social studies teacher used excerpts of his show to demonstrate, what she called reverse racisim. How it is ok for African Americans to use decretory remarks against other races. But, God help any other race that uses equivalant remarks against African Americans. I encourage my kids to watch Judge Joe Brown or Judge Marilyn Milian for thier, thorough review to the evedence and honest jugdements.

2471 days ago


I love him, he is the hottest judge on tv, and so what if he did call her a hillbilly, they do it on Jerry all the time and nobody makes a big deal out of it

2539 days ago


The Judge ROCKS!!!

2539 days ago


She is a hillbilly!!!

2539 days ago


I love me some Judge Mathis,
I love his show when I do get to watch it.
at some point the laws have to put a limit to stupid lawsuits.

2539 days ago




2539 days ago


Judge Mathis is the fairest man on TV, it the litigants the are crack-pots.

2539 days ago


Love ya Judge Mathis!! if he did call her one? she probably is..but who cares??

2539 days ago


He's black so he's allowed to be racist. What's the problem?

2539 days ago


Whats wriong with "hillbilly"? Better than the truth, like "white trash whore"

2539 days ago


You dont have to be a certain color to be HILLBILLY...dont make this racist when it isnt.

2539 days ago


In what way does "hillbilly" qualify as a rasist word? Certainly there are derogitory terms to refer to white people, but I don't think "hillbilly" is one of them.

2539 days ago
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