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Lil Wayne

Arrested in Idaho

10/6/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

: As of late Saturday, Lil Wayne is free on $10,000 bond.

TMZ has learned that rapper Lil Wayne was arrested early Saturday morning in Boise, Id.

Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., was booked into the Ada County Jail by the Boise City Police around 7:30 AM MT this morning. The Sheriff's Department website indicated he was booked on felony charges of being a fugitive.

Boise cops tell TMZ Wayne was arrested immediately following his concert Friday night at Boise's Qwest Arena. We're told he was picked up on a felony warrant out of Fulton County, Ga., for a felony possession of drugs charge. Authorities from Georgia contacted Idaho police and gave them the heads up about the warrant.

Cops tell us he was very cooperative and was arrested without incident. He is now in protective custody pending an arraignment and extradition hearing, which will take place Monday afternoon.

Wayne was previously nabbed in July on a gun charge in New York, and in 2006 he was busted in Atlanta for drug possession.

Calls to Lil Wayne's publicist were not immediately returned. No other information is yet available.

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No Avatar


Kudos 108.

2540 days ago


To # 28. Uhhh, yes. If Tupac is outselling Wayne from the GRAVE, what does it have to do with Wayne being the best rapper ALIVE???

2540 days ago


Stayne man, I told you fool. Let me know when yo ready to catch dat boat to china mon.

2540 days ago


If Wayne had a warrant out, why would he show his face anywhere?? Really, if you have a warrant out, would you advertise what cities you are going to be in for the next months?

2540 days ago

Heavenly Starr    

I'm smokin' a Spliff for LiL Wayne/Weezy Baby,right now.He's got the whole world poppin' in and out of jail.He is hotter than the core of the earth!!There is no other like him.The past comes to haunt but can also be overcome.Very talented,business minded,hard worker and he's got haterz.His income comes qicker and thicker,live with it!!..Have Unity and focus on feeling better about yourself.

2540 days ago

John Doe    

They listen to Cash Money in Idaho...?

2540 days ago


Can you say stupid stayne?

2540 days ago


Deport the imports

2540 days ago


Ha Ha Ha Stayne-that's funny, it rhymes

2540 days ago


what to hell is wrong with us,we ask for respect but show NONE,ask for forgiveness but show NONE,we ask for EQUAL rights,but yet want affermative action..for god's sake...for once let's be proud..and stop blaming others..THEY ..dont owe us anymore....we as a people need to show our pride and commitment to our city's..

2540 days ago


Black man- I applaud you!!!!

2540 days ago


You go blackman. And NO reperations either!

2540 days ago


it has nothing to do with reparation's has to do with pride....stop being thug' don't help..stop depending on the bridge don't help....we need to impress ourselves before people will be impressed with us..

2540 days ago


This is so sad, guess you play with fire sometimes you get burned, no pun nintended - heh - get it, burned? Wasn't that weed he's in trouble for? anyway...

But the insanely and shamelessly racist commentation I've seen on this story makes me wonder, is it time, now, I mean is it about TIME for some change in this county regarding race relations?? There is just way, way too much imbalance and racial stereotypical glad-bashing going on lately in the U.S. media against all minority races and whatever it is that they've been caught doing that's gloatworthy - or as we like to say in the P.C. manner, "news"-worthy. lately.

SO: How come nobody's making a huge effin' deal about that horrible 59 sexual-assault-havin' Republican-buddy-havin' fashion-designer wannabe rapist creepo whatshisname, and also that fat white slob who made boy-bands a big thing in this wonderful country while he was forcing the boys or messing with their minds to get into disgusting sodomic sex-situations with him?? What's his name -- that Perlman guy?? Or that fashion designer guy? See, am I wrong? Is that even his name, Perlman? It was something else, huh. Jesus. This trashpile has done such awful ish and yet his name is hardly on the news. But NOooooo, bag on the rapper with a friggin' gun and some weed, who hasn't raped a soul.

Now, speaking of rappers, DMX, (whom I never could stand and now I understand how come) on the other hand, and that Vick piece of garbage,(and I could give two ish'ts about football) can hopefully rot in terrible federal-prison-style painhell for the rest of their natural born lives for all I care - but that's got nothing whatsoever to do with race, it's got to do with dumb and cruel pieces of trash human beings. You guys have no idea how many disgusting "white-trash" men (and yes, women, too)from all over this beautiful country indulge in, and get away with, animal cruelty and sodomy and rape and incest to the EXTREME.

Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmm..."

But, I hate simple-minded knee-jerk crapola racism. Hate it. That's the stuff of destruction, right there. Racism and stubborn hatred.

2539 days ago


Tell me, you white folks who "feel safer" that a weed smoking-pill popping rap star is off the streets. Do you feel any safer when the same thing happens more often when it is a rock star? I dont know what is worse, your hypocracy or your ignorance.

2539 days ago
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