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Somebody Give Jon Voight a Hug!

10/8/2007 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie's dad, Jon Voight, has been estranged from Angie for nearly five years -- and is starved for affection.

At least that's the way it lookedon Saturday night, when he showed up to the premiere of Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro's new film, "Things We Lost in the Fire." Even though they were both heading into the same screening, Voight yelled after Del Toro, virtually running to grab his hand and then keeping him in an armlock in front of photogs for as long as he could.

Voight then wandered awkwardly outside the Tribeca Grand hotel, until famous autograph seeker Radioman came up, whose hand Jon shook warmly -- and then shook it some more.


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she is such a jackass.those kids of hers need more reletives around he looks like he would be a great granpa.
she is selfish.

2540 days ago


first snitches!!!

2540 days ago


Face it - If my own dad went on national TV and called me a disturbed psycho that needs help,
like I'd talk to him????? Like that would just be okay?????

(Not that it's not TRUE - that Angelina IS a psycho that needs help.)

2540 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

I was feeling sorry for him because the 'she needs help' plea seemed like water under the bridge with Angelina carrying a grudge until he spoke out in favor of the Iraq war right after Angelina went to visit Iraqi refugees . . . what the heck was that all about? Even if he supports the war, why make that comment right after she went to visit refugees . . . it made it look like he disapproved of her visit because it shed light on the negative consequences of the war. If he said anything at all it should have been to praise her willingness to shed light on peoples' plights . . . he could have still made his support for the war clear after that.

I don't know . . . he seems like a bit of an ass, but then again he's her father . . .

2540 days ago

MJ fan    

TMZ could you do side by side snap shots of Shiloh and her grandpa Voight, they look so much alike....

2540 days ago


Does anybody remember the Angelina of the good old days? Tatoos all over her body, carried a vile of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck on a chain as a necklace, soulfully kissing her own brother, talked of vampirism, bathed infrequently, yadda, yadda, yadda. Just superficially she looked like she needed help. Suddenly, she's different. Maybe she got help!

2540 days ago


This guys is a complete moron. Clearly both Angie and her brother take after their beloved mother. God rest her soul and may voight rot forever for what he did to her.

2540 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Angelina is a hypocrite !!! She wants the world to think she is so pure, good, and compassionate, yet she treats her own father with unforgiving cruelty and condecending attitude.. In any relationship, it takes TWO to make it work or fail, and AJ's mother was not pure and innocent or she'd not have had Angelina's b/f moving in to live with the then 13 y/o in her mother's, that said, how could she keep her father ( who she favors in looks) from his grandchildren? Is that how her mother treated her father? I feel for Jon Voight....whom without there would be no Angelina or James.....

2540 days ago


I thought my daughter how to perform Shakespeare.. I fixed her bicycle. Her teeth seen in the tabloibs were clean and straighten with my movie earnings. But my daughter Angela don't even deal with me. She can pick a Mandingo, Zulu, Tutsi, Bushman baby and hug it I have tried to ignore her behavior becasue she has always been short of 5 brain cells.
She is crazy you know However, lately I have felt the need to hang my 13 inch shoes in the back of her a##, My credentials included Academy award winning actor. I deserve respect. I hate to say. I hate my own daughter. She is a B.

2540 days ago

God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

Angelia it is time to forgive your Father. He getting up in years and you never know how long he will last. He needs you and you need him. He would have fun with the kids. You need to do this before you get anymore kids. Your life will not be right till you do. I have seen him on TV and I think he really needs your love. You have not done everything right in your life, how can you be so hard on him.

2540 days ago


Jon Voight has always been great. Jolie should grow the f**k up; he's her DAD for pete's sake. Moron companions like BRAD will keep "coming" & going throughout her life but her dad truly loves her. Once she gets her head outta her ass maybe she'll figure that out.

2540 days ago


The guy made a mistake so what, he is getting on in years. Angie's total inability to forgive is her greatest flaw .

2540 days ago


John was an emotional guy and still is.
I think some of the things Angie did deeply disturbed him and he let it out in a interview without thinking.
For someone so intent on helping those less fortunate you would think she would find the space in her heart to understand things a little closer to home. Of course she will allow him into her life when he is closer to death, she likes that dark drama. Brad is taking on that darkness now too.

2540 days ago


angie should forgive her dad already. she lost her mom and she should turn to her dad before it is too late and not let pride get in the way. it doesn't even matter who is right or wrong at this point. life is too short and regret is forever!! p.s. btw... i can't stand her!!!

2539 days ago


shame on is forgiveness.hope you don,t screw up with your were,nt always so perfect yourself............

2539 days ago
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