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Britney's Tearful Goodbye to Her Sons

10/9/2007 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After spending the day with sons Sean and Jayden (and a court ordered parenting coach) at her Malibu home, Britney Spears was snapped saying goodbye to her boys in a teary-eyed embrace on Monday.
Britney says b-bye to her sons
Brit Brit handed off the kiddies to K-Fed's bodyguards, who shuttled them safely back to Kevin's San Fernando Valley home.

The sad-faced pap magnet then went back inside with her own mother, Lynne, by her side. When one family gets torn apart -- another one reunites!


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Miss Penny Lane    

Does the girl have no other clothes? Shorts? Jeans? If I see another one of those half mu-mus, I'm gonna lose it!

2536 days ago


That genuinely sad look on Jayden's sweet little face really kicks me in the stomach - those poor babies don't understand one bit of this. Like her or not, they're babies and all they know is that they love their mother and that, instantly, she's gone. They're too young to even have known that this was a temporary visit - they probably thought they were home to stay! :-( Instead, they have to go back to that jackazz of a dad of theirs and suffer through who knows what. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors between Britney and her boys, so stop hatin'! Babies need their mothers. It's just a biological fact.

I hope you get your life together soon and get your babies back, Britney. Just a quick glance a day at this image of Jayden should be motivation enough.

2536 days ago


Nice dress for the occasion!

2536 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

All American Girl--Nobody messes you up. You mess yourself up. You don't run away from Reality by using drugs and alcohol. I'm sure its K-Feds fault she didn't have a drivers license when he met her too, huh? He put her kid on her lap so she could drive around without a license and maybe kill her kid if she hit someone, too huh? He loved her until he found out what a self-absorbed loser she really is. If you cant deal with the possibilties of a relationship failing then you simply dont get into them. Britney's an immature and mentally challenged little girl who thinks she can do anything she wants and the whole world will still worship her. Only losers like you do now! Get a life! Did any of you people who say "you should support her" see the video of when she hit the parked car? All she did was ask "Did I hurt MY car?" and didn't once even look at the car she hit. Thats how much she cares about you. She wouldn't even lift a pinkie to help you and you worship her---Pathetic losers!!

2536 days ago


Oh my, this girl is in dire need to some clothing. Looks like she's using Grandma's sheets for her fabric y'all!

2536 days ago


Oh, and what a coincidence that the photo was snapped by a X17 photographer who just "happened" to be "hiding" in just the right spot.

2536 days ago


Hang in there Britney !!!

2536 days ago


First of all, I hate it when people start saying things like "If Kevin were such a great dad why isn't he fighting for custody of his other kids?".
Has it occured to any of you that say that...that maybe, just maybe...Shar is a good mother who doesnt do drugs or stay out all night doing god knows what? Why would he need to fight for custody when the other parent isn't doing anything to endanger the lives of those children?? He gained custody in this situation because Britney is a loose cannon and not safe nor a healthy influence for those kids.

I wish them both luck. Kevin, take care of those kids. And Britney...get yourself the help you need so you can have your children again. They need their mother...but they need a healthy mother

2536 days ago

just saying...    

The play nice game with Kevin is clearly over... that's why he is not there to pick them up. There would be fighting... not good for the kids.
Kevin hasn't made efforts to get his kids from Shar because she is actually a responsible mother. Sees his kids - no desperate need to intervene like with Brit.
Clearly on the phone????????? What photo are you looking at? She actually looks like her finger is up her nose not holding a phone to her ear.
At least she saw her kids.... maybe if her every move wasn't followed she wouldn't act out like she does. Being followed all the time (eventhough she is clearly addicted to it) would make anyone nuts. You know that feeling when someone is staring at you and how uncomforatble it makes you... imagine that all the time but with cameras. No thanks.

2536 days ago

Merry Christmas    

This is just sad :-(
I am glad that she is talking to her mother again.

2536 days ago


B'ney's thoughts at that moment:

"Thank god they are gone"
"Now, where did I put that drink?"
"I hope I come across as a sad mom in these pics"
"Watch out Joan, there is a new Mommie Dearest in this town"
"Oh you mean I have to take care of these things? Don't kids just raise themselves"
"Bye Bye babies....mommy sort of likes you."
"I hope Sara Silverman sees this...this will go over great in the sticks!"

2536 days ago

Somebodies MOM    

Who ever said that KFed didn't want or doesn't have a relationship with his childrem with Shar Jackson? Just because she isn't a media whore like Britney doesn't mean KFed doesn't see his other children. Another is Britneys behavior his fault? Apparently he is in a better place in his life than she is or he would not have custody. Believe me the courts investigat both parents not just one.

2536 days ago


If there's love, there's hope. Love is strong and it eventually creates possibilities. Things can be tough for a mother, and it brings tears, but out of it comes clarification and possibilities.

2536 days ago


For Christ's sakes, couldn't she wear some pants? And who's been smacking her behind? Are those bruises? Ouch....

I wish this girl would just go home for awhile and hide. Can't she buy a gated estate in the Louisiana bayou and isolate for a time? She needs it!

2536 days ago


Her so-called "paparazzi" are fake. These latino and pilipino guys are just hired by an agency to make her look like a sought-after super star. She is buying their services - but, you people scattered out there all over cyber-world just keep believing all this crap you read on TMZ. Listen to the audio and you'll recognize the same voices. You'll hear the same accents. You can even catch glimpses of the same guys. Why do you think they are filling her gas tank? bringing her coffee? It's staged!!!

The real paparazzi don't do this sort of demeaning work. The real stars don't behave this abnormal.

2536 days ago
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