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Jonny Says

It's Not Fair,

Sues Bonaduce

10/9/2007 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that "Survivor" reality star Jonny Fairplay has filed suit against Danny Bonaduce, FOX Reality Channel and others for what he calls "an unjustified and surprise assault" at last week's Really Awards.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Fairplay claims that after he was thrown over Danny's shoulders, "Instead of immediately calling an ambulance to care for [Fairplay] or taking other action, the defendants -- the television channel, the producers and the owner of the venue hosting the event -- did nothing."

Fairplay is suing for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and negligent supervision.

Reps for FOX Reality and Bonaduce's people had no comment at this time.


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Dog is a racist mutt!    

I'm stho gonna sthue you ( missing 'teef' and and fat lip will do it to ya!)! Yet another frivolous lawsuit to clog up the court's time! Yeah, Danny's a tool, but Fairplay makes him look like a saint! He's lucky that the only things he lost were some teeth, a little blood, and all of his remaining dignity! Lucky for both of them that stupidity is not a crime!

2567 days ago


Johnny is a loser...and an a--hole. So is Danny...they are both losers...degenerates...I can go on...Danny was justified in what he did...I guess we now know Jonny's sexual preferences. Those "really" awards are a drunk fest...totally pointless.

2567 days ago


There is nothing that he can sue for he knew better than to jump on a grown man and do that if anything he can get sued for assault if he had anything

2567 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

MJB, you've got some interesting points, but what it really comes down to is whether or not a judge believes there was a malicious intent to do harm. Yes, throwing someone over your shoulders in the normal world would easily be considered assault, but stranger things have happened and often do in Hollywood. It also depends on who has the buffest set of high priced lawyers, if it makes it that far. But I do agree that Fox waving Danny up on stage may have put them in the crosshairs. If we knew each the in the real world, it would be interesting to put up a small wager on whether Danny loses any cash in a suit. I'm betting this case gets settled out of court if anything. But if it's one thing we all know, it how unpredictable both judges and juries can be. Look at OJ- no on criminal and yes on civil. I used to work in a quasi-law enforcement field and I saw some judges do some Wild Things in court! I Never knew just what to expect! That's my two centavos on this one!

2567 days ago


If the idoit would have jumped on me,i would have knocked his teeth out personaly. Danny didn't ask stupid to jump on him.So stupid assualted Danny and got what he should have. Jonny boy want some cheese with that whine?

2567 days ago


I don't think that Fairplay should have done what he did to Danny..but I also don't think Danny should have done what he did to Fairplay. Danny is an egotistical, arrogant, thrill seeker, and will do anything to get in the tabloids. SHAME ON YOU DANNY! Grow up for goodness sake!!! Have some respect for yourself!

2567 days ago


Good for you Fairplay!!! Bonaduce may be sober but this just proves what I have always thought about him--he is mentally ill. No wonder Danny's wife left him and filed for divorce. I saw the video of Bonaduce throwing Jonny Fairplay up and over his head---talk about dumb and stupid--Danny's always bragging about what a great athlete he is. All he had to do after Jonny jumped up on him was bend his knees and lower him to the floor. I hope Fairplay wins big time in this law suit and I hope Bonaduce has to pay millions.

2567 days ago


Lets just say that maybe this is the straw that will break societies back. Dont get me worn...I enjoy a great train wreck story and DB is the poster child for Train Wrecks...but enough is enough. Move along unhappy man....nobody wants to see you anymore. Your a menace.

2567 days ago


For anyone who thinks Danny Bonaduce was wrong for he what he did, go f--k yourself long and hard. That punk ass Fairplay had it coming, I'm glad he got it, and the only thing I'm sorry about is that Danny didn't beat the s--t of him. Fairplay needs to take it like a man (or the bitch he is) and move the hell on. His 15 minutes of fame are done.

2567 days ago


so now is Danny counter-suing for the assault & emotional trauma from Fairplay jumping on him and humping him in front of millions-

I would-then maybe Fairplay would see how ridiculous it is and drop his

thinking Danny can better afford the lawyers fees-

wonder if Fairplay thinks he's found his cash cow finally

shouldn't his 15 minutes of fame be done by now

not a huge Danny fan-tons of problems there-but Fairplay brought this on himself in my opinion....he's a reality person-not star

at least Danny was actually an actor at one time-and a pretty good one back then-made me laugh as a kid!

2567 days ago


It was premeditated humping. Both these guys are looozzzers. (L) I hope thered are dueling lawsuits and both Bonadouche and Fairgay lose many $$$$.

2567 days ago


When someone is jumped, they have a right to get that person off of them, in any way they can.

It's possible B did not know that was F's "signature" move. What was B supposed to do? Yes, probably tossing him over his back was not the best idea.

B sure looked hot though.

2567 days ago


"123. For anyone who thinks Danny Bonaduce was wrong for he what he did, go f--k yourself long and hard. That punk ass Fairplay had it coming, I'm glad he got it, and the only thing I'm sorry about is that Danny didn't beat the s--t of him. Fairplay needs to take it like a man (or the bitch he is) and move the hell on. His 15 minutes of fame are done.

Posted at 9:00AM on Oct 10th 2007 by honeycone71"

My mother always told me that anyone who uses profanity as a means to emphasize their point in any argument lost their side immediately because that brand of vulgarity is their only means of supporting their cause for lack of anything better. It's a red flag of low intelligence on the person who is limited to it's effects.

Congrats, you proved her points in spades.

2567 days ago


fairplay is such a joke, he started the whole thing with danny.
he needs to grow up.
I may be wrong, but if any man came up to my man and jumped on him and started to dry hump him, my man would have threw him over his shoulder as well. maybe even worse.
i would not have let fairplay jump on me either.

he is just unbelievable. GROWUP AND GET A LIFE

2567 days ago


the way I see it

Fairplay was holding on to Danny -with arms & legs-in a way that shoving him forward to get him off was impossible

up & over was the only way rid of him-and with Danny it almost was a reflex action that he didn't take a ton of time to think about

doesn't make anyone more right-just looked like Danny's only way out to him at that time probably

in his shoes-might have done the same thing-

Fairplays landing only got a 3 from me-if he would have made it stick I would have given him a 10 ((~_~))

2567 days ago
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