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Britney Blows Off Court

10/11/2007 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As we first reported last night, Britney Spears promised her lawyers she would appear in court today as her attorneys asked the judge to give the popwreck overnight visits with her kids.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is in court right now. Brit's lawyers, Anne Kiley and Tara Scott are en route. Britney's hangin' in Marina Del Rey and it's pretty clear either her alarm didn't go off or she just had a change of heart.


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LMAO at michigan mom!

2566 days ago


hmm maybe she didnt show up for court cause she has pink eye like it was reported earlier, it's contagious. She is such a loser, those kids only cramp her style ( whateva the hell that is ) bet we see her out later shoppin or getting gas or munchin down at Taco Bell

2566 days ago


Maybe her lawyers are afraid of a 'Basic Instinct ' moment in court?

2566 days ago


Maybe they didn't want her there to cause a pap. scene! no I am not defending her I am just saying her lawyers must be up to something, what kind if good lawyer would file the petition and stand for the client to not show. If she did skip out I hope her lawyers drop her!

2566 days ago


I guess what Harvey Levin said it RIGHT ON THAT BRITNEY SAYS SHE WILL NEVER STEP INTO A COURTROOM!!!! It does not surprise me at all that she didn't show up this morning because she thinks that just because she passed one or two drug tests that a judge will just give into her demands but she needs to realize it doesn't happen that way.

Plus BRITNEY WEAR SOME PANTIES FOR GOODNESS SAKES and this behavior does not help your case at getting your kid's back at all. Come on isn't it time too start acting like a responsible parent now! I guess we have the answer to that one now!!!!

2566 days ago


for all you people that are so quick to shot out all tese negative remarks. you obviously have some interest in what she does because you are not only reading what is said about her but you took the time to write something yourself. maybe she doesnt need to be there for the order. she obviously has some serious mental problems, whether it is a post partum thing or has been underlying throughout her life. how can you in good concious critisize and ridicule her every move. she needs to come to terms with her life without paparazzi following her into the bathroom, or ordering fast food. yes people order fast food everyday, so why when she does it does everybody make a big deal. she is human and humans make mistakes. we can all sit back and call her names and pretend YOU are above every mistake she has made over the past two years. give her some slack she needs help, do your part you never know. she could be ready your comments. britney if you read this i hope you get your life together. everyone deserves a second chance....

2566 days ago


Her lawyer requested her to show!

2566 days ago



2566 days ago


How exactly do these paps know where she's going to be? They just happened to know she was going be at AT&T other day and were waiting for her when she got there? They just HAPPENED to know she was going to be at Target and were waiting there for her?

Brit or someone close to her is tipping them off. She likes the attention. She doesn't care if it's negative as long as she's getting attention. And if that means going without panties AGAIN and having her hooha photographed, that's just icing on her cake.

The girl needs meds of some kind. She needs to grow the hell up before she can be any kind of mother for those boys. She needs to sit her ass at home for awhile and lay low.

2566 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Michigan Mom, Kevin is not making any requests, his lawyer will handle the legal end of things. She made the request, I would think she would want to be there to at least ask to speak to the judge. I, in no way am for Kfed, but if he were making any request in an emergency hearing, hell yes I would expect him to be there.

2566 days ago


Geez, people who are shouting for Britney to get a second chance. I thought we were on chance #162 or something already. Please adjust your numerics. lol

2566 days ago


It seems that flashing your pantyless crotch for the paps is WAY more important than going to court for your kids. I mean she is sooo busy with geting gas and going to Taco Bell that there is just not enough time for stuffy court hearings.

2566 days ago


One thing I do know is .... I know her panties aren't in a knot over this!


2566 days ago


Hey Michigan Mom - Yah, she may not of had to be there, but she was the one who requested the meeting, therefore, by not showing up she is just snubbing her nose at the courts. If it were my kids, I would be there whether I had to or not. By not showing up, she is basically saying that she does not give a rats ass about those kids, and you can spin your love for her any way you want, but, as they say, it is what it is. As for passing her drug tests, how do they know that it was her pee that was tested. Unless they had someone actually watching her pee into a cup, she could easily have had someone do it for her, and say it was hers. I have seen it done.

2566 days ago


Michigan Mom...Britney filed thid motion, so it was in her best interest to show up to court. She's the one that has to convince the court to allow her overnight need for K-Fed to be in court.......besides, he's got two boys at home to take care of.

2566 days ago
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