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"Housewives 3" No Jo and Slade?!

10/11/2007 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just received promo materials for the new season of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and we were shocked -- shocked! -- to see that Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley, the spiciest couple in the O.C. since L.C. and Jason Wahler, were nowhere to be found! Where'd they go?!
Real Housewives
Sources tell TMZ that the pair -- no longer an item -- declined Bravo's request for them to star on season three. We're told Jo had a commitment to her record label, and, more importantly, was over the show. Fear not, though, we've learned Jo (and Slade -- if you can stand it) could be getting their own "Hills"-esque spin-off, which will chronicle Jo's climb to musical stardom. Paging Heidi Montag! In fact, we're told Jo's label has hired one of Britney's songwriters to pen her stuff. Wait- is that a good idea right now?

Although they're no longer on the show, sources tell us that Bravo still used Jo to hype the new season, promoting a premiere party using Jo's picture. The nerve!

A Bravo spokesperson says that the decision to chop Jo and Slade had to do with the fact that, technically, she isn't a housewife anymore -- although, really, she never was. And the network has since added another housewife, Tamra Barney.

We talked to Slade, and though he wouldn't spill the beans on if a new show is in the works (so cagey that guy), he did tell us that Jo's music is "amazingly good," that the album is slated for a 2008 release and that he and his ex are building an "entertainment and production company" together. BTW, he stills sells insurance.


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Petty jealousy???? lol......I am so jealous of these two morons.

2568 days ago


I would bone Jo but she is nothing special. Slade is a weak loser who should have saved his money on that ring and gotten some liquor and escorts like everyone else. That show is a joke. I can find 20 better groups to do the show on in Miami who are 10 times better looking. Wake up Bravo and get some hotter old filthy losers

2568 days ago



2568 days ago


I can honestly say I despise Jo. She is a talent less money-grubbing ho. If they spin her off it will be a ratings disaster. Unlike Speidi - who I love to hate - Jo makes me want to hurl with her 1. Intellectual dishonestly 2. Delusional narcissism 3. Money-Grubbing. She is despicable.

2568 days ago


Oh snaps! Slade's home is in AUCTION status per It lists his name and everything.

I wonder how the outstanding balance on his loan is $1,408,662 when he "puchased" the house in 2002 for $822,000? Can we not speculate that he took out home equity loans on a home he never really paid for so he could "buy" his & Jo's lifestyle? Easy come, easy go!

$10 says all those other bitches will get foreclosed on soon.

2568 days ago

Take it in the ass Sam    

Ms Dana Point *****************
Are U sure you get out much?
I live in Coto & it takes 15 mins to get to T street beach...
It takes 40 mins by toll road to get to Corona...
DON'T BE A SNOB! U R just as bad as the HOUSEWIVES!
*you need a wake up call*

2568 days ago

Granny Pants    

C'mon #93, Coto's a joke and you know it, you'd have to be in a plane to see the beach.

2568 days ago


I love this show and cannot wait for it to start watching it again!! Good lock to all of them. Good luck to Jo. At least she has it in her to try for her dreams. Everyone needs to do that. I bet she does a great job!

2568 days ago


Hey, lets hear about Laurie's spring wedding (hahahaha). Apparently, he's a bigger jerk than she is.

2568 days ago

Never inked up!    

Sorry, but I don't get it. HOW is this show on the air? I saw two minutes and almost lost my lunch. How about if one these "ladies" was your Mother? WORSE YET: their children!!!! Now theres a bunch of train wrecks in training huh? Well, someone has to do it right?

Please say that not all women live and look like this in Califronia. AND.........WHAT are these men who marry these pieces of work thinking? NOT ONE of them is even close to good looking.

PROOF to stay out of the sun ladies. Washed up at 30! The list goes on and on and on.....

2568 days ago


Jo is completely irratating and not very good looking by California golddigger standards, although the maids costume that that douchbag Slade made her wear was fitting........AY CURUMBA!!!!!!

2568 days ago

Get over it.    

I know all these women personally and all I can say is that they are hardworking ball busters, especially Vicki. They aren't sitting on their asses like most of the women in Coto, they're out supporting their families, even their husbands.

For those who say they're an embarassment to Coto, get over it and get a job. They've earned their place in the community and if they happen to get a show out of it, so be it. Quit being so jealous, get the bon bon out of your mouth and WORK for a living!

2568 days ago

stupid hollywhores    

who the hell watchs these show so they come back? are you that uneducated and so stupid that you watch a bunch of gold digger slutty pigs? you probable watch that nasty monkey new york show & her gorilla mama.

2568 days ago

Get over it.    

Slade's little boy is dying. That's why he isn't coming back. I don't know about Jo.

You all may want to think before you say such nasty things.

2568 days ago


I have to say that I’ve enjoyed watching the Real Housewives of the OC for the past two seasons. I can’t say that I don’t personally agree with everything that everyone does, but it’s entertaining, and I’m not here to pass judgment on either of those women. As for Jo and Slade, I do wish them the best no matter what, and I will miss seeing them on the show. If their intentions aren’t genuine, they will reap the consequences in the end. No one is perfect, and we’ve all made mistakes. For someone to degrade them with their comments speaks volumes about the issues that is present within their own lives. Grow up and get a life!!
Best of luck Jo and Slade!

2568 days ago
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