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Howard K. Stern Opens Up to Larry King

10/11/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnna Nicole Smith's estate lawyer and onetime lover, Howard K. Stern, appeared on "Larry King Live" last night, talking about the constant controversy surrounding his life -- and Smith's death in a Florida hotel last February at age 39.

A somber Stern answered King's questions regarding the loss of Anna Nicole, inheritance, prescription drug use and Rita Cosby's claim of a sexual relationship between Howard and Larry Birkhead -- which he patently denied.

Virgie Arthur, Anna's mother, has filed a libel and defamation lawsuit against Stern in a Texas court.


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I really like Howard Stern. Cool guy. As for that trailer park trash Vergie Arthur. She is such loser skank. A fat cow loser skank....

2571 days ago


I watched and it was obvious that Anna was the love of his life. I hope he wins in the lawsuit against Rita Cosby. He deserves 60 million for the Bull S**t he has had to deal with. Stay Strong Howard!!

2571 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

I need a life.

2571 days ago

these people are a joke    

Jewel, if you seen the whole show last night, he explained about taking a photo of her son (obviously you did not!) He said that she was the one who told him to take it just for her own purposes to get her to leave the hospital because she did not believe he was dead.

2571 days ago

Just leave Larry alone and let him do what he thinks is best    

I don't really like Howard much. But I do believe that Anna was a prescription drug addict and that it was her doctors who should have made sure she got help. Rita Crosby is a liar. Now she wants to talke to the nannies...Why didn't she talk to them before she wrote the book?? Because, yes, she knew they would tell her that the story about Howard and Larry being lovers and them seeing a video of it was not true. She wouldn't have sold her book if she would have talked to the nannies first. I don't think Rita Crosby has a leg to stand on now. She is shameful. None of us are sure that Howard had anything to do with Anna's death. We are only speculating. None of us was there. It does seem like Anna liked Howard very much and yes, he was the only person who would put up with Anna's crap. You can tell that by watching re-run's of the Anna Nicole show. Daniel may be dead more because of Anna than because of Howard. Anna should have been able to get off of those drugs. If she would not have had all the drugs Daniel may not be dead now. Jackie Hatten seems to lie a lot. She showed no proof that she was Daniel's godmother and she did not show any proof that she was Dannylynn god mother. Rita, Vergie, O'Quinn, and Opri are in on dealing with untruths. As much as I dislike Howard, I can see this. Vergie failed as a mother to Anna. Anna did dislike her mother. You would think that Vergie would watch that Video of Anna telling the whole world that she hated her mother and then that Vergie would just go home and take care of her other grandchildren. Anna said she did not want her mother near her baby. Even a drug addict would not be able to be forced to say those kinds of things about their mother, unless they hatred her very much. Anna had to live with her aunt when she was young because Vergie could not handle her. Vergie could not take care of Dannielynn, therefore, Vergie should quit being a trouble maker and leave it alone. Dannylynn has her father. Vergie is a trouble maker and I can see why Anna wanted nothing to do with her.

2571 days ago


HOWARD WAS NEVER ANNA'S LOVER!.... come on, that was resolved a very long time ago.

HOWARD ought to be prosecuted and burned at the stake for his roles in the murders of Anna and her son Daniel. Keep up the pressure, Bahamas! Do not let this man kill again!

2571 days ago


Yes I did watch the whole video .. And I still think he did took the pic for his own agenda ,,How do you know Anna said to take the pic ,,,He says that ,,what else could he say to explain why he would do such a thing. Just my opinion ,,,

2571 days ago

Attention Ho only fool stupid people.

2571 days ago

laughing so hard    

Great job last night Howard. As always the truth wins out. May Anna be able to finally rest in peace. May Rita enjoy her time in jail for writing a book of Lies.

Take care Howard and stay strong. Anna would be so proud of you Howard. I am so sorry for your loss.

2571 days ago

Just leave Larry alone and let him do what he thinks is best    

We know that there was probably good reason that Vergie went after Anna with a nightstick. But just the same Vergie did not do a good job of raising Anna. And like Anna said..Vergie should never be able to lay her hands on Dannylynn. Anna did not want her child to have anything to do with Vergie. Vergie would NOT be a good candidate to be a parent for Dannylynn. Dannielynn has her biological father. He loves her and she loves him. Vergie is now being a big trouble maker, so I start seeing the reasons why Anna hated her mother. It wasn't Howard who spoke those words, it was Anna. If Anna would have cared for her mother drugged up or not she would not have said what she said about her mother to the whole world. Vergie can not prove that she was a good parent, because the facts are there. I do not dislike Vergie as a person. I just think she should go home and forget about the money and quit trying to make problems. I am sure that there are many,many people who would testify that Anna disliked her mother.

2571 days ago


Virgie you have many supporters don't let these people get to you, keep up the good work!

2571 days ago

Sue Me For Being Argumentative........J (the original)    

Anna Nicole Smith Tapes Unveiled
April 30, 2007 @ 2:26 pm
Tags: Anna Nicole Smith, Virgie Arthur

New ANNA NICOLE SMITH audio tapes have been unearthed featuring the blonde bombshell talking about her alleged childhood sex abuse and sex with geriatric sugar daddy J. HOWARD MARSHALL.

Entertainment journalist JOYCE WAGNER conducted extensive interviews with Smith in 1996 right after she checked out of rehab at the Betty Ford Center. The former bombshell was bloated and bankrupt and looking to score a book deal to get her life back on track.

Smith alleges that her mother, VIRGIE ARTHUR, a former deputy sheriff, beat her with a nightstick when she ran away in seventh grade. She also claims that she was sexually abused. Wagner is shopping the tapes around to publishers this week but is saving the sordid sex abuse details explaining, “I don’t want to talk about that now. But this book will explain a lot.”
The former Playboy Playmate also says she bonked her billionaire hubby on a regular basis saying, “We had sex a lot. He could not exactly satisfy me, which is to be expected. But he was very satisfied himself. That’s really all that mattered to me. He satisfied me in other ways.” (Nothin’ says lovin’ like a Black American Express…).

The book project eventually fell through, but Wagner tells the New York Daily News she is now ‘morally compelled to put her words out there” after the beating Anna’s reputation is taking in the media.


So is Virgie gonna sue Joyce Wagner too?

Posted at 1:34PM on Oct 11th 2007 by ?

That was my exact thought when I posted this article yesterday in the other site, I also asked this how is it Howard's doing's for Anna telling of the abuse she was subjected to as a child to several people including Joyce Wagner who did the recorded interview with Anna before Howard was even in the picture.....I don't get Virgie's defamation suit at all and feel in will not go anywhere, especially if Lin Wood gets in touch with Joyce and uses her interview with Anna as evidence.

2571 days ago

Attention Ho    

Is that the same Howard from The Anna Nicole Show, the same Howard we have seen over the years? I don't think so.
What an acting job he did last night. Bravo.
Keep swallowing, drinking water and trying not to blink Howard.
It's not what he said, it's what he didn't say and word play. Spin.
We are watching you How and KNOW you are'll all come out.
See you soon ;)

2571 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

I don't know Howard if you read these or someone does for you. I must say that I have judged you wronged. I was caught up with the rest of the bloggers that you were guilty of everything. I now see that Rita's Book and the truth that is coming out from it really is troubling how the media can SPIN, TWIST AND LIE and destroy another human being. I was caught up even here on TMZ, til I realized that this was more than blogging, it was a vendata, out to get you. I along with many others (i now beleive they are from O'q's office) just trashed you all the time. I apologize, I was wrong for judging you without the facts. I wish for the truth now to come out with Rita's Book. I hope if it proves she wrote this trash just to destroy you life that you receive the $60, million and more. I also hope that all this from Texas will stopped also, it's crazy what has happened this year.

I do hope all the truth about what happened to Daniel will come out in the Inquest.

2571 days ago
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