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Feds: T.I. Tried to Buy Machine Guns, Silencers

10/13/2007 10:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) arrested rapper T.I. in Atlanta today on multiple weapons charges, after they say he had a bodyguard try to buy machine guns and silencers for him.

According to the Feds, T.I,, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was busted after they learned one of his bodyguards was allegedly trying to purchase machine guns for the musician. Authorities say the bodyguard admitted to purchasing about nine firearms for T.I. in the past and about 17 firearms for other people in the musician's posse on previous occasions. The bodyguard claims the rapper gave him cash to purchase the guns, because T.I., as a convicted felon, was not able to legally buy firearms. The bodyguard was arrested last week trying to buy several guns. After his arrest, the bodyguard agreed to cooperate with authorities -- that cooperation led to today's arrest.

Click here to read the complete statement from the Department of Justice.


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big joe    

# 28 bring a gun.

2565 days ago


Who? My teenagers havn't even heard of this guy.

2565 days ago


Oh, so this is what BET hip-hop awards stands for.

2565 days ago


If the bodyguard was arrested and/or released last week and arrangements were made to pick the guns up today, you can bet your bottom dollar that the feds have it on tape along with some visual observations. I don't get the part about being in a Walgreen's parking lot, though.

2565 days ago


Ignorance is truly a disease on the pandemic scale. You all should not generalize hip-hop and rappers in general because of this foolishness. As far as, Whoopi Goldberg she should more careful and think about her comments before she speaks. Cultural stereotypes are a serious problem with the world and at some point this has to stop.

2565 days ago


meltz, you THINK your kids haven't heard of this guys. Most gangsta rap is purchased by young white kids.

2565 days ago


#10 your a sorry asssss son of a bitch

2565 days ago

big joe    

# 10 so damm true we all know it you have the ball's to say it good for you.

2565 days ago


Another fine grad of the Michael Vick School for Morons..

2565 days ago


have you all figured out that all rappers are thugs? this is a joke. they should all be thrown in jail. these guys and gals are all law breakers. better yet. line them all up and kill them. this will do us all a favor. rap isn't music. it's just another way to spread the hate. I can't wait for the day kanye is busted for being the racist he is.

2565 days ago

Blog These    

rappers need protection just like anyone else

2565 days ago


Thats crazy!!! He deserves to do time. He is already a felon, got a second chance, and became a millionaire, but still does this. Give me a break. Its not illegal to own Machine guns, but why would anyone need one unless your in a real war or something. Black people you know this is just going to prove people right when it comes to talking about rap and stereotypes.

WTF!! Why are the FEDs following TI in the first place??? They got info?? This seem like they singled him out...WOW

2565 days ago


Ma, not the ones I know. They live in upscale neighborhoods, ride in luxury cars, are articulate, well-mannered/dressed, have professional, educated parents with combined salaries in excess of $150k per year and are preparing for college. They definitely don't fit the common stereotypes. Wouldn't it be nice if you could live as well? Perhaps you wouldn't be so bitter then.

2565 days ago


Jeff, I'm sure your broke azz doesn't have anything that is worth stealing. You may as well unlock the doors, lift the windows and rest well.

2565 days ago


so by reading most of the comments i can tell that most of you are white by the remarks such as ghetto and ape and all rappers are no good.but still in yet your son or daughter or you even are buying this albums.white ppl talk so bad about there race the way u fools talk about britney spears calling her out her name and things like that u should be ashamed but it doesnt matter cuz t.i. and britney have more money than any of u will ever have and just so u know everytime this site mentions britneys name u make her 8,0000 richer just thought u would want 2 know that.

2565 days ago
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