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No Drugs or Guitar for You,

Pete Doherty!

10/13/2007 10:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shambolic Babyshambles rocker/Kate Moss ex Pete Doherty says he's been sober for seven weeks -- that's seven years in Doherty time -- and he credits staying away from rock and roll and getting closer to his family with doing the trick.

Pete, who has been in and out of rehab and jail on various counts of drug use and possession, told the BBC that this latest sober stretch allowed him to reunite with his estranged father -- and says that his dad has even come to rehab center Clouds House to participate in therapy sessions.

"In the last eight years I've never been that long without drugs." As part of his treatment, he's only allowed to play guitar twice a week.

Pete also cleared up rumors that his cat tested positive for cocaine use. Not true, he swears. Good kitty!

Doherty faces sentencing later this month for admitting to driving this past May while in possession of crack cocaine, heroin, ketamine and cannabis.

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The Queen    

I hate the FIRST thing cos it goes on for a hundred entries and proves nothing. But I guess I really am first. Wow. Thats cos I went to bed at a reasonable hour on Friday night instead of having any type of social life like the rest of you sad bastards! lol

Erm, Pete Doherty - sad ugly waster. What did Kate ever see?

2533 days ago


This is a good pic of him.....very stylish......if kate loves hi so do !!!!!!!!! pray for brit!!!

2533 days ago


That's great, he should celebrate, go out have a few drinks ;)

2533 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

I can smell his stench from here.

He should celebrate by FINALLY taking a bath.

2533 days ago


My god, I never thought I'd see the day where he wasnt a jerk! Refreshing to say the least!

2533 days ago


Never thought I'd see the day. Pigs are gonna fly. Maybe I'll play the lotto!

2533 days ago


Well done Pete. I just hope you can stay off them for good.

All of you who only see the bad in him are just unfeeling selfish people who don't understand differences in human nature. Ironically it's people like Pete who are accepting of ignorant people like you, and will be the first to give you a helping hand when you're in need.

2533 days ago

This is a good pic of him

2533 days ago


Maybe drugs won't claim the life of another talented artist after all - I really hope they don't it would be such a waste. Good luck Pete.

2533 days ago


He does look better - his color is back. It's not real unusual for heroin or heavy opiate users to become very pale - grey looking, really.
9. Jo Jo - Yes, I want to believe that, too. (And after seeing Eric Clapton on Larry King last night, I do believe that anyone can rise above drugs if he or she is determined; Pete Doherty is no exception.

2533 days ago


Why go in public if you are looking constantly afraid of it?

2533 days ago


Why go in public if you are looking constantly afraid of it?

2533 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Wow, he'e even reconciled with his estranged father...perhaps some of the demons will subside. When you're disapproved of by the head of your own birth family it can really cause some major acting out. Hope they keep it together for both their sakes; acting out can become a 'lifestyle.' I hope he resurrects himself with some great music once stable.

2532 days ago


Typical junkie, gotta make excuses for everything although I've never heard of a guitar causing drug use before.

2532 days ago


He does have a little color and that looks better. Now if we could only get him to wash his hair we might look like something other than someone who just crawled out of the gutter.

2530 days ago
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