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Souljah vs. Soulja -- What's in a Name?

10/13/2007 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy"Crank That (Soulja Boy)" by Soulja Boy (left) is the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. If that name sounds familiar, it should.

Souljah Boy (notice the "h" at the end) was part of the group Mo Thugs during the 1990s. He claims that he has utilized that name for nearly 12 years and says he was "stunned" when DeAndre Way (Soulja Boy's real name), Interscope and Collipark decided to "infringe and misappropriate his name."

Thus far, Souljah Boy's lawyers say they are in the process of contacting all the appropriate parties and they hope to put the matter behind them quickly.

Soulja Boy's rep tells TMZ that they have not been contacted thus far, but also pointed out that technically Soulja Boy's full artist name is Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. Because that makes it soooo much less confusing.

When rappers fight over stage names, the only real loser is spelling. Soldier on!


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Someone tell me why a bunch of supposed adults are arguing over the stage name of a 17 year old.

Let's take this into perspective.

He's 17 years old. Why is it that much of a deal?If that's the stage name he wants, then let him have it. There's good reason many people don't use their real name.

Many artists have common names. My real name is common, hell there's three groups with my exact first and last name. If I were to go into the industry, I couldn't trademark my name without going through a load of crap to use it.

To save a headache most artists come up with a name and stick with it.

It's a name. People have different names for different situations. My girl calls me "sweety," thats her affectionate and pet name for me. Other folks have nicknames for me.

Are you going to get mad over that.

Need I mention that he's only 17?

Get over yourselves.

2491 days ago

Soul what eva...    

In all actually the spelling of the name does cause problems for people in the industry who are already using similar names. Soldier Boy, using the name for many years, from Wilson, NC is a much better rapper and has almost 1,000,000 hits on myspace. The hits didn't just start with the appearance of ringtone kid either. When you hear the radios say Soulja they don't say Solja Boy Tell Em. They gotta get real. This equates to lost of revenue for an artist who was making money but now can't market the very name that got him where he is with his fan base. I think the record label should have done research before accepting the use of a name that was easily available to see that was already in use or at least the sound so close that the public (even the skilled ears) can not tell the difference.

2470 days ago


That's the dumbest song I've ever heard. It makes zero sense. Stay in school, folks!

2532 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

That is not how you spell Soldier. They need to learn how to spell.

2532 days ago


Oh no, they might sue me then too, I have used Souljah Gurl as a mmorpg name for years. I got it from a Tupac song tho....omg they might sue Tupac too!


2532 days ago


Ok forget you number two. Soldier Boy for a hip hop artist sounds gay. Soulja Boy sounds and looks better simply because it's a artists stage name. Anyways The newer soulja boy if the tell em part is part of his name why does he not use it??? Could avoid lawsuits!!!

2532 days ago


haha thats funny. hopefully cash money records doesnt sue soulja boy and souljah boy for stealing "souljah" because of the murdered rapper souljah slim. THEN ill be cracking up!

2532 days ago

Craven Moorehead    

Why don't there dumbass wanna be thugs use their REAL names?? No one is going to be listening to them in 5 years anyhow. Read a book. Rap sucks.

2532 days ago


Any word from 90s rapper / activist Sister Souljah?

2532 days ago

J Tizzle    

I guess it does have some merit. When I first heard of the new Soulja Boy, I thought it was the old Mo Thugs Souljah Boy making a come back on his own... Til I heard the actual song.

For what its worth, Mo Thugs Souljah Boy>>>>>>>Soulja boy

Mo Thugs Souljah Boy should Superman that ho!!

2532 days ago


uhmmmm no everyone likes this song && it does make sense.
& this whole siuation is retarded. we love you soulja boy

2532 days ago

Chris M.    

And let us not forget mid-90's militant rapper Sister Souljah, who could probably whoop both those dudes' ass.

2532 days ago


All for attention it will go away soon enough.

2532 days ago

Just my opinion    

Get a life you three. Better yet, go back and finish grade school. How is someone going to correct another person's spelling and have errors in their own comments? STUPID A**'s!

You're jealous because you'll never make as much money as these rappers who have millions of dollars in the bank. Too bad you're bagging grocery's at the supermarket, I'm sure if you work a little harder you too can come up with a song that places #1 on the Hot 100 list. But then again, YOU CAN'T!

B*tches get a life and stop hating on Soulja Boy's success.

2532 days ago


this is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2532 days ago
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