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Gretchen Wilson: Bitch on a Plane

10/16/2007 12:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gretchen WilsonCountry singer Gretchen Wilson behaved so badly on a recent flight to Los Angeles, American Airlines was forced to issue an in-flight citation and write up what the airline calls a "disturbance report." Redneck woman!

TMZ has learned that Wilson, who was traveling -- in coach!-- from Nashville to L.A. on Wednesday evening, became "belligerent, and verbally abusive" to staff when they asked her to put her dog back in its carrier case. Sources on the flight tell TMZ that a flight attendant attempted to discuss the situation in the back, but Gretchen responded with a pissed off "F**k you!"

Sources also tell us her group was drinking on board, and those privileges were also taken away. All jacked up indeed.

Guess the flight attendants were not here for the party.

A rep for Wilson was not immediately available for comment.


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give her a break people. it was an accident

2472 days ago


Ok since when cant she be like "one of us" None of you all that are talkin s*** about her cant tell me that when you get to drinking that you control you manners and never talk s*** about or too anyone. I know I do. She is only human and acting like a normal person.

2498 days ago

L.A. Douchenozzle, Esq.    

Trailer trash be trailer trash, first last & always.
She should be working truck stops and taking the Greyhound.
I'd have had her arrested.

2542 days ago

He's Boring now    

Whats she doing flying commerical? Thought she was now rich enough to do the private jet everywhere thing like Garth and Kenny and Al Gore.

Shame on her for acting that way---she projects herself as "one of us" and than behaves in public like a complete Star Turd.

When on a flight these days, you do what you're told or asked. She's lucky she didnt get arrested when they landed.

Way to go Gretchen, maybe you best get back to your small town Illinois trailer park signiing Karokee at a Dive.

Shame on You

2542 days ago


Put all animals in the cargo area...

2542 days ago


I'd be a bitch too if my mother named me "Gretchen"... blech

2542 days ago


No animals in grocery stores, resturants, or aiplane cabins!!

2542 days ago


ffffffffiiiiiisssssstttttt .... "JUST SAYIN" LANDS vh1 GIG on FLAVOR OF LOVE ... "JUST SAYIN" aka Heavenly cast as TROBLE TALKIN HO on FLAVOR OF LOVE ..... JAN. )=08 ..... oh, yeah! .....

2542 days ago


Amazing video. Click the link. Support. Great animal video.

PS= gretchen wilson-- you suck.

2542 days ago


LOVE IT. Go, airplane staff, go! I wish she'd gotten more "belligerent"...then the captain would have had the right to flush the dog down the airplane toilet.

Keep your damn dogs out of other people's faces!!!!

2542 days ago


I was on that flight - it was mostly the nazi flight attendants - they think they are queens!

2542 days ago


TMZ .... remember WHO IS WATCHING YOU ..... drugs, sex, and nose pickin' ..... TMZ staffers at their best ... even the top JERK OFF ..... SCREW UP DELUXE! We cant wait for you guyz to SCREW UP ... we are all watching you TMZ!

2542 days ago

He's Boring now    

Whats the matter Gretchen? Making an appearance at and the intro for Hank Williams Jr at last nights Hall of Fame for Country in Nashville piss you off that much? Geez Lady take it out on somebody else, Flight Attendants are just trying to do their job--no call for being bitchy and snooty to the hired help ok? Were'nt you once the hired help when you bartended? How did you like it when you got a rousing F You from some of your Rowdy customers.

Maybe you need rehab for remebering your roots and manners. You've obviously gotten too big for your own britches these days.

This wont play well in Peoria

2542 days ago

M H    

never heard of her or any of her songs

2542 days ago


She was drinking like a fish & her dog was more important then fellow passengers!

2542 days ago
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