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Stony Awards Live Up to Name

10/15/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

High Times magazine's 7th Annual Stony Awards took place on, um, on, uh, Saturday? Yeah, Saturday, and the expected convocation of babbling bong-hitters gathered around the Knitting Factory to celebrate their obsession with the munchies, Tommy Chong and the art of lost thoughts.

The highlights include a random rant on why marijuana should be legalized -- which doesn't help the cause -- and Mystery from "The Pickup Artist" losing his train of thought in a cloud of stupidity.

TMZ took out the seeds and stems, so you get nothing but 100% hydroponic comedy.


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Dawn Day    

Most used word by weed smokers.....

"Ear" a/k/a "Here" used as they are passing the joint.

2562 days ago


i ve had a stroke, 2 heart attacks and beat bladder cancer twice, i smoke pot in place of 2 meds but i live in a state thats has no medical marijuana and i can go to jail if i get caught.... by the way i have my docs permission but it does nt matter. something needs be done please

2562 days ago

Old Stoner    

Our "great" country would make so much money selling and producing mary jane instead of fighting her. I agree with Shocked! Make love NOT war!

2562 days ago


#9 and #16 I agree completely! Legalize it. If your a gardner you know you cant get rid of all the weeds in your yard. Our gov. spends hundreds of millions of $ on a product that will not go away.Be NORML.

2562 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Marijuana leads to harder drugs and that is why it is illegal. Somewhere up the dealing chain someone is getting murdered to this drug can be brought into the country.

2562 days ago

Wrestling Ain't Real    

Marijuana does NOT lead to harder drugs! Alchol is a far worse substance than marijuana will EVER be. People that think Marijuana is a dangerous drug have obviously never tried it!

However, I agree with many sentiments on this thread -- celebrities can go around in public smoking pot, got their pictures taken while using it and NOTHING happens while regular people get caught with a pipe or rolling papers and go to jail for having paraphenelila??? WTF!

2562 days ago

Reality is....    

I live in California (yes, I do....San Francisco Bay to be exact), but I was born and raised in Indianapollis. My parents were pot smokers, my father smoked a joint nightly to relax after work....but he never drank. Both of my parents were college educated, and my mother is in management at Eli Lilly to this day. I grew up with parents that did not make a big deal out of marijuana, but educated me on the dangers of all drugs, especially alcohol and narcotics.

My parents were very good parents, they were respected within the community (my father was actually a high school basketball coach and my mother volunteered to drive the school bus to athletic functions). Of course they did not smoke pot while working, but rather before bed at night. Most people in the community would probably die to this day if they even knew that my parents were pot smokers, because they are not the type. We were church going, my siblings and I went on to get athletic scholarships to college, and my father is now actually a minister as well.

Last time I visted his house, he had a pot plant growing......for his own use of course.

I was raised in a marijuana household, and my father always grew his own in our house and I never thought twice about it.

There is nothing wrong at all with smoking pot, even though to this day I don't really care for parents were happy about this, as NONE of my siblings enjoy smoking it either. My siblings have went on to be parents, a nurse, a teacher, and I am in real estate. Not rich professions by any means....but good standards and raised by pot smokers.

You all would be surprised at how many of your church goers, and your neighbors smoked on a nightly basis. Don't judge them, there is nothing wrong with it. I would MUCH rather be driving on a street with a pot smoker than an alcoholic or a junkie.

Congrats to all you smokers...fight the good fight.

2562 days ago


I am seriously wondering if K-Fed is slightly mentally handicapped....he has the features...

2562 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Okay - so we see Kevin Federline smoking weed. Britney's pictures were used as evidence of her "bad parenting." Wouldn't the courts be interested in this picture of Kevin? Not exactly fair, is it?!

2562 days ago

Why am I even bothering?    

The photos are awesome. Its good to see famous people mellowing out with weed instead of driving drunk, snorting coke, etc. which are MUCH worse. And I agree with #9, a junkie is not a weed-smoker! I'v e noticed people either like it or they don't. If they don't, they quit. People who are addicted to real drugs usually end up not enjoying them anymore, but they can't quit because they are addicted. Marijuana is a non-lethal, rarely-addictive, medically-crucial, better-than-alcohol alternative that people should have a CHOICE about. And BTW, almost no one gets arrested because of weed anymore, at least in Cali where I live! The cops gave me back my pipe when I was found with it a couple of months ago. They told me they'd rather see people smoking than drinking also!

2562 days ago

Why am I even bothering?    

One more thing, all stoners are not idiots. I smoked my way through college and graduated with both my AA and my BA with honors, and I smoked the entire time. I have used other drugs and had many negative repercussions. Now I stick to weed, and I am about to enter Law School...

2562 days ago


You cannot know the good of marijuana until you've seen a cancer patient, dying of their disease, get a few moments of relief from this wonderful medicine. These people are not junkies. Marijuana is not addictive unlike other medications prescribed by doctors like oxycontin, vicoden, or any other opiate / narcotic. It is much safer. There have also been studies done that have proven that marijuana blocks the growth of cancer cells like breast cancer.

There are many uses for Hemp including medicine, fuel, fabric, etc. The list could be a mile long. Did you know the company who pushed for (and partially funded) the prohibition of marijuana is none other than Dupont? Hmmm if more things were made with hemp we wouldn't need as much plastic. Really makes you think.

I am a proud advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Please do research before coining us junkies.

2562 days ago


Smoking some weed in the privacy of your own home doesn't hurt anybody.
Marijuana is the most harmless substance used by Americans.
There have been studies linking carcinogens in the smoke, and this can be avoided by using a vaporizer.
Marijuana is only illegal in this country because it doesn’t make you productive. If marijuana had the same effect as stimulants like Ritalin and Adderal, they would be handing out prescriptions in elementary schools.

2562 days ago


Good Times

2562 days ago


Ok, I am a huge TMZ fan but I have to say that this story really appalled me. This site is read by many young people who idolize these celebrities and TMZ shows picture after picture of celebrities smoking marijuana?!? I do know that some people use marijuana for medical purposes, however that is not what these celebrities were doing. Besides, marijuana is ILLEGAL!!!!!! Let's not encourage our impressionable youngsters to partake in illegal activites please! TMZ, you can do much better!

2562 days ago
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