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Cousin Geri from "Facts of Life": 'Memba Her?!

10/16/2007 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Geri Jewell is famous for her groundbreaking role as Blair's cousin Geri on '80s sitcom "Facts of Life." Guess what she looks like now!
Geri Jewell


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first bitch! she's on comcast facts of life on-demand right now.

2503 days ago


Anyone who makes any negative comments is going straight to hell. So you know.

2503 days ago

married with children    

Thanks for the update, TMZ. I was wondering what she was doing now, and thank you for the recent photo of her. She looks much like I do at 56. It is nice to know that some of us are aging gracefully and not looking like Hollywood's idea of 50.

2503 days ago


Thanks for the update. I remember her so well on the show.
She was a very good actress.

2503 days ago


Have you ever seen her comedy act? It is really awful. Second grade sophomoric jokes, that the crowd over-laughs too, just because she has a disability, and it makes them feel better about themselves. Really embarrassing!

2503 days ago


There is no hell JP

2503 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

AAAAGGHHH ! ! still fat n ugly,sorry i kinda knew she'd stay that way. and JP, that's ok, I already have a ticket 2 hell,I listen 2 rock music.

2503 days ago


#6 Sami, I'm certainly not saying there is. But who's going to be better off? Somebody who spends their whole life saying there isn't a heaven/hell/God and then finds out there is, or somebody who says there is a heaven/hell/God and then upon dying finds out there isn't? I'm making the prudent bet.

2503 days ago


She always did a good job on TV and deserves credit for that just like any other actress who makes it in that business.

2503 days ago


Now I'm going to have the Facts of Life song stuck in my head all day. Thanks TMZ.

2503 days ago


This lady rocks. I love her in Deadwood. her character always made that show feel real and gritty. I like being surprised by exceptional choices.

2503 days ago

Britney loves OJ    

Cousin Geri's been with OJ!

2503 days ago

Blue Kentucky Girl    

No. 6 ~Sami~ Sounds like the Danny Bonaduce audiences ~ they make embarassing chuckling sounds, probably hoping to please him. A pitiful shell of humanity, still trying to strut-his-stuff and appear savvy, when in fact, he is probably the laughingstock of his family and acqaintances. What a pathetic loser.

2503 days ago


She was great in Deadwood! I'm just surprised she didn't end up surfing on John from Cincinnati. TR

2503 days ago


#14 Linda Belinda, exactly right. Any decent working person in his family has to be
snickering behind his back. Why do people keep applauding him, he's a drunk, druggie, who is constantly in fights. "Oh, he keeps coming back, getting off the ground and trying, he's wonderful". How bout the people that don't do drugs and don't act like jackasses??
As for this girl, I'm not being mean, check out her comedy act, it has to be embarrassing for her. Someone should tell her, for her own sake. If she knew people were laughing at her second grade jokes just because of her disability, she would be disappointed.

2503 days ago
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