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Geri Jewell Today

10/16/2007 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 51-year-old comedian/actress/motivational speaker turned up at the Media Access Awards in L.A. on Sunday, which recognizes those in the entertainment industry who hire and/or accurately portray people with disabilities.
Geri Jewell
has cerebral palsy and recently starred on HBO's "Deadwood."


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Add me to the long list of people who thought she was awesome on Deadwood. I hope to see more of Geri and I'd really to see Deadwood come back.

2566 days ago


I know a sweet wonderful little girl who has cerebral palsy and sadly, I must admit I knew next to nothing about the condition until I met her. I am always so happy when these afflictions are made more public by Hollywood, there's so much we take for granted and we tend to look the other way far too often.

2566 days ago

Julie G.    

This is best and refreshing one! I am so sick of Britney's articles on all kinds! Please make more of the notes of different people,TMZ.

2566 days ago


I met Geri about 12 years ago at a meeting for UCP in Rhode Island. She seemed stuck up. I didn't care for her at all after that meeting. I was all excited prior the meeting on seeing her. Hollywood can have her.

2566 days ago


I'm glad to see her again! I was wondering just the other day what had happened to her. She looks good!

2566 days ago


God bless her.........

2566 days ago


Why is everybody so down on #14's comments?
Her comedy DOES suck ...and people DO overlaugh because she has a handicap...

How does someones honest opinion rate them needing help???
It just shows that YOU don't have a mind of your own to call a spade a spade...OR you haven't really seen her stand up...Trust me, It BITES !!!!!

2566 days ago


The point is ... Geri's agent has 'pull' at TMZ?

2566 days ago

Julie G.    

I want to make the second comments if you don't mind, I want to seperate from my first comment. I want you people who don't give the damn or make fun about CP or any disabilities that comes in people's lives to know that I have a mild CP on the whole left side, which I was injured from the birth( caused by a baby stroke)My family doctor always tell me how lucky Iam to have CP rather than having MD(Musclar Dystrophy) because CP gives you more opporunities to do more with the fuctions-muscle and can live longer than in the Musclar Dystophy. CP doesnt include the retarded area. it doesnt affect the brain, only limiting the muscle fuction in the brain. I cannot hold my left arm very long when I hold the baby or cannot feel some sensation in my left feet. My boys are not affected by or didnot inherit anything from CP. My 2 healthy boys love helping me when I do something with my left arm after both of them got little older( age 5 and 8). I am more proud to be able to accomplish more with CP than anything else in the world. Please take your words back to yourselves!

2566 days ago


Anybody that would use the word " Retard " in reference to anything that is stupid needs to get an education. I have a child with Autism and whenever I hear anybody use that word, I let them know that it is offensive. My son is a straight A student, an artist who can draw any cartoon character from memory and a self taught piano player. My son is also mathematical genious and computer hound. I recently layed into a girl ( a HS drop out who went as far as the 10th grade) here at my apt complex who used the word to describe her 18 month old nephew not listening to his mother, which is par for the course with any young child. I let her have it in no uncerain terms, this girl who has two kids out of wedlock with two different men but cannot tell who the fathers are but has the nerve to make comments about someone elses mental ability. I just saw her youngest child who is 3 years old with dyed pink hair, she is into goth and thinks that it is cute to dye a baby's hair pink to top it off she chopped off all of the kids hair and now she is half bald with pink hair but she has the nerve to call others retard. Think before you open your mouths, at least my son will have a HS diploma and a college degree hopefully, that is much more than most people have who have the nerve to judge others with disabilities.

2566 days ago


Wow she looks less retarded now than she did when she was younger. Does it wear off with age?

2566 days ago


good for her!! i have a son with cerebal palsy who will turn 10 years old tomorrow!! he is my little angel. i support 100% anyone with a disability, they are the most awesome people you will ever ever meet!!!!!!!!

2566 days ago


sami is right. Her stuff was cringe-worthy. I was embarrassed FOR her.

2566 days ago


I watched "Facts of Life" when I was a kid. Geri may not have turned out to be a beauty queen, but how many 51-year old women are? Plus, she has cerebral palsy. She wasn't all that good-looking when she young. She knew it then and knows it now. Stop hassling her about the way she looks. Hey, at least she did something with her life. That's more than 99% of you will ever be able to say about yourselves. And I'm also glad that AOL isn't just sticking Britney Spears' or Michael Jackson's face up there and calling that "news"

2566 days ago


Did not realize that was her on Deadwood. Excellent!!

2566 days ago
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