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Hef's Playthings: Dressed Like the Girls Next Door

10/17/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No, those aren't Midwest soccer moms on their way to a PTA bake sale, it's two out of three members of Hugh Hefner's harem, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison! From Playmates to play dates!

The dowdy duo went shopping for Halloween items on Tuesday, dressed in their non-sexiest best mom-jeans and sweats! Forget the Playboy pool, they're ready for the carpool!

Just because you are in an exclusive, loving relationship with three people doesn't mean you gotta stop caring about what you look like!


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They look nice and normal. I think they are way more attractive looking like this then sleazing it up with their assets hanging out. Class is attractive folks.

2506 days ago


in the end we all look old hope they planned ahead

2506 days ago


Come on guys. Just because you are a whore doesn't mean you ALWAYS have to dress like one, right?

2506 days ago


And just to help #56 about body language.

Really look at the show next time. notice kendra wont' even touch hef most of the time. Look at how she's always the farthest away from him. Unless it's a photo op. Then she snuggles in real close like.
And same goes with bridget, although she is not as revolted by hef's age as kendra's (because she herself is almost 40) so you will see a bit more freindly contact between bridget and hef.

YET...holly is on him like white on rice. Like a GF is supposed to be around a bunch of girls who could "take her man".
She's making sure her goods are hers.
yes, she's transparent as hell, she wants some of hef's belongings when he's gone (ie, upper level job at playboy or money). But she has probably already thought "she's earned them, by dating hef so long". Plus, what else would she do?

but of course you watch the show and picked that all up right? LOL...riiiiight.

2506 days ago


These ladys and I use that term loosely.. would not have anything to do with hef if he were not rich... I will call them whores.. and thats pretty much what they are,,, paid whores

2506 days ago

Lola Falana    

#61, if Bridget is HOGHLY educated, why OH WHY does she talk with that STOOPID baby-girl voice. It is maddening how women, grown women, use that girly-little voice like it's cute.


However, i LOVE the show and watch it all the time.

2506 days ago


Keep on judging them, people. It's their life, not yours.

2506 days ago


They're whores, people; whores. Plain and simple, in my book.

2506 days ago


They both look beautiful anyway.

2506 days ago


Yeah, I'm sure the $$$ does have somethin' to do with the who Hef and three girlfriends! Three very, very young and very, very gorgeous girlfriends!! The man is 81 years old, and has it going on!! Kendra, however, is my fave, and has been since the beginning!!! She's hilarious, and can rap!! I watched her on Celebrity Rap Superstar, and thought her "Epiphany" diddy that she just happened to have written, was fantastic. I never knew that she'd hit the skids at such a young age of what was it? 18 or 19? She credits Hef, of course for her success, and it is true. These three gals have got it made for the rest of their lives because of Hef!! He's definately got it going on, what with three girlfriends that are young enough to be his great granddaughters. But......what the hell, as Bridget said on one episode, "What the Hell did I have to lose?" Apparently, nothing, cause they are all three going great! I feel Holly, however, may not always deal with the three girlfriends that Hef has, but she knew the deal before going in!
Rock on Kendra!!!

2506 days ago


I think this show is a funny! And Hef is a good guy! Enjoys life and is not afraid of negative people like most of you. They all seem to enjoy life!

2506 days ago


They look great and happy. They're not made up to the nines, and I prefer it.

2506 days ago


Wow, I didn't recognize them with their clothes on.

I'd still BANG all three - Kendra, Bridget and Holly.

2506 days ago


I think they look just fine....I am so sick of the fake barbie doll look everyone has! It's refreshing to see normal clothes....

2506 days ago


Well Bridget looks a little on the scary side, she looks like she could be Holly's mother. Holly still looks ok, but I think they both need to be a little worried. Hef doesn't like em very long once they pass the age of 19.They ought to be thanking their lucky stars they made it this far, but I guess it's not how the girls look to us, it's all in how they look to Hef, and he's gettin pretty old, he most likely doesn't see as well as he used to, or he'd be trading these girls in for a better looking, much younger twosome.I'm sure they're just having fun with all his moolah! You go girls, go and charge up his credit cards.....before it's toooooooo Late!

2506 days ago
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