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Stern Wants to Declare Dannielynn Anna's Sole Heir

10/18/2007 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith, Howard K. SternHoward K. Stern filed papers in a Los Angeles County court today, asking that the one-year-old daughter of Anna Nicole Smith be named the sole heir to the former Playmate's estate.

Anna Nicole named Stern, her longtime lawyer and companion, as executor of her estate in the 2001 will. Stern filed the position to clarify Anna's will -- which did not include her daughter Dannielynn, born last year.

When she drafted her will, Smith only had her son Daniel, who died three days after Dannielynn's birth. The will states that "although she did not expect to have any children in the future, if she did, she wanted them to share
equally in the trust created for Daniel ..."

Stern's petition says Anna Nicole did not update her will during the five months between Daniel's death, Dannielynn's birth and her own death on February 8. "As a matter of law, Dannielynn is a pretermitted heir," the petition states. A "pretermitted heir" is a person who likely stands to inherit under a will, but was not named in the document because the will's author did not know the heir existed (or would exist in this case) when it was written.

Baby Dannielynn, who currently lives with her father photographer Larry Birkhead, stands to inherit millions of dollars from the estate of Anna Nicole's late husband, oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall. Marshall left much of his huge estate to Anna, but his family has contested the will. A legal battle over Marshall's last wishes has been going on for years.

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anyone who thinks stern is up to anything less than honorable really has to go look in the mirror and examine the person they are instead. so many of you just want to say evil things about the guy, he can never do anything right in your minds. anyone that still disses this man is worse than all of the very things they say about him.

2526 days ago



Too many dead bodies - Anna Nicole, her son Daniel, her BILLIONAIRE husband J. Howard, her BILLIONAIRE son-in-law Pierce, etc

Anna RAN AWAY from USA for a reason - to get away from Larry Birkhead, etc - so DON"T reward anyone with the potential zillions YET - the the courts find out HOW a RICH Anna Nicole who PAID for services of Stern, etc to keep her SAFE happened?

2526 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

These attorneys are all in bed with each other. I don't believe a thing they say. Bringin an attorney who knows none of these characters. If she said what was claimed why was Anna's will not written to reflect this if she wanted it to read that way? What are you saying, Anna can't read?! Who is really looking out for this child?

2526 days ago


To #8,
What is soo great about Howard? I'm sure Anna consented to her drug use, but the meir fact is that when your strung out, you lack the decison making skills. Howard is sooo full of it, and all he is trying to do is cover his footsteps. He knew Anna was in no state of mind to update her will after her son died, is he was really looking out for Anna's and Dannielynns best interest he wouldve made sure Anna put her in her will. All Howard would do is keep Anna high, on them drugs. Instead of encouraging her to get help, and try to get off the drugs he didn't. As far as Virgie, none of us no why her and Anna fell out. But truth be known when Anna was alive, Virgie never ask Anna for a penny. I love Anna, but she does not deserve the Marshall money, so there for Dannielyn does not deserve that money, and what a disgrace for Anna to even give that girl the Marshall name. Anna was no longer with him, she may have been a widow, but obviously moved on with her life, by being with many, many, many, many men, and stupid ass Larry shoud've took that ridiculous name of her. Dannielynn is NOT a Marshall. She doesn't deserve that money, and I hope she doesn't. Mr Marshall worked to hard to establish his families name for Anna to have mocked it like that.

2526 days ago

Matt Damon    

Stern killed Daniel then Anna, he then makes sure Birkhead gets Dannielynn, he gets the Court to make Dannielynn Anna's Sole Heir. Then Stern and Birkhead live in Homo Bliss, living on Dannielynns Money.

2526 days ago


I thought Anna Nicole wasn't left ANYTHING from the Marshall estate after he died and that's why she sued, because HE LEFT HER OUT OF THE WILL and only meant for her to get what she already received AS HE SAID IN THE VIDEO ANNA MADE HIM DO, "I leave her the mercedes, the ranch, etc. etc. and all that she has will be hers forever. "

Not ONCE in that video did he say, "I want her to have my entire estate" or even HALF OF IT FOR THAT MATTER.

SHE WAS NOTHING BUT A GOLDIGGER! Stern is just dragging this out so he can milk it for all it's worth for Dannielynn. THAT BABY IS NOT A MILLIONAIRESS!!! She will NEVER SEE THAT MARSHALL MONEY!!!!

It's just too bad all of the STUPID MEDIA PEOPLE WHO ARE PAYING BIRKHEAD MILLIONS for photos with Dannielynn don't get it........SHE'S NOT A MILLIONAIRE!!!!

2526 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Yes, an honorable man refuses to take a DNA test when there is strong evidence he may not be the biological father, signs a birth certificate after the mother has been "father" shoppings in order to block the biological father 's custody rights, and admits to lies on LKL . He's a REAL JEWEL!

Larry better be glad that Stern hated Vergie more than he hated Larry. Without the error on the BC, Stern would have had no reason to give up custody of Dannielynn as the presumed father under Bahamian law. Thank goodness there was an error!

2526 days ago

All alone in paradise    

Posted at 6:03PM on Oct 18th 2007 by Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets

Ku'nt licker!!!!

2526 days ago


Howard Stern is wonderful? He kept her pumped full of narcotics, and controlled her every move. As Anna'a friends will tell you, he never left Anna's side, even when she hung out at gay bars. But he did leave her side when she was dying or already dead. Coincidence? Di d she die of an overdose first, and then he left the room to go to the marina?That bastard is just trying to make himself look better in the public's eyes. I see an indictment coming down on him, and prison time. If they have witnesses that will testify that he injected her with drugs or gave her pills, he's going down.

2526 days ago

Texas Girl    

I think Howard should get some of the money. All those years he took care of Anna's interest and go very little money in return. He should do interviews and get something. Everybody else is and so should he. He should screw everybody's opinion and just do it!

Everytime there is a slight chance Howard to make 1 penny everybody comes out of the woodwork to crucify him while ol' Larry Birkhead gets nearly a six figure digit the big celebration girl. I'm knocking Larry, he seems to be a good dad. But Howard should have his share to.

2526 days ago

Texas Girl    

Clarifying my post on 21. I meant to say:

That ol' Larry Birkhead gets nearly a six figure digit for big the BIRTHDAY celebration for the little girl. I'm NOT knocking Larry, he seems to be a good dad. But Howard should have his share to.

2526 days ago

Texas Girl    

Hey post Number 2:


You put that garbage up on so many post. You should be banned. It's freaking annoying.

2526 days ago

Texas Girl    

Oh yeah....GO HOWARD! Tear their ass up!

2526 days ago



This is to all those that resorted to 1st grade name (Lezbo- that wuz your best sho?t!)calling AND this is a reminder of those who in Ellen's name, without her consent, resorted to threats of violence.

I want you to think about this: When the woman from Moms & Mutts called Ellen to inquire about the dog, she was HONEST. The woman however, responded to Ellen's honesty with deceit. Period. The End Ellen's frankness about the dog should have been a HUGE red flag for the woman that Ellen was not aware of the infamous clause. Had she SIMPLY said- "Ellen, you know that violates the contract, right?" might have given Ellen a CHANCE to explain and work it out like adults. But, no, she chose to lie to Ellen, to the new owners and then so callously hold the dog away from the children in stead of waiting to go in with the police. I think that was pretty cold, but in NO WAY deserving of a death threat!

If ANY of you that chose to spew hate, if you had actually ever stopped to learn all that Ellen has done, for people like us, the non famous people. Case in point: Ellen saw a young man on you tube who could leap over a car and she love it. So, they tracked the young man down and invites him to be on her show. He was great- they brought a car onstage and he jumped over it, then later jumped over 5 or 6 cars all in a row! He later told Ellen that his dream was to be in a Nike commercial. SO, Ellen calls the CEO of Nike and she surprised him today with an appearance at the opening of a new NIke store, $5000 shopping spree at Nike and a spot in the new spot for! She made a dream come true for regular guy like us. He's not her first either- not by a long shot.

So, yea, Ellen's a real bitch, hugh?

2526 days ago

Method, motive and means    

Give me a break ... what estate? I heard Howards worth 25 million by funds that pass outside the estate. It is awfully generous of Howie to allow Daniellyn to live in a house owned by his corporation while he squats in the Bahama's. This is exactly what happens to week minded individuals with money. And our system makes it completely legal.

His parents support him my ass! Here's a little story for ya:

Two sisters and a brother lost their aged father. All loved their dad and dad loved them. But as dad aged he added the brother to a few of his accounts. Just before he died he sold a home so lots of money went into these accounts. There was a will naming all three equally and naming brother executor and sisters successors.

But, the joint accounts were not part of the estate and legally passed directly to brother as his although he never contributed anything and even took quite a bit in loans from his father.
Outraged sisters pleaded to judge to remove him. Judge sees family conflict and appoints an attorney pal to act as executor. All that was left was some family land and the only creditor was Capital One for a few thou. Sisters objected to sale of land offering to pay creditor out of pocket to retain family land. Bottom line over $160,000 attorney bill for acting as executor to pay a $2000 capital one bill. That pretty much ate up the estate. Hey ... it was a lot of work selling land to pay the creditor. I wonder what the judge got for Christmas as thanks?

The sisters never saw a dime from what should have been a half million estate. Happens A LOT.

Don't blame Howard that he knows the law!

2526 days ago
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