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"The Hills" Are a Lie

10/24/2007 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag's breasts (and relationship and singing career and apartment and office job) aren't the only fake things on "The Hills"! The whole "reality" show is too. Shocker!

Cameras snapped the gruesome twosome of Heidi and Spencer filming scenes of the fauxality show at LAX (the airport, not the club) on October 12. At first, all appears legit as Spencer is seen dropping off Heidi, appropriately enough, at the curb. But minutes (and a costume change) later, the douchebag duo shoot another scene, making it look like Heidi has just returned from visiting her folks in Colorado. Faster than the Concorde!

It's official: everything about Heidi and Spencer is a sham! Team Elodie.

A rep for MTV says "This was a pickup shot for continuity that in no way affected the storyline."


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Dude...that's sick!    

They are so BUSTED! How are they gonna talk their way outta that one??!!

Heidi will end up a server at Denny's and Spencer's gonna be 40 lbs overweight with 3 kids, 2 divorces and erectile dysfunction...their 15 minutes is s-o-o-o over!

2558 days ago

George Michael    

And you are surprised that a "reality show" isn't real?

Say, perhaps you'd be interested in a bridge I have for sale...

It's real purty.

2558 days ago

just sayin    

#40. They are so BUSTED! How are they gonna talk their way outta that one??!!
They already have. Read my post #38.

2558 days ago


Everything about these 2 is a blantant watching their crap, you onl putting money into their pockets....So stop watching it and writing about these 2 MORONS !!! Notice how he's died his eye-brows !!!! They're both as phoney as a $3.00 bill !!!!

2558 days ago


I mean I know that reality shows are sometimes fake, but this is THE fakest show ever! That really disappoints me. Is there no room for truth in "REAL"ity? I'm sorry, but I can NOT watch this B.S. anymore.

2558 days ago



No,'s true.

Once upon a time in a land far away...known as the '1980s' MTV used to stand for Music Television and they actually played music videos...Today it's just another teen-lifestyle network.

2558 days ago

just sayin    

From October 12, 2007 -- New York Post

MTV's popular reality show, "The Hills," is being called out for its lack of, well, reality.

The "Laguna Beach" spin-off starring Lauren Conrad is accused of staging an airport scene in L.A.

The evidence? A series of photos posted on

The photos show Spencer Pratt dropping fiancée Heidi Montag off at LAX - then supposedly picking her up after her trip as the couple embraces.

But the photos were shot on the same day and just a short time apart, according to

And Spencer and Heidi are wearing the same pants and shoes in each photo - having changed only their shirts. That calls into question the time element - and whether the airport scene was staged for convenience sake.

An MTV spokeswoman said yesterday that Montag actually took her "last-minute trip" the weekend of Sept. 28 - and that the airport scene was re-shot last Friday (Oct. 5) to "put the trip into context."

"It was a pickup shot that in no way affected the storyline," she said.

The LAX brouhaha follows on the heels of comments made by "Hills" executive producer Adam DiVello to TV Guide.

DiVello was describing a scene from earlier this season, when enemies Conrad and Montag ended up at the same club on the same night.

"It wasn't planned on our behalf, but it is a little fake," he said.

"This is no different from any other reality show," said the MTV spokeswoman.

2558 days ago


TMZ did you just figure this out???????? Hello!

2558 days ago

Dee Dee Dee    

This is as old as the Hills! This story is over a week old and TMZ is just getting to it? Why aren't you "exposing" how in photos of Spencer and Heidi, the photo credit is always the SAME agency! They are set up shots you morons!

2558 days ago


Um.. there is such a thing as 3.00 bill. It is just rare.

2558 days ago

Codee Futrell    

Heidi is such a bitch! Honestly she needs to give it up! She is so fake! Obviously God didn't love her enough to give her those size -A breasts and that mouse nose! I am so for TEAM LAUREN!!!!

2558 days ago


Hi everyone, this is LC yes the REAL Lauren Conrad. Just to let you all know... this show is not fake. It really is a camera following us around through our daily lives. We do sometimes get suggestions to say something or call someone, but its all true. So please stop posting mean comments. I'd greatly appreciate it. And thank you to those who watch the Hills:)

2558 days ago


Barf! PLEASE! Refain from telling us when they eat, sleep or show up somewhere. This make-believe idiot-couple is not worth reporting on.

2558 days ago


Who cares if they have to re-shoot scenes the show is still very good. Heidi and Spencer have to be the most dishonest and awful people around right now...they need to remember that karma can be a bitch. I watch the show because I like Lauren, Audrina and Whitney they seem like good grils with good heads on their shoulders.

2558 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Man, I was wondering when I was going to see some more gross pictures of horsey face and helium head. My day is complete.

2558 days ago
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