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"The Hills" Are a Lie

10/24/2007 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag's breasts (and relationship and singing career and apartment and office job) aren't the only fake things on "The Hills"! The whole "reality" show is too. Shocker!

Cameras snapped the gruesome twosome of Heidi and Spencer filming scenes of the fauxality show at LAX (the airport, not the club) on October 12. At first, all appears legit as Spencer is seen dropping off Heidi, appropriately enough, at the curb. But minutes (and a costume change) later, the douchebag duo shoot another scene, making it look like Heidi has just returned from visiting her folks in Colorado. Faster than the Concorde!

It's official: everything about Heidi and Spencer is a sham! Team Elodie.

A rep for MTV says "This was a pickup shot for continuity that in no way affected the storyline."


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This show is FAKE! Anyone who has even watched a multi-camera shoot understands the amount of equipment involved and how convenient none of the extras even look at the cameras or the so called 'stars'.

Forgetting all of the continuity errors(nail polish, clothing, hair length, LAX) the audio at the clubs they go to is sooo unbelievable - there is no way they could get any usable audio during any full-bore night at any L.A. nightspot.

This entire show is a MTV ploy to push actors/nightclubs/artists (remember the Sean Kingston episode?) down our throats.

C'mon Bolthouse Productions, Teen Vogue, Epic Records(parent company Sony)...? I would love to see what considerations the producers are getting for showing these seemingly L.A 'hot' spots/products..? Product placement is one thing, but this is like a full-length commercial.

And the mopey L.C., and her 'problems'? The storyline is such phony drama...

Too bad, it almost was a 'reality' show and not just a MTV lie....

2517 days ago


You people who have to be first to post a comment are the dumbest ppl I've ever seen. Please, GET A LIFE!

2558 days ago


Ok RobDog and what are you.. Because you are the first post. RETARD.....

2558 days ago


That's the point smartguy

2558 days ago

Baby Countdown    

Wait.....what? If this show isn't real then what about Santa and the Toothfairy, and ..... stop screwing with me....say it isn't so!!!!

2558 days ago

death on a cracker    

wait a minute.... you mean to tell me that Reality shows arent really real?? no way??? but... i see them on the tv and they look real.... what kind of magic do these wizards use??

what has the world come too when Hollywood promotes "reality" but it isnt real???

i feel sorry for the ones that believe it truly is real.

2558 days ago


I had a threesome with them once. Spencer likes taking it up the crapper and Heidi likes put her mouth around my tool after pulling out of her bf!

2558 days ago

death on a cracker    

1. You people who have to be first to post a comment are the dumbest ppl I've ever seen. Please, GET A LIFE!

lol... bu you sit and wait to make sure you are first just to say that they need to get a life...

your just a foolish.

2558 days ago


Whoever actually believes any of these "reality" shows are real well I have a bridge in Brooklyn to see for the low price of $25. Any takers?

Seriously, c'mon people. This is why the "real" Hollywood is against this reality genre. They pay the "talent" almost nothing as well as the camera men, writers, etc. The producers and creators get away with it by claiming its "reality" and not a network scripted show. Its all a big scam and I hope America wakes up and stops watching it.

2558 days ago

Baby Countdown    

"Your just a foolish" does one even BEGIN to describe the things that are wrong with that fragment of a sentence?

I swear some of the people on these boards need to get off the computer and crack open an English book. No WONDER our country is steadily declining in intellect ratings with other countries.

2558 days ago

They're sluts    

TMZ published this exact same story a few weeks ago. Even used the same pictures! They're the only ones who have stores about Spencer and Heidi, so I'm pretty sure it's safe to say they've got some sort of a deal worked out with them.

2558 days ago

Your Mom    


2558 days ago


THAT'S THE POINT. Why do they write first. it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. at least say something entertaining

2558 days ago

death on a cracker    


2558 days ago


These pictures ran weeks ago on other websites with the same observations.

2558 days ago
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