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TV Legend Gary Collins Busted for DUI Smash Up

10/24/2007 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that legendary TV host and actor Gary Collins, 69, was arrested in an L.A. suburb last night on suspicion of drunk driving after sources say his blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit.
Gary Collins arrested: click to see photos
Witnesses tell TMZ Collins was driving his black Ford Explorer northbound on Kester Ave. in Sherman Oaks, Calif. around 5:30 PM when he slammed into a blue Toyota driven by an 80-year-old man that was making a left southbound onto Kester Ave. A witness says that Collins was traveling at least 60 mph when he slammed into the Toyota, causing the car to spin around into oncoming traffic. The collision caused Collins' Explorer to lose control and travel into oncoming traffic, where he smashed into two cars parked on the other side of the street.

Witnesses tell us the driver of the Toyota was rendered unconscious, and had to be pulled out of the back passenger door by paramedics who arrived on scene, and was transported to the hospital.

According to witnesses, Collins said he needed to leave the scene, but he was told by bystanders that he should stay, as someone was seriously injured and he could be charged with hit and run. Paging Orlando Bloom!

When police arrived, we're told Collins was given a field sobriety test, which he failed. Cops tried to get Collins to perform a Breathalyzer test -- we're told four times -- but Collins claimed he was hard of hearing and unable to understand officers' instructions. After the fourth time, a witness tells us cops were exasperated with Collins' cagey behavior and arrested him, placing him in the back of a police cruiser. We're told "you could smell [Collins] from five feet away." Cops then administered a blood alcohol test at the station.

Collins was booked into the Van Nuys Jail, and according to the L.A. Sheriff's Department website, was released last night just before midnight on $40,000 bail.

Celeb Mugshots -- click to launchGary is currently hosting "Now Playing with Gary Collins" on Comcast Cable's Retirement Living TV, featuring experts in gerontology and senior lifestyles. Collins is best known for his work as the Emmy-winning host of "Hour Magazine" and "The Home Show."

Collins was arrested in Mississippi in 2002 for DUI, but was found not guilty of the charges. Collins and wife Mary Ann Mobley, Miss America of 1959, celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary next month.

This just in: Gary was also cited by the Fashion Police!

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Darkhorse 33/3    

Another godless celebrity.

2552 days ago


I whole-heartedly believe the drunk driving laws should be changed. These 'involuntary manslaughter' charges are incorrect and should not apply to drunk drivers. A person did NOT involuntary drink, and certainly did not INVOLUNTARILY get into their car where they could kill themselves or someone else. No...instead, is was all voluntary. They purposefully got into that car, KNOWING they had been drinking. That constitutes murder.

2552 days ago

TR sucks    

there are litterally thousands more people caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in california and around the country every year. you just don't hear about them. unlike celebs, their arrests are not plastered all over national and international media outlets.

Further, every comprehensive study on the subject in CA has shown that celebs tend to be treated much HARSHER than the "average" citizen because they are made examples of and prosecutors and judges want to appear responsive. They do NOT get off easier, despite the popular opinion to the contrary.

Not fair, they are people too. So don't put them on a pedastal, just to throw bricks later when the screw up. They're human. They shoudl be treated the same, no better, and certainly not worse as the majority are now.

The biggest problem with our alcohol and drug laws is that the topics are so emotional, that it's impossible to have an objective, science-based discussion of the topic and write laws that are actually based on scientific reality. This actually hurts us in the long run because we are not solving the problem!!! Just look at how many posters here are so mis-informed about the issue. Everyone thinks they know or they have an opinion. Well guess what? Wrong opinions don't solve problems.

If we really want to solve this, and we should, then we have to return to being deliberatively objective and plan our laws, punishments, and treatments based on facts. Right now, we don't. If you don't follow what I'm saying, then I would respectfully suggest, that you have just proven my point and that is the biggest hurdle we face in solving this problem.

Facts. Not outrage, not emotion, not sensationalism, not opinions, no matter how well-meaning or self-therapeutic they all are. Facts are the basis for problem-solving.

2552 days ago

Jay Adler, Music Critic    

October 25, 2007

Of course the vehement and ongoing accusatory mantras by groups like Madd when these things happen are valid and true and should be included but they are essentially aimed at he drunk-driver. Upon conviction in my State, the imbiber faces pure hell as he goes through the endless stream of court- probation, therapists, classes and astronomical fees and insurance loss, license suspension.That many bi-polar survivors become very sucessfull after shaking the illness does not prevent them from the "stigma" of societal pressure and dismissiveness
however the dirisiveness of that first day in the tank subsequent to a DUI and then continuing onward for years in costs and being a perona non grata is sheer torture.I believe that the way to attack drinkers who drive and the people they selflessly engender is not to dwell on the event but have a swift boat media blitz on what wil happen to the drinkerafter conviction. Highlight the thousands of dollars in legal fees, a surly court and probation system who are nicer for other crimes. Scare them straight by hitting them where thay live and work-show them that this will devastate everything near to them. To paraphrase Alan Ginsburg in his maneafesto "America"- America put your sobriety to the wheel.

Jay Adler, Music Critic

2552 days ago

I Heard The Whole Story    

I heard on the news last night that Gary Collins wasn't cited for the accident. The 80 year old "victim" caused the accident. There was nothing irratic or unusual about his driving. Being two times over the limit depends on what the limit is.

2552 days ago


These so called "stars" have so much money, they dont know what to do with it, but still they continue to drink and drive. Are their egos that big that its beneath them to call a cab? Why dont they just stay home and get drunk? They have a need to be "seen" out in public. Hello Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Gary can now go to Promises and pretend to be cured of his drinking problem like the rest of them.

2552 days ago


The real crime committed here is the wearing of, what appear to be, a pair of patent leather dress loafers with a pair of hairy-leg-exposing khaki shorts. Someone call the fashion police!

2552 days ago


GARY COLLINS a "LEGEND"? You're joking, I hope. In his heyday, he was a B to C celeb, at best. And I'm being generous when I say "B" (probably more like a "C"). Both he and his (plastic surgery train wreck wife) were B to C'ers, 30+ years ago. Mentioning either of their names and the word "legend" in the same sentence is almost laughable. "Has-been TV Personality", "OLD", "Never-Was", etc. would have been more accurate.

2552 days ago


Patten leather pumps? A bad choice for this photo shoot. Looks like a "toe tapper" to me.

2552 days ago


All of you can kick my wrinkled old ass. So, what, I had a few. You've never had a few too many. So what, my shoes don't match my clothes. I thought I was wearing a suit. You've never done this?

2552 days ago


I think he was arrested for wearing shorts that were too small......

2552 days ago


I Love the little black Cha Cha heels without the socks and the khaki shorts. Nice Combo Gary

2548 days ago
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